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alcohol pregnancy effects

Updated on February 1, 2011

Alcohol in pregnancy effects

Alcohol pregnancy effects are very risky. The side effects can be life threatening to both the mother and the baby, fetal alcohol syndrome in pregnancy.

Only recently doctors have become fully aware of the dangers of alcohol in pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a particularly serious consequence.

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a group of defects in newborns. The characteristic aspect of the syndrome is a series of deformities of the head. This can also lead to retarded growth and development of the child. The syndrome can occur even if mothers have drunk as little as 2 or 3 glasses of wine per day.

Even if a child does not suffer from the full syndrome, alcohol can affect a child’s development in the uterus.

There are many aspects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and they can be present with varying severity. The child’s head and brain may be abnormally small, the upper jaw underdeveloped, the lower jaw and forehead unusually prominent and the eyeballs small, with shortened eye slits and folds of skin close to the nose.

Survival : One in 5 babies with FAS dies within days or couple of weeks of being born. Those who survive end up with mental retardation, physical damage and the retardation are often long-lasting and sometimes permanent.

Fetus :For the pregnant women, understanding the development of the fetus within her is one of the best ways of insuring that her pregnancy will be a happy one.

Exercise: Walk upto five flights of stairs and if you feel out of breath by the fourth, think you are unfit. Exercise will not only increase your stamina and improve your health and appearance but will also affect the way you feel and allow you to feel fit with daily activities fully.

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Running in place helps the whole body trim and is a simple way of exercising because it can be done anywhere.

Why exercise? Being physically fit is not just a question of muscular strength. The immediate effect of exercise is improved muscle tone. Exercise has been shown to reduce blood pressure and important treatment for heart conditions. However, it is important to have proper instructions before undertaking strenuous exercise such as step aerobics.

Who needs it? As a general practise, exercise is good for everyone except very young children and people who suffer from various illnesses or disabilities. Children upto the age of six do not need special exercise. Their natural play is enough and too much activity can wear them out.

Exercising in water is an excellent way to stay in shape. Particularly for people who are pregnant and recovering from injuries, as water supports the body and helps prevent unnecessary strain.


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