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How to reduce body fat percentage

Updated on September 9, 2014

Fat content in different regions of the body is known as the body fat percentage. It may not always refer to your body weight or fat. It is possible for the leanest individual to have a high fat percentage in some parts of the body. This is the reason why decreasing body fat percentage is pretty difficult. It can also be tricky to estimate the efficiency of your workout and diet. The fact is that you have to burn as much or even more calories that you eat to decrease your body fat percentage. The main reason behind it is that it is may not be possible to mark out the regions where you want to reduce. Even with so many challenges it is possible to decrease body fat percentage by consuming low-calorie diet and including calorie burning workouts in your daily routine.

Check out these tips below on how to lose body fat:

Keep track of the calories you eat- As we have seen earlier in the article there is little connection between body fat and our weight. A person can be lean with a highbody fat percentage. That is why it is more about calorie intake than eating fats and carbohydrates. You can consume food rich in fat or carbs but it may not always affect the body fat percentage. You really have to maintain a good diet with minimal calories. Your body fat is directly linked with the amount of calories you eat.

You will have to understand some things which can assist you eat such a diet. As you have to ensure a certain calorie content of the food you eat, it is a good idea to keep a list of food with their calorie content. You can also include yoghurt in your diet as it provides good carbs and good amount of protein per serving. There are a number of websites such as ‘Fat Gram Chart’ and ‘Weight Loss for All’ which provide a comprehensive list of food and their calorie content. They have the calorie value and other helpful information regarding food.

Exercise is the key- You are mistaken if you believe that exercises including crunches, pushups and sit ups can burn body fat from some parts significantly. In fact such exercises only assist in burning muscle tissues as well as strengthening and conditioning them. This does not burn much of body fat, but burns just a few calories. For people who want to reduce body fat fast, this may not be the most practical option.

The best way to reduce body fat as well as burn calories is by doing cardiovascular workouts including jogging, aerobics, walking, swimming, cycling etc. Such exercises burn maximum calories because of forceful body activity. Such exercises do not allow you to select body parts to burn most calories and that is why it is important to maintain a daily routine. Keep in mind that with the burning of more calories you eradicate more body fat. As you continue with the workouts body fat from specific areas will also diminish.

This does not suggest that you should stop weightlifting or any other strength building workouts. It is a good idea to enhance calorie burning exercises with muscle toning workouts.

Body fat can be reduced by a nutritious low-cal diet with a blend of cardiovascular and aerobic exercises. People who can manage a right balance will be able to decrease body fat percentage to a great extend.


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