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Creating Health -How to attain perfect health and feel ever youthful

Updated on September 24, 2009

How to make your skin ever youthful

Want to attain perfect health ? If you answer says yes then, read ahead.

Introduction : Creating Health is considered to be a mind-body connection. The form of so called “messenger molecules” which was not so commonly understood in the seventies is now a real concept of the mind and body relationship. All these course through the blood-stream, which in turn get transformed into our inner thoughts, emotions and fears in physical reality. Mind converts into matter, which turns into body’s cells. Everything the mind can conceive is put on a whole body.

Health is our natural state. It is defined by the World Health Institute as something more than the absence of disease – health is the state of perfect physical, mental and social well-being. It also partly involves spiritual well-being.

Strategies for creating health

Self - awareness – Health can be created. What you pay attention to always grows. If your attention is attended is to negative thoughts and scenes, they will grow in your awareness. For some people, the attention is tossed about by small daily routine, negativity that seem insignificant by themselves but all in all that keeps the awareness fatigued. Their inner experience, their awareness, is of helplessness. They never come to a crisis yet they never adequately focus on their energies either.

  • Living in the present – Health is the only thing that makes you experience that now is the classic time of the year. Worry causes ageing and does not deal in the present. Healthy people, however, live neither in the past nor in the future. They live the present, in the now, and no shadows fall on it. When attention is paid to the present moment, it grows in its own fullness.
  • The importance of job satisfaction – Work should be considered as “Work is Worship” Numerous medical centers have commented on the fact that, people live longer, healthier, when they have a job satisfaction fully. If we are not happy with work and job satisfaction does not pertain to you, then you are prone to ill-health and physical deterioration. Their sleep is disturbed and they can commit themselves to ill-health, feeling stressed and lack of concentration.
  • Rest and Activity and having an open mind – We cannot evolve if our minds are closed. This is because we used our minds to evolve. Inorder to have a smooth evolvement, it is essential to rest and be active. Pathway opens for intelligence to flow through our minds. It is simply a habit of opening new channels. Bad habits are just the worn-out ruts of the mind, paths that once led to freedom because they opened up new thoughts but that now lead to nowhere. All we have to do is look at the unhealthy minds of prejudiced people to realize that intolerance is toxic. It poisons human development and makes it impossible for perfect health to flourish. If you are open to new possibilities in your life, then that alone will give you access to those possibilities – readiness is all.



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