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Understanding the role anxiety plays in your life: how to control the affects it does on your life

Updated on June 30, 2013

Does this sound familiar?

Panic attack and anxiety symptoms

What is anxiety

Have you ever had this happen to you? The phone rings. Your friend calls:

Friend: Do you have plans for tomorrow?
You: No
Friend: Do you want to come to my house?
You: Sure! What time?
Friend: Tomorrow at 6:00.

You: I will be there for sure.

Friend: Great! I can't wait for you to meet my friends.
You: (pause)…..How many people will be there?
Friend: Oh….just a few….

When you hang up the phone the panic attack begins. Your heart starts to race, your body’s temperature rises, your hands are shaking, and you are kicking yourself for saying yes. How can you go to her house if there will be a group of people there? Why did you say yes? How are you going to be able to attend with so many people?

You spent the whole night awake, thinking about tomorrow. How many people will be there? Will they like me? What will I say? What should I wear? Will they think I'm wierd? What if they make fun of me? What if my friend is inviting me as a joke? What if..........

The next day, right before 6:00, you call your friend and tell her you cannot attend. You make up an excuse for not attending. You tell her that something came up. That something was too important and unexpected and it prevented you from attending.

Even though she tells you that she understands, she really does not. What she doesn't know is that the reason you couldn't attend was your anxiety. Your anxiety prevented you from attending her get together. Your anxiety is controlling your life.

Managing anxiety

What anxiety affects

How do you get anxiety

Anxiety affects an important part of your life- your ability to enjoy everyday activities and the ability to interact with others. Anxiety should not be ignored or overlooked. It could affect everything from your daily activities to your ability to succeed in life. Having anxiety feels the same as shackles attached to your feet that restrict you from moving. It affects you from doing everything that you once loved to do, and it affects you emotionally from wanting to do what you once loved to do.

Everyone who suffers from anxiety feels alone and helpless. It takes over your life, your daily activites, and prevents your from being yourself. What was once an easy task in your life, becomes an obstacle that you cannot onercome. The example with the friend is just one of many situations that you avoid because anxiety prevents you from being yourself and being active again.

The truth about anxiety

You are not alone! Everyone has anxiety at some point in their life. Whether they admit it or deny it. There are millions of people who suffer anxiety in a given year. This is a problem that some experience once in a while, and many experience with everything that they do. It is a serious problem that could affect everything because the worrying and thoughts make it physically and emotionally difficult to function normally.

Unfortunately, anxiety affects everyone differently, which makes it difficult to give a specific diagnosis or a specific reason for the anxiety. Once you realize what is the root of your anxiety, it will be easier to understand what you need to do to help control the symptoms and the damaging effects of anxiety in your life.

There are several theories why anxiety exists and fall into two broad categories that can cause anxiety to occur. This is helpful to understand where yuor anxiety started.

  1. Biological factors- family history of anxiety, psychological disorders, chemical imbalances
  2. Social factors- environment change, life change, trauma, abuse, or addiction

Most anxiety begins at an early age, but many can realize the impact it has when they are adults. Understanding anxiety will help you understand the role it plays in your own life. Understanding what type of anxiety you suffer from makes it easier to understand how to control it. Anxiety is a serious illness that could affect the greatest individuals and prevent them from succeeding.

Anxiety should not be ignore or overlooked. Why spend your life fearing everyday activities when you could be living your life to the fullest? No one should have to go through life with the fear or worries that anxiety brings. Everyone should feel free to live life to its fullest and greatest. This is why anxiety should be treated and controlled.

Types of anxiety and symptoms

There are several types of anxiety that exist. Some forms of anxiety have a minor impact on your abilities to function, and some forms of anxiety have a major affect on your ability to function. Here is a list of the common types of anxiety and ther symptoms. Your may fall into more than one type. This is normal. Understanding what affects your life is what is important.

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) – long lasting fear or worrying that exists

  • fear of succeeding or failing every day
  • constant worrying that something is wrong or that something will go wrong
  • constant worrying about everything, everyone, and even worrying about worrying too much

Panic Attack Disorder – sudden fear or worrying

  • Starts with a trigger- event or item that brings a bad memory or a feeling
  • Could alter behavior and routines by making a person avoid situations
  • Panic attacks could last minutes or hours, depending on the trigger that led to the attack

Phobia Disorder – fear of situations, people, places, or things

  • Starts with a trigger, similar to a panic attack disorder
  • Could be the fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of being judged
  • Could alter behavior and routines by making a person avoid situations

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – anxiety triggered by a previous trauma
• Starts with a trigger- trauma such as medical, military combat, an accident, or any event that left a horrible memory
• Could alter behavior and routines by making a person avoid situations

How can I deal with anxiety?

The good news is that anxiety can be treated and controlled. Anxiety does not have to take over your life. You can regain a life without the constant worrying, the constant fear, and the constant avoidance of situations that you once loved. There are many options available that can help you conquer your anxiety. Here are a few ways that can minimize the symptoms and help you regain your life:

Look Within – Self Help

  • A person can control anxiety without any professional treatment.
  • Learning relaxation techniques and stress-relieving exercises usually controls the anxiety. Breathing exercises and meditation usually helps.
  • Diet and exercise. Limiting nicotine, caffeine, coupled with exercise, usually decreases the stress levels in your body. This helps control the anxiety.
  • Scenario planning – creating the scenario you are about to face in your mind and picturing a positive outcome helps considerably.

Ask for Help - Professional Counseling

Some situations in life cannot be resolved alone. The good news is that there are professionals that could help. Seeking professional help could help you resolve the problem and help guide you with treatment. Please remember, professsionals are trained experts in this area. They are not to be feared, but embraced. No one in this world is capable of accomplishing all their goals alone. Sometimes, you have to ask for help in order to move foward in life.

  • A professional counselor could be a psychiatrist or a psychologist that has extensive training with anxiety. They could help you control the anxiety by identifying what is causing the anxiety and cope with the symptoms.
  • If counseling does not completely help, the professional may include medicine with your treatment until the anxiety is controlled.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you think you are one of the many millions who suffer from anxiety?

See results

Don’t let anxiety ruin your life

Anxiety does not have to control your life. There are many options available that can help you get your life back to normal and allow you to lead a prosperous life. Life doesn’t have to be filled with fear, worry, or avoidance of what you want to do, but cannot bring yourself to do.

You are not alone. Everyone feels anxiety at some point in their life. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need help. We all need help at some point in our lives. The first step to gaining control of your life comes with the realization that you have anxiety. The next step is finding the help that best fits your needs.

No one should live with anxiety when help is one step away. Seeking personal self-help or professional help can help you live the life that you always dreamed of having one day. The next time your friend invites you to a party, you will be able to say yes and want to meet new friends and enjoy the night. Wouldn't this be great?

We all want to feel like we can accomplish everything without anyone's help. Just remember, there is a reason why there are billions of people on this planet. They are here to help us when we need it and help us reach our goals. There is always a person there to help, but you must reach out for them to find you. Again, you are not alone.


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    • miakouna profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you. I will do my best to produce quality articles.

    • dinkan53 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Welcome to Hubpages and pretty good start I see with seven hubs. Thanks for giving us a clean idea about anxiety and how to deal with it. Write more and good luck.

    • innerpeaceofmind profile image


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great hub, thanks for sharing!

    • AnnaCia profile image


      6 years ago

      Very well written. Useful information. Thanks


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