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How To Win the Battle Against Cancer - A True Story of One Woman’s Victory Over Cancer Without Medical Treatment

Updated on September 21, 2015
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Freelance writer and author for 20+ years. Mom, grandma and wife. Jesus follower. Love to write about anything under the sun.

Fight Against Cancer


Cancer Facts

In 2015, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be "1,658,370 new cancer cases diagnosed and 589,430 cancer deaths in the US." This means that over 35% of new cancer patients this year will die.

Even though the cancer industry has developed new treatments and there are many success stories, 35% is still too high. Even 1% is still high. The fact is, nobody should have to die from a disease that has a cure that is unrecognized by the medical industry.

Sheryl's Story

After watching both her mother and her best friend suffer through the side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, yet, still succumbing to cancer, Sheryl knew that, if ever faced with the disease herself, she would do things differently.

It was 1992 when Maria told Sheryl that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Sheryl was in shock. Her best friend was only 28 years old. She just got married. She hadn’t even had children yet. “Don’t worry”, Maria would often tell Sheryl, “I’m gonna beat this.”

Sheryl tried not to worry. But as time went on, it was easy to see that the illness was winning. Sheryl stood by, helplessly, as she watched her friend suffer the horrible side-effects from the medical treatment she was receiving. Once a young, vibrant woman, Maria had become weak and pale, fighting for her life. It was just a matter of a few short years, in 1995, that Sheryl, brokenhearted, attended Maria’s funeral.

It took a long time for Sheryl to get over the death of her friend. It saddened her greatly that her friend’s life was over when it had just started. But, eventually, Sheryl moved on. Maria became a dear memory. Someone who would always be missed. But little did Sheryl know that cancer would creep into her life again. This time, it was someone even dearer than her friend, Maria.

It was five years after burying Maria that Sheryl learned of her mother’s cancer diagnosis. Maureen was 62 years old when her doctors told her she had colon cancer. Maureen didn’t have any symptoms. It was a routine colonoscopy that caught the dirty culprit lingering around, reeking havoc on her colon. But Maureen was lucky and Sheryl was relieved. After a few rounds of chemo and a successful surgery, Maureen was declared in remission. Wonderful news for sure!

However, just six months later, Maureen shared the devastating news that the cancer had spread to her liver. Once again there was a need for chemotherapy. Once again Maureen would suffer the side-effects. This time, however, she wouldn’t be so lucky. Maureen lost her battle with cancer August 15, 2002.

Needless to say, Sheryl was devastated. The loss of her mother was horrific. Sheryl couldn’t believe that another loved one was taken away from her. She was angry. She was angry at the doctors who couldn’t save Maria or Maureen. She made a vow to herself. Never would she suffer the side-effects of medical treatment just to lose her life in the end. If she ever had to face cancer, she would find another way. Something other than the standard medical treatment that is practiced today.

Not long after Sheryl lost her mother she found herself having trouble moving her bowels. She suffered a tremendous amount of pain every time she ate. So much so, that she would literally roll around on the floor trying to relieve the pain. Doctors tried everything. They gave her pills to soften her bowels and relieve her constipation. The pills didn’t work. They gave her pills to treat irritable bowel syndrome. The pills didn’t work. Nothing the doctors tried releived her constipation and pain. Sheryl continued to suffer.

Finally, with nothing else resolving her pain, the doctors ordered a colonoscopy. Since she wasn’t yet 50 years of age, her health insurance would not have covered a routine colonoscopy. Now that the doctors had reason for the need, the colonoscopy was covered and Sheryl learned that, she too, had colon cancer.

Not knowing what to do, and remembering the vow she made to herself, she did nothing. She didn’t tell anyone. Not even her husband. Sheryl was afraid that if she told family and friends about her diagnosis they would give her a hard time about not seeking medical treatment. So time went by. Years went by. Sheryl kept silent while the cancer continued to grow.

She continued having stomach pains. She continued to live in secrecy and agony for five years after learning about the cancer that was taking over her body. Every day was hard. Every day was filled with pain. She tried to hide it and she did very well, for the most part. Nobody knew, not even her husband. To those that knew her, she simply had Irratable Bowel Syndrome. But eventually, she would have no choice but to spill the truth.

In 2008 Sheryl had a routine mammogram that showed a tumor on one of her breasts. She was horrified to find out that, not only did she have colon cancer, she had breast cancer as well. It was time to tell her husband. It was time to tell her family and friends.

Even with the diagnosis of two cancers, Sheryl stood by her vow. She refused to become another cancer statistic. If this disease was going take her life than at least she would have quality of life longer than the loved ones that she watched die. Nobody could change her mind. However, if there was a treatment available that was pure and natural that didn’t cause the side-effects of the medical cancer treatments than she would consider such treatment. She didn’t want to die.

Sheryl called her sister, Marie, and together they searched for a cure. It took just a couple of short weeks to find a pure, natural substance that sounded promising. What they found is called Zeolite.

Zeolite is a natural substance that comes from the earth. They are microscopic minerals that act as a natural cleaner. The zeolite, when taken internally, travels through every blood cell, cleaning out all toxins and leaving a healthy, clean cell behind. Unlike traditional methods of cancer treatment that destroy both good and bad cells, zeolite cleans the cells and leaves them perfectly intact. Unlike chemortherapy that weakens the immune system (we need a stronger immune system when sick), zeolite strengthens the immune system.

Sheryl ordered the zeolite and began taking it as soon as the postman delivered it. She received a bottle of liquid zeolite and, per the instructions, placed several drops of liquid zeolite in a bottle of water. The water turned brown (like iced tea) but there was no odor, no taste, and no side-effects.

After just a few days Sheryl began having bowel movements. No longer was she in pain or rolling on the floor. She was excited. Each day after, she had a regular bowel movement. She couldn’t wait for her upcoming colonoscopy to see if the zeolite was working on the cancer.

One month later, after taking the zeolite every day, Sheryl went for her colonoscopy. The results were amazing. The cancer in her colon was disappearing. The zeolite was working.

A month and a half later, Sheryl had a mammogram. The results of the mammogram, like the colonoscopy were fantastic. The tumor in her breast that had been the size of a baseball was now the size of a dime. It shrank.

In 2010 she was declared cancer-free. Sheryl continues to take the zeolite. She continues to be cancer-free. She has never received chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery for either cancers. The results are truly amazing.

When asked what her doctors thought about her seemingly miraculous recovery, she replied, “They didn’t say anything.” Not one medical practitioner, technician, or nurse, asked her how she could be cancer-free without receiving any medical treatment. I’m not sure what is more amazing. The fact that the zeolite worked 100% or that nobody in the medical field was interested. When Sheryl had told her family doctor about the zeolite he had replied that he heard of zeolite and he had heard some very good things about it. However, as a medical provider, he could not legally prescribe or refer the zeolite to cancer patients because it’s not FDA approved and it is not obtained through a prescription.

Cancer Facts


Sad Facts

Sad. It’s very sad that a person who takes an oath to save lives has their hands tied while trying to do so. It’s very sad, as well, that Sheryl saved her own life with zeolite at a cost of approximately $20 per month while others are dyeing from medical treatment and leaving behind exorbitant amounts of medical debts.

Sheryl told members of her church about the zeolite. Three men, all with different medical issues were urged to try the zeolite. “Ron” had stomach cancer; “James” had an undisclosed cancer; and “Daniel” had pancreatic cancer. Both Ron and James took the zeolite. Both men are now cancer-free. Daniel chose to listen to his doctors only and not take the zeolite. Daniel’s funeral was two years ago.


It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

It doesn’t have to be that way. We are all in control of our own lives. Just because a medical doctor feels you should have a specific treatment doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Be proactive. Research and decide for yourself what is right for you.

Tell Me Your Thoughts

Would you consider alternative methods over conventional methods to cancer treatment?

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    • Michelle Bentley profile image

      Michelle Bentley 2 years ago from Niagara Falls, New York

      Yes, Sheryl it is very true. I just wish more people would listen and believe it!

    • profile image

      Sheryl 2 years ago

      This is excellent! And so true!