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Updated on December 20, 2009

change the way you look

lose that weight now

               Too much of fat in the body has some danger attached to it, and its not only because of our health, but because of other vital body organs like liver and kidney .excess fat in the body is like a pool, or reservoir for certain diseases. Some medical expect even describe excess fat in the body as “dangerous mines” waiting to explode or store house for some infection or life threatened diseases.

              An overweight person is also at high risk of what is called painful heel syndrome, and can also experience regular stress, fracture of the pelvis, and osteoarthritis of the hips, knee and general body pain. The physical part of it is an obese/overweight person may not be fit and smart, and that is why you must do everything possible to guard against excess fat accumulation in the body.

             there are peculiar things about obese/overweight people, which are skipping of breakfast, taking big bits, eating too fast, they don’t drink enough water, use salt freely, having interest for caffeinated drinks, regular eating of refined or junk foods, having regular feeling for thirst for juice, candies, ice cream, soda drinks, and other sugary food, and not exercising.

              Overweight/obese people don’t need special drugs, magic pills; special formulated tonic and other medication as people as some people are made to believe. Although the common method of losing weight is dieting, this is not new to most people, especially the obese ones because they can go without meal for a very long time, though they lose some weight, only to return again to their former habit of overeating , snacking, nibbling between meals and all that...

                This ten simple ways enumerated by nutritionists and dieticians, for losing weight, which also said that if not done could pose danger to health

· Eating smaller quantity of food: this could be achieved by using smaller plates to serve your food. Quality, that’s the rule. it also involves controlling of food potion and it can be achieved by serving yourself

· Avoid all food that are high in fat, foods like butter, too much of oil, ice cream, etc

· Be careful of leftovers: many people gain excess fat because they don’t like to see food waste, and to avoid the problem of leftovers, its better to prepare less food

· Do not go too hungry for a long time, eating regularly but sparingly is said to be the best way to lose excess weight and burn excess fat

· avoid sugared food, junks and rich deserts: excess sugar and fat make junk food high in calories so its better to stay clear foods like fried foods, cakes, sweet, and ice cream

· Don’t skip breakfast: eat a very good breakfast, this will carry you through the day and help guard against the temptation of nibbling sweets and snacks between meals.

· Vegetables are low in calories and provide vitamins. eat enough vegetables and fruits, eat them between meals

· Drink more water when thirty don’t think of beverages like coke

· Exercise: exercising help a lots in shedding weight. walking/jogging is the best exercise for an obese person

drink alot of cold water, because you body will burn calories while warming it 


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    • profile image

      princess funa 5 years ago

      Before i got married, i weighed 50kg n a flat stomach after having my first baby i weighed 75kg n a big stomach. I want to fall back to shape pls i need advice.

    • bwlprogram profile image

      bwlprogram 7 years ago

      I know about drinking more water can help people lose weight but I don't know about drinking cold water can help also. Thanks for the good tip.

    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria

      good points mzoghori, thanks

    • profile image

      mzoghori 7 years ago

      This is a nice hub Julie.I do agree with you on the point of not eating after 7pm.Past that time, the rate of your body's activity has gone down hence little callories are being burned. Introducing more energy encourages the convertion of excess energy to fat. To add on one can loose more weight efficiently by combining good excercise with Acai Berry suppliments.The Acai Berry can be an excellent weight loss aid if combined with exercise and diet since it contains omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are found in fish oil and have been discovered over time to be good for you. These fatty acids are not stored in the body, instead it is used by the liver to kick start the body's mechanism and speed it up greatly. This enables the body to burn up calories hence losing weight.

    • Michael Wong profile image

      Michael Wong 7 years ago from Hong Kong

      Yes! Losing weight is not for beauty. Health is the most important! Nice hub. Blessings!

    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria

      thanks so much chinweike, i appreciate

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      good jod sweetjulie i will follow you now so that i can be notified about your updates

    • profile image

      Dominique Teng 7 years ago

      I see that we have the same understanding as far as nutrition is concerned. There really is no magic pill. The only magic comes form healthy food and exercise. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Dominique

    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria

      tanks fastfreta

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 7 years ago from Southern California

      Very good hub. The thought about leftovers is a good one, I never thought about that. Some very good tips in here, looking forward to reading more.

    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 8 years ago from nigeria

      i will soon write an article about how to lose stomach fat, but for the main time, i will surgest you dont eat ant time past 7 in the evening

    • profile image 8 years ago

      I am married with a big tommy how do i go about it

    • profile image

      susan 8 years ago

      Quite informative and inspiring. I have learnt not to go without breakfast so as to avoid the temptation of eating unnecessary on the way