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Are You Living Life or Just Paying Bills Until You Die?

Updated on March 26, 2016

Each morning, as we are fortunate enough to awake to a new day have you taken the time to think, am I living or just paying bills until I die? If we would all take the time just to stop and think are you happy with what’s going on in your lives, do you want more of your life or are you just going through the motions feeling empty inside. Many of us have begun living briefly, happy with our life but among those abundant things we stop appreciating what we have in life to only start existing to lose all enjoyment in life.

Some people love the life they are living and do what it takes to cling on to it and daily work on improving it. In contrast others of us are dissatisfied with everything about our life, and need to make some significant changes. To make significant changes in our life, we have to start by acknowledging that we have allowed life to shift us in the wrong direction that shouldn’t be a part of our life. To correct that incorrect shift, we need to take a look at the things you’d like to change.

Begin changing first the things that's the most achievable, and timely of all the possible changes you willing to make. This will move your life in a positive direction and reinforce the focus on improving problems you’ve wished you could have avoided. Now you need to stop and ask yourself, do I start with my personal or professional? You know if you pick the change that’s the most feasible in both aspect of your life you will have the greatest positive effect on your life to be successful.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Many people die at the age of twenty-five and aren't buried until they are seventy-five." Meaning most of us stop living most times in our lives and begin just to exist to pay bills until we die. Although many continue to get up, go to work or continue their daily routine but what are they doing to stop just paying bills until they die. Many should map out a plan to continue living life for all its worth instead of being stuck in a dead-end job, unhappy, and go through the motion. Going through the motion does not mean you are living. We have to love the career we are doing and bring new things, people, and experiences into our life to fully live.

The difference between living fully and just existing?

Fully Living is when an individual is happy in their daily lives. They know how to live life to its full purpose and living life for all its worth. He or she know how to view an opportunity and take advantage of it to move forward and succeed. When life are not what he or she want it to be, they know how to create an amazing experience and with the right attitude towards everything they do.

Just Existing is an individual who is miserable with their everyday life. They are going through the motion of just existing on the earth. They have not found their purpose in life; they are just breathing every day instead of living life. He or she get up, go to work but more than likely it a dead-end job, they are unhappy and going through the motion just to exist. They do not have the right attitude to put things into action to get a result. Therefore, they are wasting their time doing things that won’t better their life.

Are You Truly Living Life, or Just Merely Existing? Here's How to Tell

Seven Steps to Change Your Life from Just Existing to Fully Living

Step 1 Make a ‘First Step’ Plan

After making a decision to change your life it important to have a plan. Whether that plan involves better health, different career, improve the marriage, etc. If you decide to work on a different job, the first step is to update your resume and post it on Then get in touch with a recruiter to assist you with your career change.

However, if your first step plan is to work on improving your marriage, then you should talk to your spouse. You can also get one or two recommendations for couple’s therapists. Nonetheless, whatever in your life that needs changing you make that necessary step to change whatever need in your life. After all, after taking the first step to planning what you dislike about your life, it is much easier to make a plan for what follows.

Step 2. Stop Waiting for Permission

Some people have lived their entire life waiting for permission to do what they feel they need to do in life. Stop waiting for permission from other it time you start a journey to chase enormous dreams or live the kind of life you want. Although from a child we were taught to ask mother or daddy permission before we do something. On the contrary, when we grow into an adult we should no longer wait for validation, it time to stop waiting for permission to live; stop existing and stop listen to doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs.

Step 3. It necessary to want more from life

Too often in life, fear, and no vision prevent us from living life to its fullest. We have to visualize the life we want and put it into action. When we spend most of our life dreaming about what we want with no result, which means we do not know how to get there. Although life has limitations, we must have the ability, a proper road map to help us to live the life we have dreamed about and the personality, to be successful in life.

Steps 4. Lean on a trustworthy Person for Support

Often once we’ve made a decision to make changes in our life it hard to do it alone. At this point, we need to lean on a trustworthy person who loves you and wants the best for you. They will be that support you need, and you can count on them to believe in your ability to make a change.

It is fair to say the person you are leaning on for support has already been through a similar change in his or her life, and they are more than willing to assist offering a better life to you. They are the one who will not only be supportive but can practically guidance you in the right direction to stop existing but start living.

Step 5 Forgive the People who have hurt you

Life is too short to be walking around holding something in your heart again your sister or brother, which is what prevent happiness. Forgive the person who hurt you, but that does not mean you have to forget or continue being friend with them. Know that to forgive is to be strong, and to be able to move forward in life to bring you happiness. It also gives the individual that can forgive the ability to be free of the heavy weight and bondage not forgiving hold.

Step 6 Take the time to learn why truly living is important over existing

If a person never actually take the time to take action to learn why it important to know why they spend too much time focusing on the wrong things in life, they will never know how to live indeed. By all means, we have different responsibilities, a job, and other things in life we never took the time to enjoy, but to actually live and not just exist we need a large part of our life to focus on the enjoyable things.

To learn why truly living is more important than just existing you have to get out explore the world and things you love in life. Whether you like singing, playing chess, reading, playing cards, traveling, etc. While we cannot all afford to travel which most would enjoy, we must do something else that is exciting to us. What most important is not to spend too much time focusing on that which makes you miserable, that existing not living. No matter how you choose to fool yourself or believe you are living, you are only existing.

Step 7 Time to put into perspective less is more

If you would just take the time to sit down and read up on the wealthy and famous celebrities who have more money than they could ever spend and still not happy. You will understand how to put into perspective less is more. To stop existing. First, you have to be happy. Having everything you could ever want does not bring forth happiness. Although a person has abundant resources does not mean they are living. It only means they have the total assets.

Now let’s put into perspective the meaning of "less is more". “Less is more” doesn’t have to mean you cannot have beautiful things in life, nor are we applying less material things creates higher morality. When it comes to living no one person is better than everyone else. Maybe one person has managed to generate more material things or money than another, but if we allow ourselves to get caught up in measuring, we risk missing the point.

Now let’s put into perspective what we do mean when it comes to life and “Less is more.” What I mean by “Less is more” the less we focus on, the more content and the happier we will become. Meaning when we narrow our focus the greater the impact will become in life. A perfect example would be the less clutter in our life, work or home the better we would be able to live a happier life instead of existing on earth.

The less stress would improve our health. The less work we take on, the more time we can spend with families and friends. Free up your life of things unnecessary that prevent you from living. When you free your life from things that will make you just exist you have put into perspective “Less is more”.

The last word, now we have the full meaning of are we living or just existing to pay bills until you die and know the different between the two; you should be working on saying no to what you do not have to do, and stop fearing what you want and need to do. It should be easier to switch from validation mode and auto-assuming.

You should be happier with life so you can stop just paying bills until you died and began truly living to your full potential. You should already be making significant changes in your life by drift from the physical presence of those who do not serve to be in your life. Although the change will not happen overnight what is most important is the change will come, and you understand the change mean you have to shifts from existing mode to living life to the fullest.

After reading this article, do you know if you are living or just existing?

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A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963

Are you Living or Just Existing

T.I. - Live Your Life [feat. Rihanna] (Video)


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 24 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you for your reply. From reading your reply, you are a survivor, and I encourage you to get that support group. I would love to be apart. You could make a difference in so many life. I would like to read the inspiring stories

    • fanbrits johnson profile image

      fanbrits johnson 2 years ago

      I'd consider myself a survivor. Last year had a spine surgery and it didnt go quite well. Tried to visit doctors, after reading some info here i came to a conclusion that nothing's broken just yet. And honestly Im trying to gather a support group so looking for inspiring stories.