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How To Prevent Women Hair Loss

Updated on December 29, 2011

Unlike men, hair loss for the beautiful half of humanity is not a local nature in the form of the appearance of bulk bald. Typically, a marked thinning of the hair covers the entire surface of the head. Causes of women hair loss are associated with health and the impact of "external" factors: stress, damaged the environment, radiation, uncontrolled receiving medication. And the list can be continued.

When should we become alerted? Consider the normal hair loss being a hundred hairs a day. This number, of course, is possible to be calculated if you wish, but keep in mind that your hair does not remain only on the comb. Approximately a half of it settles on clothing, pillows, falls to the floor. Therefore, if you lose one hundred hairs combined - it is a "bust". Many people are very skeptical about this official figure. Because one person has somewhat 50.000 hairs on his or her head, at the same time another one can have up to 150k or more. Consequently, the rate of loss should vary in threefold. You should rather focus on your own observations and become alarmed with the appearance of increased hair loss. More accurate test is the following: take a strand of about 15 hairs and harder pull in the root area – with the strong loss there will be more than three hairs left in your hand.


How to prevent women hair loss? Well, most of the time women hair loss is temporary one. You can inhibit temporary hair loss and remove scalp itching primarily with the help home treatment: make a simple mask of cognac and lemon rinse for your hair. Tablespoon of brandy, one egg yolk and dessert spoon of honey - nutritional ingredients strengthens mask, used to wash your hair. With increased dryness dilute the mask with vegetable oil. Rinse hair with boiled water, in which the juice of half a lemon, or acetic acid was added. 2 Herbs. Brew in a thermos sage, St. John's wort, nettle, and everlasting, and leave for four hours. Add colorless henna and apply the resulting slurry on the scalp before washing. If your hair is dry, then instead of nettles, you can use flax seed. 3 Salt and onion is a reasonable grandmother recipes. The salt draws out unwanted fat from the skin and eliminates seborrhea. This treatment course is the salt rubbed into the scalp every week, before washing four times. Onion mask stimulates circulation and has an antiseptic effect. 4. Additives. Significance to your hair is applied by supplements that are contained in your shampoo. Stimulating shampoos with nettle extract, chamomile and menthol, for colored suit shampoo with wheat protein and extract of horse chestnut should be applied in the case with women hair loss. In the case with distressed hair, when oily skin isn combined with colored dry hair, use shampoos for oily hair on the scalp and apply salves, nutritional emulsions for colored hair. Degrease the application of oily scalp lotions and tonics. Do not forget that it is necessary to fulfill the whims of a scalp, not your hair. Hair is a dead keratinous protein, and the skin is a living structure, and you must listen to it, choosing the products of care. 5 Do not overdo it in times of thinning hair styling: gel, mousse and lacquer. Balms rinse must be used if the hair is confused and difficult to comb. Leave-on products are justified in the hot summer, when the hair needs to be protected from ultraviolet radiation. In other cases, they cause undesirable effect of greasy hair

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    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Your tips are very useful for me: lately my hair are weak... Thank you!