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Goal Setting:Seven Areas Of Life For Making Dreams Come True

Updated on April 17, 2013

Road To Success


Pursuing dreams are a part of the richness of life. They are a vision of your ideal future of what you want to be, what you would like to do and, what you would like to achieve.

Imagine how your world would look if your dreams came true? Yet, many individuals just dream about what their lives could be and fail to pursue the things they truly desire.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".
Eleanor Roosevelt

Causes Of Failure

*ignorance of your real potential

*ignorance to your own faults

What you make of your life depends on your:

*personality and character

*attitudes, thinking and habits

*ambitions and interests


"To thine own self be true!"

The better you know the "real you" the more you can begin to make the right choices and decisions regarding your life.

When you define your values you discover what's truly important in your life. Goals that are in harmony with your values for example, can provide the motivation and the energy to create plans to achieve them.


"We Become What We Think".

Negative attitudes create boundaries that restrict the mind.A great deal depends on the attitude of the mind to create positive mental forces to bring positive results.

The choices and decisions we make ultimately, determine whether we achieve our goals and, whether we will be happy or, we succeed or fail in life.

Think Success

*negative thinking directs you toward failure.

*positive thinking directs you toward success

*look to yourself by taking control of your life

Your Imagination Is Your Preview

*picture in your mind the things you really want

*visualize them daily to keep you constantly inspired

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of the mind".
William James


The First Step To Making Dreams Come True.

Goal setting offers new challenges and experiences, you become inspired and, more importantly, you begin to recognize the path that leads to success.

*your goals must be realistic

*goals must be classified into priority levels and, by how long is needed to reach them

*planning gives direction and an idea of the resources needed

*analyze and make all your decisions based on relevant facts

*use self management to get things done and, eliminate the irrelevant

*belief establishes the will to do what others think impossible

*motivation to achieve moves you to action

*discipline, commitment and perseverance enables you to face up to the demands required by your goals

*regular reviewing lets you know how well you are going and, identifies problems

Each Small Gain Will Bring You Closer To Your Goal


Our dreams can inspire us to reach for our goals and to create our own opportunities provided we make the right choices. Physically, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually, life can be improved as long as you're willing to work at it.

Whatever you want to do or achieve in life, take advantage of the opportunities you have to reach your potential and, to achieve the dreams your heart is set on.

"Self-trust is the first secret of success".
Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Health And Well-Being

Your health is your greatest possession. It is directly related to the quality of your life so, it is important to treat it with the respect it deserves.

Unhealthy habits of the body and mind eventually have consequences that take their toll over time. Serious illness places every area of life into question.

To live a healthy life, it is essential that we learn the basic fundamentals of good nutrition and, applying it in a disciplined manner, to our own health program.

Basic health knowledge involves:

*understanding how the human body functions

*what the basic nutrients are and in which foods they are found

*what causes weight gain or weight loss

*understanding what to eat, when to eat and, how much to eat.

"Prevention is better than the cure". It involves:

*eating a balanced and nutritious diet

*maintaining fitness through regular exercise

*getting sufficient sleep

*maintaining a tranquil mind

*balancing work and rest

2. Home And Family

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home".

What you do for your family now, will follow them throughout life. We invest in our children by helping them develop values necessary for moral decision making and to foster a sense of pride in who they are.

Family get-togethers, family holidays, cultural rituals, festive customs and, anything that involves doing things together all provide a sense of family spirit and belonging that generates lasting family traditions and, pleasant memories of good times that last forever.

3. Education

One of the most profitable forms of investment for the future.

A major portion of life goes towards earning a living and, to securing our financial freedom for the future. You may want to set goals relating to job or career ambitions.

One does not have to spend his or her life in work they do not like or, where you are constantly struggling to make ends meet.

You want a job or career that you feel are a part of, it provides regular income, job satisfaction, opportunities for advancement and, self-respect.

Time, money and effort spent on education is an investment you make on yourself and your future. It can help you get a new job, advance in the one you have and, to get ahead in life.

*The more you learn, the better off you will be. The more you know, the more opportunities will present themselves.

4. Financial Security

Increasing Income And Savings For The Future.

Money will not necessarily buy things like happiness, health, true friends or a happy home but, used wisely, it can be a blessing in life because it is an avenue to financial security and increased chances in life.

It is important to have enough income to live comfortably and, to pursue other goals. Your financial freedom goal may be, being in control of your finances and, to be free from money worries.

Make extra money and then, make it work for you through saving and investing.

Diversify your income by turning your hobby, skills or knowledge into a home-based, freelance or, online business. They are the easiest and lowest cost ways to start working for yourself and, to making some extra money.

5. Recreation And Leisure

Doing Something You Enjoy In Your Spare Time

You may want to cultivate new interests during your leisure hours participating in a hobby or recreation activity. Leisure activities offer enjoyment and relaxation and are important aids to relieving the tensions and anxieties of life.

A hobby or creative activity can be anything you like to do in your spare time provided it brings a definite satisfaction.

You can choose from from a number of leisure interests which include outdoor and indoor activities, there are creative, performing and, learning activities or, you may want to become involved in serving others through community or church activities.

6. Friends

"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends".

True friends are an asset. They are the ones who matter most in our lives because we can have fun with them, share feelings and activities and, are an invaluable source of support in good times and bad.

Not every acquaintance is a true friend. Some people seek artificial status and are primarily concerned in self-glorifying themselves. They try to make others around them feel as though they are beneath "their standards".

Modern day dictionaries define "virtue" as "moral excellence; it is "right action and thinking; goodness of character."

Virtuous thoughts, words and actions are positive character traits that help one to be a good friend. Such qualities as humility, empathy, kindness, fairness, compassion, forgiveness, honesty and loyalty are virtues that need to become a habit in daily life.

7. Spiritual Enlightenment

Satisfying the deeper longings of the soul.

We achieve spiritual enlightenment by believing and having faith in God.

Spiritual enlightenment provides an inner sense of peace and comfort that only God and our dear Lord, Jesus Christ can offer. It provides a meaning, a reason and, a way of life that sets the individual firmly on the path toward the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual values bring us closer to God.

Spiritual values such as faith, truth, love, forgiveness, peace, and righteousness help one to become a better person that overflow into selfless service to others. They help the individual transcend limitations through spiritual inspiration that can heal the mind and body and, to find the light of hope.

"Ask; Seek; Knock". Matthew 7:7-12 Biblical Proverb

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you".

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


You Can Dream, But Nothing Happens Without ACTION!

Pursuing your dreams offers new hopes and opportunities. People who are goal orientated take ACTION to make their dreams come true. Today is as good as any other day to begin. Present actions determine future results.

Believe in yourself and never underestimate your ability to succeed. You will be amazed where it can take you.

"Never give up. Never, never give up!. We shall go on to the end".
Winston Churchill

Pursuing Dreams

      *Develop Your Potential   *Look For Opportunity *Reach For The Stars
*Develop Your Potential *Look For Opportunity *Reach For The Stars

Goal Planner

Financial Security
Goals, Plans and ACTION make Dreams Come True!

Follow That Dream-Elvis Presley

Light Of The World

 Jesus Christ is the Light Of the World because He brings God's Way of Righteousness and Salvation.
Jesus Christ is the Light Of the World because He brings God's Way of Righteousness and Salvation.


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