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Benefits of Herbal Aromatheraphy

Updated on July 4, 2010

Benefits of herbal aromatheraphy

 First of all not many of us know the benefits of herbs and if we do we think they would not be so effective as anti-biotics or a good medication. Have you ever realised how good the  benefits of herbal aromatheraphy is? Herbal aromatheraphy is a method to give a cancer treatment more relaxation and make the immune system stronger. It has shown marvellous results in people.

Now, we should know exactly the meaning of herbal aromatheraphy. the benefits of herbal Aromatheraphy helps in cleaning the air as well as helps us in our health with the right oils we use. It helps many Asthma sufferers and allergy or hayfever patients. Aromatheraphy alleviates the symptoms of all diseases connected to air and a un-hygienic environment. It has helped many people with cancer and made them more comfortable and relaxing after their Chemotheraphy treatments.

They are oils made out of herbs like bamboo, green tea, eucalyptus, rose, sandalwood and lavender. How these oils work through the method of Aromatheraphy.

Green bamboo helps the body to absorb calcium from the food we eat.

Eucalyptus strengthens the upper respiratory system

Rose helps hormonal imbalances and is romantic and uplifting

Green tea is an anti-oxidant and helps build the immune system

sandal wood is for concentration, meditation and good luck

lavender helps with insomnia for anxiety and stress. Depression can be also relieved with this.

These special diffusers which is non-electric and works using only heat and catalytic action. These diffusers are available but not in the market. Contact me if anyone interested in buying these diffusers and oils. I can give you the details. The oils are manufactured only in France.

 Some forms of conventional aromatheraphy need a naked flame and a candle to heat the essential oils or even the use of scented candles, which emit pollution when they burn. These are all fire hazards.





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    • preety girl profile image

      preety girl 7 years ago

      I am using the Green tea oil made in France. If anyone interested feel free.