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10 Steps to Tap into the Power of Imagination to Make Your Dreams Come True!

Updated on October 28, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stressed, I writ

Most people are aware of the Law of Attraction. But the big question is, have they heard how crucial it is to visualize their desires and dreams? It is very significant to have your dreams at the forefront of the mind to draw them closer to you.

If dreams are not appropriately visualized, they can be pushed away from us. So it's essential you understand what visualization is and how it helps to make dreams come true.

Visualization is the ability to take a vision from the imagination and make it a reality. The mind is an amusing thing. It has a habit of focusing on what we don’t have rather than what we achieve.

Visualization will help train and expand the mind to create room for the entrance of our deepest desires. There is power in the mind of an imagination, and everyone to some degree possesses this ability.

The primary focus is on how we can get our brain to possess the ability of imagination. There are a few ways to achieve the strength to the creativity in which are worth operating into the routine to keep the mind fresh and the ability to focus refreshingly.

Only you have the power to give your conscious mind, the durability of a thinking mind.

One should be expressly aware of what is approaching the human spirit with the expectations of the best and make sure that the thoughts are of peace, happiness, and prosperity

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Murphy says, "Our subconscious will respond and “bring about congruent conditions, amenable surroundings, and the greatest of everything."

Now imagine having the power to obtain all the wisdom in the world that will achieve your grandest dreams. Give it some thought, what dreams in the world would you fascinate?

To build a dream a person has to know it possibly will come true. Great dreamers are achievers, and they accomplish mighty things. A lot of us never see our dreams come to reality because we do not have a vision, and we have not uncovered the remarkable power of an idea.

To successfully build a dream one must believe in their ideas. Also, you must have a vision for the future. Then tap into the power of imagination to make that dream come true.

Furthermore, the individual must have an open mind and allow him or herself to have the courage to find freedom on the way to foreseeing the fantasy until it becomes a reality.

Your dream has to be thought out carefully before putting them into effect. You might even have to rethink it, stay on it or level it with other considerations; as you are strengthening the foundation on which to build your ideas.

Also, you have to know how far can your dreams take you; it will take you as far as the power of imagination and inspiration willing to go.

A dream can become a reality, but unlike a kite, there is no string attached as to how extraordinary and how far your ambitions may take you. They are controlled only by the authority of your imagination and the power of your desire.

Creativity is the driving force, and they carry potent obsessions, and with both on your side, you have all the brains in the world to achieve your grandest dreams.

Bear in mind; dreams must be put into reality by taking that one step that leads to the next and backed by ACTION.

Knowing how to take bold steps to build and live a dream that will take you toward fulfilling a purpose does not come easy. The person will need to close their eyes, reach out to it and understand how to sow that seed from vision to make a dream come true in reality as they see it.

There are different processes and step the person has to be willing to take which will get them to that dream.

Although many may wonder if it is possible to build a dream, the answer will be revealed when you realize you are closer to making that dream a reality more than you can imagine.

Ten steps that will take you toward those dreams. You have to take the initial action and make this journey of dream territory and understand everyone has the power within them to build a dream from a guide given to them if they're willing to work toward achieving it.

Step One - Harnessing the power of believing: Before you can do anything, you must first believe in yourself. A person with no belief cannot achieve anything. Believing makes the mind very compelling. If you do not believe in your abilities or yourself, the reality of a dream will not be accomplished.

Step Two - Sowing the Seed: Once you take the initial step to believe in yourself, you are ready to sow the seed.

Sowing the seed is not as easy as one might think. It is vital to understand how to sow your seed. If you do not know how to plant the seed, how can you accomplish the goal? Trying to plant a seed without the knowledge is like trying to go to a destination without knowing where you are going.

Step Three – Deserving: a person has to feel they deserve their dream, to achieve it. Sometimes in life people allow life to pass them by and find themselves thinking that they do not deserve what life has to offer them.

Most times people allow the past to change who they are, it rattles their mind and makes them feel they don't deserve their dreams to come true. I believe that everybody on earth deserves what life has to offer them primarily to have a dream fulfilled.

Step Four - Testing the Dream: By now you should understand you deserve to have a dream fulfilled. Now it is time to check the idea to see whether it is something you can live up to and on your core values and see if it is tangible.

This means to reach the dream; you might need help from a higher source than your own personal intellect. Getting help from a more top source does not limit your choices; it just means you need to choose specific guidance to reach your capabilities to make the dream more viable.

Step Five - Befriending Your Fears: To build and “Live the dream” you have to embrace your fears because they will never go away. There is a reason you fear your dreams and they are there for an excellent cause.

Nevertheless, as you face your fear, you will learn they feed your best instincts. Fear generally come from you believing you do not deserve a dream because you do not love yourself enough.

However, befriending your fears will help you to learn to love yourself. It will also create strengthens to build your character as it makes you feel more deserving. As a result, learning to love yourself, you are much abler to reach your dreams.

Step Seven - Learning About Abundance: Abundance is a beautiful gift, building and “Live the dream intended for you, means you will be reward with plenty.

When you learn about wealth, you also need to learn the power of giving. Once you conquer this mode of giving, you will have strengthened your heart by giving with no strings attached.

It will bring a tremendous inner peace of mind and overflow within your heart because abundance only happens once you learn to give with no thought of a reward.

Step Eight - Honing Your Perceptions: You have come to a point in your life where you need to work on your attitudes. working to improve your behavior will change the way that people perceive things is not always accurate.

Sometimes people are influenced by their experience and belief. That not always the right way. If you believe it okay to dislike a person who wrongs you, you will not forgive the person that did you wrong. Free the negativity within your mind and focus on your dream in life.

Step Nine – Turning Failure into a Stepping Stone: You are at the point in your life where you need to take the lead and realize your dreams need to form and set in place. And ready for you to begin turning any failure into stepping stones.

You have traveled a journey which sometimes leads to mistakes. However, errors are a part of growing as they can be positive when you learn from them and use failure and turn them into stepping stones of learning.

Step Ten – Harvesting the Dream: By now you should be able to work your way through the steps and once you have done that you have placed yourself in a position to envisioned your dream.

All left to do, tests and see the idea apply to you and your life. Know that the stepping stones of learning were there from the moment you were born. You had to learn to crawl and then walk the path that leads to a journey that consists of learning the importance of growing from mistakes.

Keep in mind that every single person on earth has their fears, let go of yours and get beyond feeling miserable for individuals who wrong you. Make it a point to move forward, and you will learn that dreams really do become a reality.

What do you think; Should anybody believe in a dream?

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The Temptations - Dream Come True

The reasons why you should always believe in your dreams

Dreams are what life is all about!
Dreamers are achievers!
Even on the worst days possible, if you hold on to your dreams, then you can see those bad days through
When you believe in and follow your dreams. You will show other people that it is worth not giving up and you can encourage them to keep on trying.
Dreamers know how to shapes their future. They can predict their future by CREATING it!
Dreams and ambitions are reasons why we get up in the morning.
If you do not believe in your own dreams, no one else is going to have faith in it for you. Go for it, chase those dreams and one day you will achieve them.
People who dream and succeed, don’t get there by accident, they believe in their ideas. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Dreams are why we strive for better and they are what makes our lives worth living.
Don’t let other people put you off following your dreams. Turn the tables, believe in yourself and so you can prove them all wrong!
Most dream chasers meet other who also believe in boosting their belief along the way. When you believe in your dreams, then your enthusiasm and confidence will attract like-minded people around you. You will meet other achievers who will give you the encouragement that you need to keep you following your dream.

Believe You Can!

© 2016 Pam Morris


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