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Hurricane and Tsunami Updates

Updated on October 22, 2013

Current Hurricane and Tsunami Updates

I do not live near the ocean but have visited the ocean on just about any vacation I have ever taken.

I have friends that live near the coasts and wanted to find a way to ensure that I can get info on their particular areas.

I creaed this website, that provides news and information of current hurricane and tsunami updates and essential information for those interested in tracking hurricanes and tsunamis, as well as those who are casually interested in what has been happening.

Please follow the links I have provided below to learn what hurricanes and tsunamis are, and to track current tropical storms, hurricanes and tsunamis using the National Hurricane Center's Website, and obtain useful information to prevent a disaster from happening!

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Japan and California Tsunami Videos - March 10-11 2011

Here are the most current Japan and California Tsunami Videos for this Tsunami.

Hurricanes - A Children't Book


We know what a hurricane is, but do our children know?

This book is recommended for children who do not know what a hurricane is. I would recommend it for families who have children, who live in hurricane affected areas.


The Ocean is a Dangerous Place

The ocean is a dangerous place. If you are not out on it, you can be affected by it.

Hurricanes and Tsunamis are both very different, but very similar natural disasters. While a hurricane is caused by storm cells and atmospheric conditions, a tsunami is the end result of an earthquake.

Both natural disasters end in water rushing onto land and everyone in their path are affected.

This website will help you identify these storms and also will help warn you when they may strike.

Please mark this website in your favorites and return often. It could save your life.

Hurricane and Tsunami Safety & Prevention From Injury

Once you know the possibility of hurricanes or tsunamis occurring in your area using the hurricane and tsunami updates in this website, learn safety tips on how to prepare for hurricanes and tsunamis or what to do during an hurricane or tsunami!

Scary Hurricane and Tsunami Videos

Here are some very scary hurricane and tsunami videos that make you think twice about staying home instead of evacuating!

Please let me know what you think of this website on current hurricane and tsunami updates.

Was this Website on Current Hurricane and Tsunami Updates Helpful, or at Least Interesting?

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    • mel-kav profile image

      mel-kav 5 years ago

      I love your informative lenses regarding updates on tornados, hurricanes, earthqakes, etc. Very interesting!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is very good information on the hurricanes and tsunamis. Good to have as much warning as possible. I'm going to bookmark this lens, thank you for creating it. I will check back again.

    • mythphile profile image

      Ellen Brundige 7 years ago from California

      Fascinating topic, and I like the RSS feeds giving us updates on the latest warnings!

      They really are amazing demonstrations of earth's power. I always feel vaguely guilty for finding tsnunamis, volcanoes, and the like so fascinating (I'm probably one of the few residents of SoCal who LIKES earthquakes, as long as they're not bigger than a 6!)