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How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight With Things that Are Easily Portable

Updated on October 7, 2012

Some people answer this question easily: how to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Maybe it's a refrigerator or your exercise bike with a magnet or taped photo of your before picture that would help you curb your eating or do your workouts. Maybe it's your pair of skinny jeans that you've coveted but aren't able to fit in hanging at your door that would snap you out of skipping workouts on non-rest days.

Maybe you made a desktop/laptop background of your vacation destination that would motivate you to take not only standing breaks but exercising breaks and stay on track diet-wise.

Well, what if you are faced with a situation that brings on overeating? You know, like the holiday gatherings with all the cookies, the birthday parties with the big cakes, and so on? It would be unwieldy to bring the whole bathroom scale with you, right? (Some experts say that the scale isn't as important as a good focus on fat pounds lost and lean muscle built.)

Here are some ways to motivate yourself to drop the kilos/stones/pounds. Well, those methods can be carried in your purse or your pocket.

Carry A Model of What Fat Feels, Looks, and Weighs Like

If you can carry a 1-pound weight, you can carry a 1-pound replica of human fat.

Most science stores (online or otherwise, if you can find them) have plastic models on how fat really looks like. It's usually a yellow, rugged blob, sometimes with tiny red spots to simulate blood. They are sold 1 or 5 pounds apiece, but 1 pound is enough to be portable. You can easily carry it in your purse.

Maybe the next time you want to stop at a fast food place, you'd look at it out of the bag and order a salad without dressing (if creamy) and lean protein (read: grilled, steamed, or roasted) and make your own at home with olive oil and vinegar.

But some people find it demotivating and the sight of it causes them to eat more. Why? Just looking at it makes some of them more depressed to lose weight. So try if it works wonders for you.

OK, a 5-pound plastic model of fat may be too unwieldy to carry, but 1-pound ones are available for motivation.
OK, a 5-pound plastic model of fat may be too unwieldy to carry, but 1-pound ones are available for motivation. | Source

Take a Picture of Yourself and Process/Print It

Before pictures are some of the most effective weight loss motivators. Seeing yourself in your fat rolls spilling over your skimpy clothing (bra and bike shorts if underwear isn't your thing) or that extra-large pair of jeans can make you think. It's a visual deterrent from having second helpings from the fridge or from skipping your workouts.

Well, what if you have to go somewhere where taping pictures of your fat self isn't practical or feasible?

Don't just take full body shots of yourself or dig out that old picture of you in baggy clothes. Make wallet-size photocopies of them. Whenever you are at the holiday or party table, take one of them out and stare at it even just for a few seconds. It will make you think more than twice before having anything but salad or steamed veggies for seconds.

If you have a cell phone and data usage is free or at a low price, use it as your homepage background. Carry it with you (make sure it's on silent if going somewhere demure, such as a fancy restaurant) at all times. When you are really tempted to order dessert, you'd take the phone out, turn it on, and just look at the background. You'll be more inclined to order something lighter like fruit.

You can print wallet-size prints of your before pictures from a printer or photo kiosk, laminate them, and carry them in your purse. When temptation strikes, you'll know how for you've come.
You can print wallet-size prints of your before pictures from a printer or photo kiosk, laminate them, and carry them in your purse. When temptation strikes, you'll know how for you've come. | Source

Conversely, you can make small prints or phone backgrounds of yourself at your fittest if you have lost weight before and then gained most of it back. Whenever you arrive super-early for work and you are tempted to use the elevator if your cubicle is few floors up, you'd take a picture out or see the background and you'd take the stairs instead. Ditto for reaching for an apple instead of a candy bar.

(You can do the same with pictures of your fitness idols or the bikini models, but a picture of you is more effective because it helps you compare yourself with yourself rather than compare yourself with others. It's also useful with pictures of your clothes you like that you can't fit into, such as "skinny jeans" or that swimwear, of the vacation destination, or of your relative's wedding invitation.)

A vacation destination as your phone homepage background also works.
A vacation destination as your phone homepage background also works.

Wear A Belt

Wearing any clothing with belt loops or any clothing compatible with a belt can keep your belly in check.

The key to this is to wear something flattering - not too tight and not too baggy. Boot-cut or pencil-cut pants with belt loops are best, for instance. Finally, cinch a belt in it and make sure it isn't tight. You need to move freely and breathe fully.

Some people find a belt very useful in losing weight even at times when they overeat. If they feel their belt tighten, they usually feel full. This is a useful deterrent to overeating.

A belt can help you keep that belly at bay!
A belt can help you keep that belly at bay!

Use Your Cell Phone

Besides setting a background of your before picture, your cell phone can be a useful and portable tool for beating temptation on-the-go. Most of them connect to the internet, allowing you to log in to your sites. (Most weight loss sites are in mobile format.)

There are gazillions of cell phone applications and a few of them are low-cost to download. Most of them track your exercise, calories and fat in many foods you buy, what's in those restaurant meals including healthier alternatives, and keep tabs on how much weight you lost.

Few apps are visual motivators. Some show an animated model of how you weigh. If you record how much weight you've lost, you can see the model shrink before your very own eyes. If you are tempted to buy the sticky bun at the mall, you'd whip the phone out, go to your app, see the model, and redirect yourself to more healthier choices.

It's not enough to count calories, eat slowly, serve yourself small portions, and keep tabs on points (if your program has it). Besides doing them, you need a visual reminder that can be easily carried in your pocket or worn on you that you are losing weight. Those tips require no bathroom scale whatsoever, and you'll reach your goals even at the occasions where you would likely to pig out.


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