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Life is Full of Disappointment, failures and setbacks – It’s How You Handle them that Count!

Updated on October 23, 2016
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Throughout life, you will experience a series of disappointments, but you must not allow the obstacles to stop you. Your sole purpose in life should be to overcome anything that life throws at you. When you mess up, surround yourself with people who will support you in the ways that you can regroup and tackle what's next. You have GREATNESS within you, and although failure can take a massive emotional toll on life, you are gaining the perspective that is so needed to handle the inevitable that will arise.

Disappointment, failure, and setbacks – everyone experiences these emotional obstacles from time to time, but you cannot lose the sight of you and your values. If you allow yourself to be hindered by these barriers, then it means you don’t have the perception needed to handle setbacks or disappointments. Moreover, when you bury your head in the sand and refuse to deal with an unpleasant situation, hoping that it will improve, that is what causes your 'setback.' In the end, all that matters is how you handle life’s disappointment as you travel life's journey along the way.

Moving on from disappointment: focusing on the bigger picture of life

I have faced such phases of life wherein I got terribly hurt by people and life overall. But that never lead me to withdraw myself from the world. I have faced and accepted emotional pain as a challenge of life. Apparently, I have gone through loads of such emotional turmoil too. But all those hurts and unfortunate events have converted me into a more self-confident and self-sufficient woman, as I am today.

Once you are self-confident, you let go of all heartache and pain to realize yourself what you want from life. Nothing can then scare you or rule your life. You learn to pamper yourself and let the positive energy flow into your life which helps to transform you into a more confident and self-controlled human being.

Before I became a confident and self-sufficient woman as I am now, there was a phase when I experience many different disappointment, and it became the solid foundation, on which I had to restructure my life. By experiencing many different setbacks, I learned to face each of life's challenges quite sportingly. Life's challenges have taught me to let my strengths overshadow my weaknesses and to overcome and rebuild my life after failures. Sinking to my lowest self was the first eye opener for me that provided me the strength to find the energy I needed to restart my life. Falling to my most economical self helped me to let go of the feelings that were bothering me.

After letting go of the disappointments and hurt, that was affecting me; I finally was able to acknowledge my situation and started to practice the ways of self-realization. This made it so much easier for me to figure out what I was looking for from life in general. It felt as if life was placed to pause for a moment. I received that one lucky break I needed to start replenishing my life and I grab a hold told advantage of that opportunity and became my own boss once again. I transformed from a "victim mentality" to a "creator." I am now connected to my inner self. I can now figure out things which normally I could not earlier, and I am also able to perform well. From now onward I have control over everything in my life even on things on which I had no control once.

A New Perspective Seeing the Bigger Picture: Life is Better Than You Think

Everyone encounters problems at some point in his or her life and too often, they see these difficulties as negative experiences. Nonetheless, you must rise to understand these challenges are an invitation for you to grow just before you move to another level. Moreover, it is the way in which we respond to our troubles that can vary significantly.

Take the illustration of two employees, each of who gets a warning that they can’t continue to be late for work; it grounds for termination. Each awake to a dead battery and car won’t start. One employee’s entire day is ruined. He panics that he might not get the vehicle started in enough time to be on time for work. He searches for his jumper cable for thirty minutes before he finds them, he let what he thought he could not do interfere with what he can do, hardly makes it to work on time, and achieving very little at work

While the other driver, however, sees awaking to a dead battery as a minor setback, gets his jumper cable from the trunk of his car, start the car quickly and moves on, proceed on to work almost at scheduled time, progressing to have an entertaining, productive day. Although both employees experience the same setback and disappointment what distinguishes them is their perspective on their hindrance.

People in the world rant and rave about small setbacks blowing them way out of proportion, they are given way to a permanent loss of control over their happiness — and dedicating valuable time to situations which are not "life or death" consequences. Almost all of us will stumble into some problem occasionally. In spite of that, perspective incorporates more than just steering clear of insignificant upsets. It proposes that a person considers their position in this world and that they appreciate "the big picture."

It is important to learn, from life's experience, and disappointment as setback can be one of the worst feelings, but it can also lead to the beauties of life; it is all in how you handle it. You will find both ups and downs prevailing in life and your sad moments will always be a painful memory of yours. For that reason, you need to put effort as well as time to let the wounds get cured. It is entirely possible, and things will go well once you find your way.

Be responsible enough towards yourself: Once you start becoming a person in charge you will automatically start taking the responsibilities of your deeds, and this will convert your life in a positive direction. Spend more time with positive-minded and confident people: Those who think positive gains more in life, live longer and are happier than negative minded people. Now it is your choice to be a depressed, negative minded person or an inspirational, positive minded individual. Your attitude determines your mindset on which your behavior and life depend ultimately.

Be and feel confident: Surround yourself with people you love and whose presence makes you more confident. When you have supportive and loving people around you, your confidence level will automatically get boosted.

Self-realization: Never feel you are insufficient to do something. For that proper self-realization is a prerequisite. Know yourself well and gain the confidence that you are capable of doing what all you want in life.

Visualize what exactly you seek in life: Acquire a clear vision on what you want to achieve in life and how to fulfill the promises, which you made to yourself. But don't stress yourself by thinking on ways to gain something you desire.

As we all know – life has its ups and downs. Have you ever taken the time to think how a different perspective can shape your life and how your view can form what is right or wrong? Did you know sometimes seeing a different perspective will help you see things in a more balanced and realistic way to make sense of this world? As we learn to challenge our unhelpful thoughts, our minds are continually trying to get from one day to the next.

The advantage of perspective taking is an individual that make the most of what he or she already knows about another person’s viewpoint. Exercising his or her belief about another person’s perspective and learning information that they might have mistakenly overlook - will assist in discovering situations that can be different to how he or she usually interprets things.

Once you experience failure, or you are disappointed, it might get tough for you to overcome that state. It may seem apparent that things are not in your control. But they are. You need to begin by picturing yourself confronting these things and this thought is a beginning to a change. Unfortunately, long as you are living in a world you will experience failure and be disappointed now and then. So what we are supposed to do is not to cling our pains of life. On the contrary, don't permit the past life to haunt your present from today.

In this life, we will encounter disappointments at the hands that force setbacks beyond our control. But we must take it as a form of feedback. Also take it as a way of different experiences for future goals. Something unexpected can spoil all and every intention. Nonetheless, when you run into a setback it should cause pause, and think there will always be obstacles in your professional or personal life. But, with determination, you can bypass all negativity and eliminate the barrier that crosses your path one by one.

Life is Full of Disappointment failures and setbacks – It's How You Handle them that Count!

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© 2016 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 7 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you, Shyron

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 7 months ago from Texas

      Pam, what an inspirational hub. Thank you for the encouragement. I love Hillary's quote.

      Blessings always

    • Jeremy Mcgilvrey profile image

      Jeremy Mcgilvrey 10 months ago from Sant Antonio Texas

      Self-confidence is self-assurance in your own ability

      I think people who lack self-confidence depend too much on others to make them feel good about themselves. Listen to me closely here: You do not need people to validate you.

      Here’s 12 suggestions to boost your confidence:

      1. Remember the good times

      2. Dress for success

      3. Stand tall

      4. Look others in the eyes

      5. Let other people do the talking

      6. Smile

      7. Be okay with failure

      8. Get around positive/uplifting people

      9. Become a lifelong student

      10. Exercise

      11. Reward yourself

      12. Give thanks