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How To Stop Biting Your Nails In 9 Minutes

Updated on January 2, 2011

How To Stop Biting Your Nails In 9 Minutes!

You can stop biting your nails with this 9 minute program. I know. I'm a chronic nail biter and I've tried everything. I was also a thumb-sucker as a child and I've discovered that the two are linked in children.

Onychophagia is what doctors call nail biting. But under any name it's still a compulsive and potentially infectious habit. And one not easily beat by will power alone

What Is An Oral Fixation?

This Begins in Childhood

The picture belies Sigmund Freud's theory that oral fixations begin in the first 18 months of life, as essentially this child is sucking his thumb in the womb.

Oral fixations, according to Sigmund Freud, generally begin within the first 18 months of a child's life in which the infants pleasure centers are located in the mouth.

According to Wikipedia:

"An oral fixation (also oral craving) is a fixation in the oral stage of development manifested by an obsession with stimulating the mouth (oral) first described by Sigmund Freud, who thought infants are naturally and adaptively in an oral stage, but if weaned too early or too late, may fail to resolve the conflicts of this stage and develop a maladaptive oral fixation. In later life, these people may constantly "hunger" for activities involving the mouth.

A child who is not fed enough (neglected) or is fed too much (over-protected) may become orally fixated as an adult. It is believed that fixation in the oral stage may have one of two effects.

If the child was underfed or neglected, he may become orally dependent and obsessed with achieving the oral stimulation of which he was deprived, learning to manipulate others to fulfill his needs rather than maturing to independence.

The overly indulged child may resist growing up and try to return to that state of dependency through crying, acting helpless, demanding satisfaction, and being "needy."

Oral fixations are considered to contribute to over-eating, being overly talkative, smoking addictions, overindulging in sugar, chewing on straws and toothpicks, and even alcoholism (known as "oral dependent" qualities).

Other symptoms include a sarcastic or "biting" personality (known as "oral sadistic" qualities). Another indicator is constant nail biting and putting fingers in the mouth."

Are You Embarrassed By Your Nails? - A Few Facts About Nail Biting

*Nail biting generally starts generally between the ages of 4-10

*Affects 30% of all Americans

*Results in short, ragged, and damaged nails and nail bed

*Can cause serious infections

Interestingly there are no hard-line causes, but researchers think nail biting is the result of:

*Worries, stress, and boredom

*Mental or emotional upheaval

*Oral fixation

Get Relief - Stop Nail Biting Now!

Stop Biting Your Nails in 9 Minutes

Some Easy Tips To Stop Nail Biting - Nail Biting is A Sub-Conscious Habitual Event

Have You Tried Hypnosis To Stop Biting Your Nails?

Hypnosis Can Work For You!

The problem with nail biting is that is an 'unconscious' act - you do it without even noticing. Making a 'conscious' decision to stop nail biting usually doesn't work. Just like the iceberg, 90% of your consciousness is beneath the surface..

So to stop nail biting, the decision to stop nail biting has to take place at an unconscious level!

Using hypnosis is the answer to engaging your unconscious self in this process. You need it to 'buy' into stopping nail biting. Hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to change your behavior and to make the choice to stop nail biting a real one.

With hypnosis, this subliminal urge to bites your nail disappears - there simply is no struggle!

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    • profile image

      Gracie Marks 6 months ago

      I also have a horibble habit of picking at my nails an toenails what can i do for that?

      -Thank you

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      HATER GONNA HATE YOUR TIPS 20 months ago

      so true this not helpful!!!!!!!!Stop saying UM so much you crazy woman.STOP ZOOMING ON YOUR FACE ITS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET A LIFE YOU IDOTE .HATERSS!MEANY

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      regan 2 years ago

      this did not help at all

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      augustusdavid 7 years ago

      This is a very important topic and I am glad to have found this lens,it shows you that there are solutions to your nail biting addiction,it gives good advice,if you like why not check out my site at