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Fast eaters grow fat !

Updated on January 17, 2011

How Fast eaters grow fat

Advice on 13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight – FOOD & DIET

Fast eaters grow fat is a scientific fact and very true. The fascinating facts behind the new fat-busting science : How to know that?

It is a proven fact that Genes, hormonal imbalances and even viruses are now acknowledged to play a role in obesity. Eating less and working out more, in fact don’t have nearly as much to do with weight loss as you might assume. “This is all counter to what people think they know”

  • Honestly speaking, it is really genetic
  • Some people just have more fat cells
  • You can change your metabolism
  • Stress fattens you up
  • Mum’s pregnancy sealed your fate
  • Sleep more, lose more
  • Your spouse’s weight matters
  • Ah ! A virus can cause obesity
  • Biscuits really are addictive
  • Ear infections can taint your tastebuds
  • Anti-oxidants are also anti-fat
  • Pick a diet, any diet
  • You can be FAT and Yet FIT

If you have the fat gene, you can offset the risk by exercising regularly.

Sleep may be the cheapest and easiest obesity treatment for any one. Fitness is one important thing for the well being of yourself.

Fast eaters grow fat

Eating slowly could help you being a looser to gain weight. Research suggests, people can learn to eat more slowly and recognize their internal cues for fullness. Getting distracted and eating quickly are 2 reasons to be blamed. Whereas, having meals and chatting with someone can slower you down and does help the body to send signals before you have overeaten.


Fast eaters grow fat

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