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The Importance of Humor

Updated on July 16, 2014

Guess Who?

Humor is Healthy!

Through every generation humor remains a constant. Ever wonder why? Humor has a powerful impact on personal health. Humor requires wit, mirth, and provides laughter said to be therapeutic and support healthy T-cells. Even in the worst of times, people who have a good sense of humor tend to remain healthy while their sorrowful neighbors get sick over and over again. Not even putting onions in all their rooms can heal sorrowful Joe. A good sense of humor changes how we behave, we laugh more, befriend people who bring out our playful side, and realize we have more positive energy by sharing humor to others.

Having a good sense of humor includes our memories of fun and humorous moments experienced and remembered. A good sense of humor is the foundation to relieve stressful situations. Getting that unexpected check in the mail, having an "ah-ha: moment, or watching a humorous show. Memories of these fun moments can help extend your life and make you more pleasant to be around.

You're Move

Simple Humor

Humor can be either simple to complex. Simple humor is visually funny and even a child laughs; when a person witnesses something unexpected. Complex humor is found when something is not in character, inharmonious or incompatible with logic, like this really cute picture of a puppy playing chess, or silly headlines due to spell mishaps or content incompatibility. Have you had a time when everyone else is laughing and you don't know why? Many do. Once you finally are told or "get it" you have an "ah-ha" moment and can share it with others.

Grandma Listen

Stress Relieving Humor

Humor can be found in even in the most stressful and dire situations. Pictured here we see a youngster attempting to train his elderly grandma on the computer. The picture is intellectually funny in multiple ways. How many of us have had similar situations we can relate to? Many I'm sure.

Okay we all have had this happen: "Went to visit my dying friend and had to stop the hospital elevator at every floor to catch my breath because of the strong flower smell." Perhaps we were not lucky enough to have this fellow in the elevator with us. Humor may not be in a doctors arsenal of healing tools, but it has been proven time after time that a good sense of humor can help the healing process.

Harmonious vs Harmful Humor

Humor can also be found in forbidden experience. I remember when I was in third grade and all the 3rd Grade teachers went to a 3 day conference on the same days. When we [all the 3rd graders] figured it out before class started on the 1st day, we switched rooms. The substitutes didn't figure it out until the 2nd day. We laughed about that for years because we got away something forbidden for hours. Forbidden humor is healthy when you poke fun at situations; not people.

Harmful humor is just that. It is important to focus on the beauty of healthy humor that creates closeness instead of harmful or hurtful sarcasm intended to cause pain. Having others laugh with you about something unexpected; not at someone.

Steve Allen and Son Present

Living with Humor

Living a life filled with humor requires that you choose to develop a humorous view of life. Create closeness and intimacy with the daily use of healthful humor. Once you decide that no matter what happens you can create fun and joyful moments to keep things harmonious, you'll notice a healthy difference in you. Give healthy humorous hugs to everyone including yourself. Be sure to determine your favorite type of humor and experience it often.

On a personal note, I was lucky because my dad was so funny they made him a toast master at the lodge. Everyone invited him places because he made them laugh away their sorrow. May you be so fortunate to have such a person grace your life.


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