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Allergies symptoms, hayfever and preventions -

Updated on August 30, 2011

Allergy free person

Allergies symptoms, hayfever and preventions -

Allergy free person ! What causes Allergies : The Next Generation

Allergies are becoming more prevalent including not just the most common ones either. In addition to increased cases of asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema, chronic sinusitis and some more unheard of a generation ago, substances as latex, nickel and peanuts.

Since such substances are found in thousands of products, they can be hidden sources of misery to people who don’t’ even suspect they have allergies. Latex proteins can be transferred from food handlers’ gloves to the food they serve. Nickel can be found in most expensive gold jewelry, and guess we all know about peanuts? Most of it is developed with the equipment the food-processing industry uses may have fine traces or residue of peanuts.

The Environmental factors behind Allergy rates

Our immune systems are not supposed to be hypersensitive. They are supposed to behave like smart bombs, destroying invaders such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. But most of us have an immune system of dumb bombs that they get oversensitized with substances as pollen grains, mold spores and food. They are not to be blamed, the environment might be responsible for all this.

o Outdoor pollution is the cause of allergy ; diesel pollution, latex particles become airborne.

o Indoor pollution; unfortunately, by sealing our homes, we have in turn, sealed out cold air, we inadvertently sealed in a host of allergens and irritants, including mold, dust mites, cockroaches, cigarette smoke and the toxic waste dumps under our kitchen sinks etc. Without good ventilation, they are free to concentrate, circulate and contaminate, thus increasing the allergens and getting our immune misbehave.


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