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We Should Close the Doors that Cause Pain, Anger and Suffering. Open the ones that will Bring Love and Inner Peace

Updated on April 4, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

The society that we live in often places us under the most massive amount of stress and pain. And as we as people stress about the prospect of tomorrow, this tremendous amount of pressure we hold in our lives tends to drain the very last drop of all our positive energy. The stressful outlook on life exhausts us so much to the point that even if we are waiting to find real peace, it still has the propensity to become more like trying to find a way to escape a hot, dry up dessert.

We all need inner peace and happiness in our lives, and the ability to learn how to gain inner peace and joy, a life without anxieties, stress or worries. To find inner peace, we must be able to reject the thoughts that we do not want, close the doors that cause us pain, anger, and suffering and open the ones that will bring love, acceptance and inner peace that is found in Jesus Christ.

As most of us try to gain the wants in our lives, we tend to spend too much time working long hours, striving to raise children, and trying to acquire impressive careers that we find ourselves consumed with too much on our plate. After slaving long hours still, it seems not enough, and sometimes we worry about not having enough income to make ends meet. My life is a very busy one, being a single mother pushes me to work long hours. Raising a family alone isn’t an easy mission, and sometimes the stress and demands that come with it also take its toll on me.

However, due to the surplus of stress in our everyday lives, we tend to worry about things that we cannot change. But today we all should start a new chapter in our life which require us to stop stressing and release the depressing thoughts, I did and so should you, close the door that causes pain, anger, and suffering and opens the ones that will bring inner peace found in Jesus Christ. There are many ways to find inner peace and happiness. I found peace by letting go of the past and accepting the fact that life is one big journey of constant learning. Also, I gave the time to seek comfort through Christ which played a tremendous step towards achieving my inner peace.

Signs and symptoms of Inner peace: when a person shows the ability to act accordingly, rather than worry based on life's challenges:

  • He or She refuses to be jealous or judge another person
  • He or She shows an extraordinary ability to appreciate each day.
  • He or She refuses to stress.
  • He or She is overwhelmed with thankfulness.
  • He or She experience a constant feeling of joy.

Taking the time to find great pleasure in learning extraordinary things, enjoying the company of good friends, having long walks with your significant other, and spending time with family, sports or doing any outdoor adventures, we will find that we are closer to experiencing real peace and happiness. Inner peace can only be acquired if we have complete faith and belief in God. When we return to God, we will be able to correct the mistakes that will give us total satisfaction and calmness.

Without remembrance of the Lord, there is no peace. Verily, God tests people through virtue and vice. If they do positive things through their test, they can seek His blessings, and they will find inner peace and happiness with God. While being tested, if people have a negative mindset and engage in activities that are against His teachings, they will not be able to find inner peace, as it will only come to them if they return to the Lord for guidance and help. Therefore, positivity is their inner peace and negativity are their restlessness and total dissatisfaction.

When we are faced with various challenges, we tend to forget that the sun always shines after a rainy day. We also need to bear in mind that the genuine and real way leading to an official state of mind when facing problems is patience and courage. What makes us feel uncomfortable and unsettled? This question can be solved keeping in view the fact that faith and total obedience to God are the keys to success in people's life. The more committed to God's compliance, we are, the more peace we will find.

Troubles and trials are God's way to test his children here on earth. In doing this, God does not want to test us so that we may lose hope; he wants to see how we hold onto faith and how we strive never to lose it. Hope has always shared a path to finding inner peace and happiness. If we are full of hope and are faithful believers in God entity and bounties, we will undoubtedly receive inner peace through Christ. If God is happy with us, He will assist us in finding inner peace and happiness that we can obtain through physical channels.

Inner peace has not just been narrowed to the level of the societies. Communities belong to all walks of life that are in need of inner peace. Whether they are poor or wealthy, it does not matter at all. Therefore, it helps to remind ourselves personal belonging does not help us to find inner peace and that the world does not revolve around being rich or poor. Take a moment to read about how big the world is and all the stress and problems that are present in the world today. You will find that the rich and the have-nots are not confirmed to peace and happiness. Both will continue to be in search of inner peace and joy.

How to find inner peace:

  • Put all worries and stress in God's hand
  • Acceptance of other behavior, belief, and look
  • Limit confusions. Close all doors that cause pain, anger, and suffering
  • Accept things we cannot change in life
  • Practice forgiveness. Pardon all past hurtful thing that makes us angry
  • Stop overworking and begin enjoying life
  • Simplify the best way possible by eliminating meaningless activities
  • Find your purpose and skill in life and serve your purpose.
  • Step out of a box and live life with an open mind.

We must be aware that the world does not revolve around how much personal wealth we own and that inner peace can only be achieved through forgiveness. This shows that money cannot buy everything, and makes us realize that one must look beyond themselves for the world does not revolve around a person’s riches. That is an essential key to finding peace, and God bless those who know how to find inner peace through him. Life may be unpredictable as it is the union of happiness and sadness, but through Christ, we can find peace in any trial that life gives us.

People come with two states of mind, a positive state of mind and a mind that is of negativity. Looking at things negatively or handling things impatiently causes restlessness. This is mainly because the faith and commitment in God are not utilized to pacify themselves. That shows that people lack guidance and teachings, and they need to be educated on how they can improve their lifestyle, and live in the world without inner peace and a heart full of dissatisfaction.

When someone is in the state of inner peace and happiness, he or she has released themselves from the annoying way of dealing with life. God has always assisted many in discovering that peace can be maintained within each moment of life. God will teach us that there are open windows of opportunity for us to live a life of complete comfort against life's cruel domination. If someone also lacks this precious bounty from God, he or she should allow Him to guide in handling his or her worry and anxiety.

When something is missing in people's life, and it is the inner peace, it will never come your way unless you strive for it. To eat something, people need to open their mouth; with the mouth shut, nothing will go in or down to the stomach. Similarly, when something is missing, people are required to search for the solution. Moreover, if this is the inner peace that is missing, then all our efforts lie in trusting God with a mind positively and negating all the evil forces that can deviate our mind from the path leading to durable inner peace and happiness.

Men need to focus on the cause of their lack of inner peace and happiness. They need to search for the right path, the exact direction that leads them to the road to inner peace, which is obedience and faith in Christ. Natural inner peace and abundant pleasure are within your reach at this very moment. From the whole unsophisticated situation to the most complicated situations you bump into, you'll learn that every experience is trying to teach you something. When we learn to close the doors that cause pain, anger, and suffering and open the ones that will bring you love, and inner peace found in Jesus Christ, we will have found inner peace.

At times that it feels like something is missing inside us, we can get spiritual cure from God's blessings and mercy. Our God can turn our hardships into relief. He also can teach us to "be positive and spiritual" and to make use of our positivity for the acquisition of inner peace while ignoring the negativity. Keep in mind peace will never come your way unless you strive for it. Just like when you are eating something, people cannot do it without opening their mouth for nothing will go in or down to the stomach.

Similarly, when something is missing, people are required to search for the solution. If it is the inner peace that is missing, then all our efforts should lie in trusting God with a mind full of positivity. Then begin negating all the evil forces that can make our minds deviate from the path leading to greater inner peace and happiness. Inner peace is something that does not give attention in today's materialistic world; we must learn to close the doors that cause pain, anger, and suffering & open the ones that will bring us inner peace found in Jesus Christ and realize that He is the only solution to our problem.

Last word, total submission to God's commands can bring us real peace and happiness. The essential lesson is learning how to be euphoric, joyful, free and loving. It is not a harsh lesson to learn, but a considerably relaxed and calming one. If you are at peace with yourself, you'll learn that everything that life tosses your way is a valuable lesson.

Do you agree we all should close the doors that cause pain, anger and suffering. open the ones that will bring love and inner peace?

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John Mayer - Something's Missing - Drum Cover by Leandro Caldeira

Finding Your Inner Peace vesves Peace Of Mind Spiritual Teachers Teaching by Thich Naht Hanh

© 2015 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      You are so welcome and Yes, it okay to say I rock. I appreciate you.

    • Abundant old soul profile image

      Abundant Old Soul 2 years ago from united states

      Thank you for the wonderful Hub kind lady. I love your ideas and your symptoms of inner peace. I intend to keep this as a favorite!

      Is it ok to say "You rock?"

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you, Jay C OBrien, I appreciate the comment. It good to know you feel it a good article.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 2 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Good article. Strive for inner peace through forgiveness and learning not to condemn to the point of negative emotions.

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you so much for your comment and nice compliments on the writing of my article. I am happy you enjoy reading it.

    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      Great tips to stay calm- I am not a religious person but this is a beautifully written article.



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