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The Only Limits on Your Life are Those That You Set Yourself; Life is Full of Possibilities

Updated on July 18, 2017
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

No matter what is our outlook on life, life is filled with infinite numbers of possibilities, and we should begin each day striving to go the distance by doing what is “right” and making every effort to accomplish what we are inclined to achieve in life. As we go through life, we all want something or the other from our lives. Therefore, we have to believe in ourselves and not allow no one or nothing to affect our fundamental beliefs. We can make a decision to open our eyes to what lies ahead and not allow life to limit us, or we can be distracted by what seems to be a dead end. A life filled with passion is a life full of possibilities.

However, if we choose to allow life to limit us and look at it as a dead end, this is the road that will only lead us wrong, or to a magnitude of unfulfilled desires. Nonetheless, although, the path we travel in life will not always be smooth, in this life, we will encounter many challenges. However, we should treasure every moment in life and make a choice to go after what we want with eagerness. Although precise moment in life will propel us to our destination, it that particular time that will ultimately lead us to our purpose in life. Know that the only limits in life are the ones you make.

In this life, some people are unsure about what they want to have a successful life. Some wish to employ a comfortable life while many wishes to waste time away and get too far off task while others may want to build a luxurious life for themselves. As a result, it is of significance that we fixate what exactly we want out of life. Thus, before we can even start our journey in life, it is important to set goals – objectives that will bring us the results using the desired paths. However, no matter what choice we choose in this life always remember the only limited on your life are those that you set yourself; life is full of possibilities.

Each of us has the potential to succeed in life’s challenges. Although it will test our courage, strengths, weaknesses, and faith and sometimes life’s challenges can make us feel that the current appearance clashes with how we’d like to proceed in life; in fact, if we allow life’s challenges, it can keep us from living up to our full potential. We cannot allow life’s challenges to limit us. The only limits to the possibilities in each of our lives are tomorrow not promised, but we can take advance of today and remember life is full of possibilities.

Times stops for no one. As a matter of fact, we are limited to the time we have on this earth. Therefore, we must get out there and do something by following our dreams. Life is a chain of choices, and you have as much ability as anyone else. If you want to improve and better yourself as time passes it best to be bold. Life is so uncertain that I believe we should stop wasting time on unnecessary things and people. Although friendship matters a lot, not all people will fit your persona, and so you need to pick and choose carefully, do not ever try to include individuals who do not fit in your friends’ circle. The situation might come with the intention of bogging you down with extra baggage.

To get what you want and need in life you cannot sit back and wait for a knock on the door or someone to discover you. You must be willing to get out there and do everything for yourself. After all, you have the ability to make things happen even if you are not aware of your abilities…even when you are discouraged, tired, burnt out or just doing your best to tell the world you have a dream. You cannot live in the past; you can only learn from life experiences. You'll be better off, more successful if you move forward and don’t waste time, embrace it, utilize it and live it to the fullest and remember the life is full of possibilities.

Now let’s address ways to help you bring about different opportunities in life. Let’s start with attitude, do you have a negative attitude? Are you egoist or too impulsive? Maybe you unsure or wondering if the answer to the above questions is yes. Well if you lost opportunities in life and wondered why more than likely it was because you were too impulsive or your negative attitude. A negative attitude or being too impulsive will cause you to face many difficulties in life.

To ensure you gain different opportunities or to gradually change the alteration that could make your life better you will need to modify your attitude. To prevent facing the various obstacles in life because of your negative attitude both in the long term and in the near future stick to accomplishing the alteration that could make your life better and don’t forget the only limited on your life are those that you set yourself; life is full of possibilities.

Identify the obstacles

To fill various desires and aspirations in our life, we have to determine the barriers that most people are unable to recognize. These obstacles may vary from simple financial problems too severe personal and attitude problems. However, the most common of them being the obstacles in our way are poor choices we all seem to make. Poor decisions have a way of deviating a person with the highest Potentials from their original set paths of success. It leads to partial or complete failure where dreams can no longer be fulfilled.

The obstacle that needs to be removed to gain life possibilities:

Each person has his or her own problems that need to be identified to achieve success in their own lives. Below are the common obstacles that need to be removed to gain life possibilities.

• Comparing yourself to others

• Trying to achieve perfection

• Caring too much about others

• Fearing failure

• Never be Impatience

• Lack of confidence

• Incompetent time management

• Loss of focus

• Lack of foresight

• Unrealistic goals

• Lethargic nature

• Non-support from others

• Bad habit

Identify if any of the above obstacles are currently preventing you from achieving success in life or getting what you want most out of life. Obstacles are just “stuff” that is happening to toughen us for the journey that lies ahead. Often obstacles occur because countless people are doing what they think they have to do when the solutions we need to help us overcome the obstacles we are facing in our lives can be found by simply planning to make sure you begin making better and far more efficient decisions.

All too often, if you want a significant boost towards making a choice to pursue life consistently, you must become more confident, more creative, and more passion. Passion is something you can create for yourself through performance. To see a change in your life, it is important to seek therefore out counselors, life coaches or experts to help you fulfill your need to deal with your obstacles successfully. Furthermore, to get the result, you must proceed by taking a deep breath, take control and remove all the obstacle listed above.

Also, if you really want to bring about a transformation in the way you live your life you have to face what most people fear most in life which is a failure. Some people tend to avoid doing things that could result in failures. Sometimes it right to take a risk to proceed on the path to success and ensure that you get the best from life to fulfill your desires for the reason that the only limited on your life are those that you set yourself; life is full of possibilities.

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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 19 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Yes, it is very true and thank you so much for your response

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 19 months ago from India

      very true...