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Simple Insomnia Treatment

Updated on November 13, 2012

Natural insomnia treatment

Insomnia is caused by overeating, eating late at night, worrying, fear of something that might happen, stress, etc. Other causes of poor sleeping are also cold feet, poor ventilation and nervousness. It is always injurious whatever the cause of constant loss of sleep.

It is best to keep the following treatment:

A full warm bath or hot foot bath, taken with a cup of hot tea, will oftentimes bring sleep immediately. If the person is very tired, nervous and worn out, a fomentation given to the spine, liver and stomach will produce sleep, if the extremities are warm. Use a hot water bottle. People have been put to sleep by brushing their hair, and sometimes rubbing their feet gently.

Valerian, catnip, skullcap, lady's slipper, and hops are herbs very effective in producing sleep.

Use a teaspoonful of any one of the above, steep in a cup of boiling water twenty minutes, and drink hot. These herbs will not only produce sleep but have many other good qualities. They tone up the stomach and nerves, never leave any bad after effects. Instead, they act as a tonic to the entire system. Aspirin, bromides, etc. taken for this purpose may seem to help for a time, but, aa their effect is to deaden the nerves, every dose taken makes the condition decidedly worse and finally they lose their effect altogether.

If you do not have herbs on hand, hot lemonade (sour), or hot grapefruit juice is excellent. Hops and catnip may be purchased at nearly every drugstore.

Whatever your health condition, always bear in mind to follow strictly what is best in treating your current condition. Ignoring any schedule and what has been prescribed can only retard rapidity of the treatment. There is no harm in trying any natural remedy but following strictly any prescribed treatment can speed recovery of the affected patient.Try it...


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    • noenhulk profile image

      noenhulk 10 years ago

      That's one thing to help you fall asleep faster. But it may not help you stay asleep and can produce hangover. It is consider as sleeping pills.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco


    • noenhulk profile image

      noenhulk 10 years ago

      Many people are still suffering from insomnia because they lack the knowledge how to treat them. This treatment will help many people.