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The Importance of Tears; Tears Drops that Flows from the Eyes Represent So Much More than Sadness

Updated on July 21, 2019
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stressed, I writ

Most times when sadness fills a person’s heart, tears begin to flow from their eyes. We were all born with the ability to cry. Tears are words the heart can't say. People do not cry only when they are sad. There are different reasons people cry. Sometimes extreme joy brings about tears. Others time it can bring about excessive sorrow which generally comes when too much pressure is applied. Most people cry while chopping onions; some cry while watching a sad movie, some cry in the most anxious moments, children cry when they fall on the playground and skin their knees. Moreover, many tears when they are happy, people also cry to cleanse their eyes once in a while, it is their way of seeing life with a more unobstructed view. Some people cry when the heart can no longer handle the pain. Because someone is crying, it does not always mean sadness; produced tears can shed due to different emotions.

Crying effectively is a person’s way to surrender themselves to sadness and embrace their sorrow and honestly connect with why they feel sad. Tears are needed to keep the eyeball moist and contain proteins and other substances which maintain the eye's health and battle the infection. It can be the symbol that emotions are overflowing inside the minds, and those emotions can be either happiness or sadness. Feelings are emotions that not always controllable whether it is good or bad, it is just what is. Because tears flow does not always mean sadness, tears that flow from eyes represents so much more than sadness.

Healthy Crying – Let the Tears Flow: Has anyone ever wondered if letting the tears flow (crying) is healthy? Well, one of the best benefits of crying is it can be an expression of the emotions with great healing that comes from the direct sharing of deep feelings. Therefore, it is not shameful to cry, expressing the feelings is the real advantage of the vulnerability. Some people do not like to express their emotions. The Big boys do not cry attitude keeps some from expressing their feelings. However, research shows that those who suppress their feeling and refuse to cry may be jeopardizing their physical health.

There is a saying that says, "The sorrow that has no vent in tears may make other organs weep." So, never be ashamed to cry, it is good crying and a survival tool for enormous healing, so let the tears flow and have a good cry.

Crying serves a purpose other than sadness; it has a biochemical purpose. When tears flow, it releases stress hormones or toxins from the body. For this reason, it is best to acknowledge emotional feelings such as sadness or depression. On top of that, because emotions are flooding in our minds, crying releases different chemicals that are inside the body to make people feel better.

Ten things you probably don’t know about Tears

1. Tears originate from the lacrimal gland.

2. Men and women are not equal when it comes to crying. Women tend to shed more tears than men. The male tear duct is bigger than a female's, so when crying is in the near, the lady's tears will assemble onto her cheeks much quicker than the man's.

3. People tend to shed little more tears as they get older

4. Butterflies feed off the tears of yellow-spotted river turtles, and Moths feed on elephant tears.

5. Raw onions inflict tears, but cooked onions don't.

6. Tears come in more than one form, emotional tears, basal tears and Reflex tears.

7. Tears can mainly help a person see better

8. Some tears arrive from your lacrimal glands, each time you blink.

9. Some of the tears end up in the nasal passage which is what makes the nose run when crying

10. There really are 'crocodile tears.' Crocs indeed do cry. Crocs need extra lubrication for their third eyelid.

Some people think tears are a sign of weakness, but it is not. Three Different tears.

1. The Basal tears: The tears that support the vision as it cleans and lubricates the eyes

2. Reflex tears: The tears that make people cry while peeling onions. It also the tears that flow when the eyes are irritated by something.

3. Emotional tears: The tears that flow when an individual is sad or emotional in a happy event.

Crying can be a healing process, The Healing Properties of Tears. Three Good Reasons to Cry Your Eyes Out

1. Tears assist us to see: tears are the essential function, and they allow us to see. Tears not only apply oil to the eyeballs and eyelids, but they also discontinue dryness of several mucous membranes. Without tears, the eyesight would be blocked out altogether.

2. Tears destroy bacteria: crying carries antibacterial and antiviral properties that kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in just five to 10 minutes.

3. Crying lowers stress. Tears assist with decreasing stress levels and help in reducing blood pressure, heart problem, and peptic ulcers.

Although some people feel ashamed to cry, and guys feel they are too much of a man to cry. Some feel tears are a sign of weakness, but they’re a sign of frustration. Tears are one of the few miracles that function very well that people take for granted every day. Crying are ways of expressing emotions and vulnerability that gives total healing that comes from the direct sharing of the deep feelings.

These Tears Drops that Flows from My Eyes Represent so Much More than Sadness

Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler

Research Shows that those who Suppress their Feelings and Refuse to Cry may be Jeopardizing their Physical Health, Do you believe Crying is Healthy?

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© 2015 Pam Morris


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