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Living with Cancer not Knowing It

Updated on December 12, 2012

Suffering from cancer, not knowing it

As I have travelled upon this road called "Life," helping people to receive a healing, or working to heal myself, I have noticed those people, upon this road, who suffered from cancer and not knowing it. How can one have a cancer and not know that one has a cancer, one may ask? "Good question," I say. Actually, at any given time along this pathway called "Life" we may contract a cancer. Who knows how? Who knows why? We do know that cancers happen all the time, to many people, in many places, at many ages.

One can suffer from a cancer (that is, you may have a cancer) and not know that you have a cancer. If one lives one's life in such a way that one is "living a more abundant live," one can live many years with a cancer and end up dying from something else, say like an automobile accident, or from a stroke that was caused by hypertension (elevated blood pressure). I have seen people who were diagnosed with a cancer and the cancer resolved itself on its on, a process called "spontaneous remission." We doctors who are honest with those that we try to help admit that we do not understand how spontaneous remission works, and we admit that we have not witnessed very many of these miracles. Also allow me to say, clearly, that as I write this discourse, or any discourse in HubPages, that I am not practicing medicine (I have not practiced any medicine for more than 15 years), I am simply sharing knowledge and information that I have learned in my travels upon the pathway called "Life." Having said this, allow me to share with you what I think about "those who suffer cancer, not knowing it."

There is a powerful system at work within our bodies called the Immune System. The immune system functions to keep our bodies healthy and disease free. But we must also work (we must work hard even) to take care of our immune systems. The secret of how we may suffer from cancer, not knowing it, lies within the inner working of the immune system. One may ask, "What is the immune system and how does it work?" I could easily write a Hub on the Immune System and how it works using the whole Hub on this one subject but it would be technical and I am not sure many of you want to read a technical discourse on how the immune system works to keep us healthy. If there are any of you who want me to write a Hub on the immune system I am asking you to give me feedback asking me to write it. I you give me a request for information, expressing a need, then I will write on it. This is a deal, okay?

If one is living a more abundant life (I have written a Hub elsewhere on the meaning of a more abundant life) one can help one's immune system to have more strength to fight off cancers, and potentially, one could live longer, even while one is suffering from a cancer. It is a physical, mental, and a spritiual thing, to state it simply. But of course, it is more, much more, than a simple thing. I have written enough at this setting, about this issue. It is 12:56am and I still need a little time to read tonight, so I will stop here. Remember, I am requiring feedback if you want me to write more on any topic. Give me feedback. My life and my knowledge is yours for the asking, but I expect for you to ask.

Allow me to share with you a couple of my favorite Bible verses. It will not occur very often when I will share a Bible verse with you. I believe that if you want to read the Bible you don't need me to spoon feed verses to you. You can just pick up the Bible and read it for yourself. But in St. Matthew 7:7,8 as part of his Sermon on the mount, Jesus said, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone who ask receives; and he or she who seeks finds; and to him or her who knocks it shall be opened. I like to apply this to our quest for knowledge. As we pursue knowledge we must ask, seek, and knock, unrelentingly, and eventually, we will get an answer. As you go, Peace.


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    • Dr. Haddox profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Freddie Haddox 

      7 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Thank you, Ez Kay, for you kind comments, and keen observations. Frequent medical check ups are necessary, as you have correctly pointed out. Even though the immune system may do a great job holding a lethal cancer at bay, medical intervention, in a timely manner, often means the different between life an death. Again, thank you, Ez Kay. Have a wonderful day.

    • Ez Kay profile image

      Ez Kay 

      7 years ago

      Good write up you actually shared in here and i strongly belief with you that someone can live with cancer for many years without noticing it. That is why we constantly needs a medical check ups often.

    • Dr. Haddox profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Freddie Haddox 

      7 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with those who have suffered with cancer. It is a very difficult problem as you have so thoughtfully pointed out. I am very sorry about your husband's friends and the other two sufferers. Many times cancer is very difficult to live with, as you have pointed out. Also, as you have said, when one is sick or suspect that something is not right, it is best to report to a doctor sooner that later. Very good comment. Thank you, onegoodwoman.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Your decree that many live suffer with cancer and do not know it, does not shock me.

      It is such an ugly disease. I have personally know 3 people, who had no idea they were cancerous, until all treatments options were passed.

      The very best friend of my husband, came for a late day, Thanksgiving dinner. I noticed that his appetite was diminished, and he had lost weight. His wife shared with me that he was " finally " going to see a doctor in the following week ( late Novemember, or early December) mid Feburary, he was dead.

      Then, there was the couple I met in Arizona...........

      I am not shocked. Thanks for speaking up. Perhaps someone will make it a point to go the doctor a little sooner.

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