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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure - Hypertension Medication - Do You Really Need It?

Updated on September 20, 2014

I'm a recovering hypertension patient. I am. I am. . .

It is hard to recover from hypertension, but I'm trying, with the help of natural remedies. Doctors put high blood pressure patients on medication and throw away the key. It is supposedly a life sentence! But I'm stubborn. I want to recover. This lens shares details of my journey, thus far. I'm still in the recovery process.

I don't want to give you false hope. Doctors say recovery is very unlikely. I'm looking into natural remedies. I want to quit taking pharmaceutical meds!

Image above: My hypertension pills... photo by Linda Jo Martin.

This page was made by Linda Jo Martin, novelist and content writer.

You can connect with me on Google Plus.

This page was updated in January, 2013.

Why I wrote this hypertension medication lens intention...

I've had high blood pressure for about fifteen years. This lens full of hypertension information is based on my own experience as a hypertension patient. My goal is to take charge of my own health care and find a way to get off the medication for good!

A family disease

They call high blood pressure "the silent killer" . . .

High blood pressure, hypertension, runs in my family. My grandmother (Mom's mom) had multiple strokes. My sister, a nurse practitioner who inquires about all health matters, once told me that our grandmother didn't take her high blood pressure medications regularly, and that's what caused the strokes. When my grandmother was almost eighty, right before we were to have a grand birthday celebration for her, she had the worst stroke of all. The party was canceled. She never was to walk or talk right again. She spent the last six years of her life in a wheelchair... a bitter pill for a formerly very active outdoors-woman to swallow.

After seeing that, I honestly can say I don't take my quest lightly. When I say I want to quit taking high blood pressure medications I don't mean that I'll simply quit taking them and risk my health. No, no, no, no . . . I am a cautious person. I am cautiously exploring natural remedies and treatments.

My diagnosis

How I got hooked on Atenolol and Adalat.

I was surprised in 1994 when a doctor told me I needed hypertension medication. I was only 42 years old. I'd had high blood pressure problems with two of my pregnancies but at that time I didn't realize my family had a history of high blood pressure, and didn't know what that would mean for me. The doctor prescribed Atenolol and Valium. The Valium was supposed to help me relax as at the time I had the most stressful job ever - as mother to two preschool aged children. My stress level was extremely high.

I'd already heard that there were problems with the safety of Valium, so I never took any of those pills. I didn't want to take something that might cause brain damage. However I took the Atenolol, and then ran out. At that point I moved to another town and was living alone with my two children and never had any time to myself to go see a doctor. After months of worrying about my health, I got a chance to see a doctor. He didn't want to put me on the medication! He wanted me to try diet and exercise first. . . but I insisted on getting the Atenolol prescription. In retrospect I can see I did this to myself!

A month or two later a nurse practitioner noticed the Atenolol didn't have much effect on my blood pressure, so she prescribed a second pill, Adalat, also known as Nifedipine. Atenolol is a beta blocker and Adalat is a calcium channel blocker. I took them both together for years.

Nine years of medication before I finally realized

... that these high blood pressure pills were not good for me!

Flash forward from 1994 to 2003. I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the remote forest town of Happy Camp in far-northern California. I was taking a College of the Siskiyous class to be an Emergency Medical Technician - EMT1, basic level . . . and we were doing all sorts of things in class to learn what to do when we go out on calls. While there, I learned about heart rates, tachycardia and bradycardia. Yes, I was a newbie to medical instruction . . . my college degrees were in Early Childhood Education and Paralegal Studies. I took the EMT class on an impulse only because I couldn't find another class to take that semester!

So there we were in class, all gathered around taking each other's pulses, and people were having a hard time finding my pulse. When they did, it was measured to be about half the rate as most others. It was a clear case of bradycardia. To say it mildly - I was alarmed! How could it be that my pulse rate was only sixty beats per minute?

I tested myself often from that point on and it never got any faster. Unfortunately, at times it got slower - all the way down to forty beats a minute. I was worried it would just quit beating someday! How much slower could it get before I was dead?

I asked my nurse practitioner about it and found out it was considered normal because I was taking a beta blocker for hypertension. Atenolol.

About that time I realized that since my pulse was slow, all those aerobic exercises I'd been doing for years weren't able to work because I couldn't get my pulse rate up high enough for aerobic conditioning to take place. No wonder it was so hard for me to lose weight! I was mightily upset!

Next I did research on the Internet and discovered there are also problems and side effects with Nifedipine (Adalat), for example, headaches, which I had frequently. I went to the nurse practitioner and told her I needed to get off both the meds - and you know what she told me... that hypertension patients don't recover and must take medication all their lives.

I vowed to be an exception to that rule!

A change in medication - to ACE inhibitors

...and diuretics.

I confronted my nurse practitioner with my newfound realization that the Atenolol was keeping me from being able to lose weight, and convinced her that I had to change to another medication. She helped me wean myself off Atenolol and Adalat, and replaced those with ACE inhibitors and diuretics. Supposedly safer, but by now I trust the pharmaceutical companies as much as I'd trust an angry rattlesnake. I still haven't lost the weight, and I'm wondering if there's any Aspartame (poison) or Fluoride (poison) in either of these medications. Funny how pharmaceutical companies don't give you a list of ingredients.

To take control of your own blood pressure treatments you'll need a good blood pressure machine - sure to get a cuff that is the right size for your arm!

Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff
Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

I use my blood pressure monitor frequently. While not taking meds I was using it three times daily, to make sure my blood pressure didn't go too high. Now I take my blood pressure to make sure the meds are still working adequately.


How High Is Normal?

...what is high blood pressure anyway?

I've done a lot of research on the internet. One thing I discovered is that the definition of high blood pressure has changed radically over the years. In the old days people were expected to have blood pressure readings that by today's standards would be considered high.

See this article: Blood Pressure 100 Plus your Age

The new recommendation is to keep blood pressure at 115/75 or below, which is very hard to achieve for many people my age. See this hypertension chart.

The old formula:

100 + age = normal blood pressure (for men)


100 + age - 10 = normal blood pressure (for women)

Okay, I tried that for a while. I quit taking my blood pressure medications entirely - except for use of medical marijuana. My blood pressure fluctuated between about 125/80 to 170/90. Normal for me, at age 57, was (according to the formula) 100 + 57 = 157 - 10 = 147. When my blood pressure was 147/90 or less, I felt great - like everything was going to be okay because that was the old standard for "normal". However when my blood pressure was up around 170/90, ::gasp:: ...I felt panicked!

My friend kept telling me it was going up only because I was testing it too often and worrying too much. After a couple months of doing this, I started getting readings in the 180s fairly frequently! That's when I really panicked, and went back onto my meds. I do not want to have a stroke - especially since I live about 100 miles from the nearest hospital.

I wasn't ready to give up the meds, and I think a lot of the reason why is those two terrible words: Diet and Exercise. I need more of them... and to lose weight, before I'll be able to really make it without my blood pressure medication.

Why has the standard for hypertension changed? - ...why do doctors today say blood pressure should be lower than in the old days?

I have two theories for why medical researchers and doctors are telling us our blood pressure should be kept much lower than in the past. Take your pick:

1) Doctors today know more and are giving better recommendations for our health and well-being.

2) Pharmaceutical companies want to sell more pills so they're getting researchers to recommend blood pressure medications to more people by making the new standard for normal blood pressure much lower than before.

Which do you think is more accurate?

. . .

Why do you think the standard for normal blood pressure has been lowered?

Because doctors are better informed now.

Because doctors are better informed now.

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    • Jucimar 2 years ago

      I am suffrering from high biood prrussee and vericose vein , now i taking madicne ' REVELOL 50 H' AND FOR Vericose vein using ' UMA TABLET, I am trying to use ayurvedic madice for BP, I want know it is possible or no, I saw ur madicine name 'DIVYA MUKTI VATI' my age was 47 and weight was 68.can u pls reliable to meGood Luck

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Because the lower the blood pressure of a person suffering high blood pressure is much much safer.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      It's cheaper to treat the population with meds costing pennies than to provide nursing care for stroke/heart attack victims which costs thousands!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Perhaps it has more to do with the American diet that consists of way too high levels of fat, trans fat, sugar, sodium and processed wheat flour which contributes largely to obesity but indirectly to heart disease and diabetes and that the American diet will never change in spite of all the knowledge of how dangerous it actually is to both young and older Americans.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Doctors know more

    • Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      @TobyFugitt: Even though I understand that I can lower my blood pressure by fasting, I don't have the will-power to do it regularly. You're right that science has advanced, but I can't trust the pharmaceutical companies. How sad is that?

    • TobyFugitt 4 years ago

      I think it's definitely 'cause our science has advanced so we have a better understanding of our how our bodies function.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      This is possibly because health practitioners want to catch people earlier to stop them having more severe hypertension which in the long run would cost the medical profession, insurance companies etc more money.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Doctors are better informed now... BUT do not care to think whether their sources are right or not. I have suffered from high blood pressure for a few years now, and doctors don´t tell you all they know about it. For example, they don´t say that in order to drop out from medication, totally, you have to detox your blood and avoid refined goods, all of them. "Thick" blood is the cause of high blood pressure, besides cholesterol and other factors. (who can voluntarily avoid the easy life of ready made foods and food complements?)

    • RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      Perhaps because of the stroke or heart attack rates still being unacceptable?

    Because the greedy pharmaceutical industry wants more people taking pills.

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      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Pharmaceutical companies want to sell more pills so they're getting researchers to recommend blood pressure medications to more people by making the new standard for normal blood pressure much lower than before.

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        because doctor need more $$$ and work

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        As with most things related to medical and pharmacology, I think it is about medication sales. But, it could also be about the Standard American Diet that has more salt than ever before. I asked a medical professional and was told that the rate is lowered because when people are under stress their blood pressure tends to rise significantly. As we are under more stress than ever before it is a safeguard or CYA(Cover your a--s) approach. In any case, I have found when you get stress under control and exercise(even without significant weight loss) the blood pressure goes down. Here is my concern: why is it that so many people who have been on blood pressure control for over 15 years still have to take the same or more in medications even as they have loss weight and are no longer under stressful conditions. Could it be that the body becomes use to these medications, after a certain point, and finds it difficult to adjust to "no meds".

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Big pharmacies fund and control medical schools, hence, they set the standards (lowering) of numbers! Just research statins as about a lie!!!

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Increase prescriptions for medication

      • practicemastery1 4 years ago

        Suspicious, isn't it.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        This has been my opinionfor some time.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Money !!!

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Doctors are getting kick back payments for each Rx. Based on co-pay vrs. Insurance coverage + frequency. The more the merrior for your PCP. They have sold us all out.

      • hotbrain 6 years ago from Tacoma, WA

        I think the pharmaceutical industry plays a big part. I also think that sometimes doctors are hurried and would rather give a pill rather than to investigate further. Sometimes blood pressure goes up at the doctors because people are stressed, sometimes nurses or doctors use too small of a blood pressure cuff.... But also we have to realize that not everyone is going to be normal. It is a good idea to try to keep it low enough so that you don't have a stroke, but not everyone is going to be average.

      Blood pressure can be lowered with a chiropractic adjustment - I would love to get this done...

      I haven't done this yet because I live a long way from the nearest chiropractor - but as soon as possible, I will find a chiropractor to do this for me.

      Natural remedies I have tried - I've tried so many things...

      Potassium - ...some say this cured their hypertension!

      Some people claim to have cured their hypertension by taking large doses of potassium. They say hypertension is related to potassium deficiency.

      Mega-dosing on potassium isn't safe unless you can frequently see a doctor to have your blood potassium levels monitored. Using large doses is risky.

      I use potassium (in moderation) whenever I eat too much salt - for example, if I decide to have nachos (salt on the chips). This is to balance the salt intake with potassium.

      Leslie Sanson Walking Video --- I Use This One

      Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds Express: Super Challenge, 4 Miles
      Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds Express: Super Challenge, 4 Miles

      If I can't get outside to walk or ride my bike, I exercise upstairs in our apartment community's exercise room, or I walk along with this Leslie Sansone video. I bought this through Amazon and it remains in "the cloud" for whenever I want to watch it. Of course, that won't work if there's no internet connection.


      Exercise Really Helps

      Everyone has the time for exercise.

      I definitely love to exercise . . . and especially love walking or riding an exercise bike instead.

      During this last year I've been doing a lot of bike riding outside, and walking. I find that when I get a lot of exercise my blood pressure goes way down.

      Recently I took a nine mile bike ride. I took my blood pressure machine with me, and tested my blood pressure three times. Each time, my blood pressure was a bit lower. For example, before I started it was about 138/89, and a few miles later - I was down to 129/80. Several miles later, 115/72.

      I very much recommend frequent strenuous exercise as a way to control blood pressure. It works for me. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, of course...

      My current status...

      ...and plans for future success in getting off hypertension medications!

      For now, I'm still taking hypertension medications - a pill that combines the ACE inhibitor with a diuretic.. The good news is that my blood pressure is usually controlled at about 125/80. The frustration is that I still want to stop taking high blood pressure medications. I long for natural solutions.

      So, my intent is to find a way to lose the weight, exercise more, and get my body under control. If I still have a blood pressure problem when I'm at a "normal" weight for my height, I will try going off the medications again, and using only natural remedies at that time.

      An Update! Fasting! My best recovery experience to date for my high blood pressure problem

      ...after 15 days of fasting my blood pressure was low, without the help of meds!

      I am convinced that if I were able to fast for a week or two every month, I wouldn't have any problems with hypertension.

      In 2011 I fasted for two weeks using the Master Cleanse "Lemonade Diet". During that time I monitored my blood pressure at home daily.

      After about a week my blood pressure was low enough that I no longer needed to take my high blood pressure medication. I continued to fast after the minimum time for that fast, which is ten days. At fifteen days I became concerned about having blood pressure that was too low! It got down to about 75/50! No meds! Because I worried about it being TOO low, I quit fasting.

      For a couple months after that, I didn't need the meds, but gradually my blood pressure went up again. At this time I'm taking about half the medication I was originally prescribed. So far, this is the perfect amount for me. I really do need to get back into fasting. I believe if I did it regularly, hypertension wouldn't be a problem.

      This is the original book on the lemonade diet - the one everyone is supposed to read before actually doing the fast for the first time. All the steps are explained in this book by Stanley Burroughs.

      The fast starts with a laxative tea the night before. The tea is to be drunk every night. In the morning there's a salt water flush, or more tea. This is all part of the cleansing of your internal digestive systems.

      The lemonade turns alkaline in your stomach. This is extremely healing. It is said that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. That's why I wanted to continue fasting after ten days. Many people stay on this fast for as long as 40 days. Some do it longer. This is explained in the book. It is very healing.

      The recipe for the lemonade is explained in the book. Fresh lemons - organic if you can get them. Real maple syrup - not the flavored sugar water sold in stores these days, but the real maple syrup that comes from trees. This will help suppress appetite and keep your energy up. It works very well and hunger isn't often experienced with this lemonade diet. Yes, there will be some "hungry days" but for the most part it is very bearable.

      The other ingredient, cayenne, is optional - but seriously, I loved mixing cayenne with the lemonade in a shot glass and drinking it down first... so spicy and tasty. Believe me, if all you're drinking for ten days is lemonade (and the evening tea, and peppermint tea) the cayenne shot is a serious treat! (Really, I'm not the only person who feels this way.) The cayenne opens your cell walls and lets the cleansing properties of the lemonade in.

      Anyhow, this is the book. It can reverse your hypertension. It is not a difficult fast. It is healthy. It is yellow (at least the book and the lemons are). And it is cheap... and a short but helpful little book to read.

      ONE CAVEAT . . . the book says that you should quit taking your meds when you start fasting. I do NOT do that and don't recommend you do. Instead, get a high blood pressure monitor to use at home, and don't quit the meds until you're sure it is safe to do so. Consult your doctor and see if you can get daily monitoring during your fast. My local health clinic would let me visit daily without charge to test my blood pressure. The only reason I didn't do so is because I self-test at home and feel confident about doing so.

      Another update... I'm vegan now and my blood pressure is NORMAL... how about that?

      During the last couple of months I've been focusing on going vegan, and finally got to the point where I could give up the butter and Parmesan cheese (my last two dairy addictions) and guess what?


      You heard it! I can't take those high blood pressure meds at all because my blood pressure dropped to the normal range.

      WOW. I'm so amazed.

      I'm not sure if this is because of the lack of dairy food, or because I added hemp seeds and nutritional yeast flakes to my diet. I've been sprinkling my pasta with nutritional yeast flakes just like I used to use Parmesan cheese!

      I noticed because yesterday morning I was washing walls, and got so exhausted I nearly passed out. So I checked my blood pressure and it was way down.... 109/59... and right now it is only 129/65 and I haven't had any hypertension meds in at least three days.

      I'll update again later.

      Hemp seeds contain all 9 of the amino acids our bodies can't produce. They are a great protein food.

      They contain no THC and won't get you high.

      The have a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 Linolenic Acid.

      They are already shelled; just pour from the bag directly onto your food, use on salads, in burritos instead of cheese, and as an addition to almost any recipe.

      I got the brand pictured below - there are two bags included. I recommend this product.

      Change of plans - the candida diet - My new diet as of February 2013 is intended to eliminate excess candida in my system

      The Candida Cure The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida & Restore Vibrant Health
      The Candida Cure The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida & Restore Vibrant Health

      Did you know that excess candida can cause high blood pressure? I didn't know this until very recently. I was having problems with skin eruptions and after weeks of desperate research I found out about this book, The Candida Cure. In involves a 90-day candida cleanse diet.

      I'm on that diet now, and am writing about it at My Candida Diet - 90 Days to Better Health.

      So far I've lost 3 pounds... not much, but I have just now started the diet after about three weeks of transitioning off my slightly-more-normal vegetarian diet. The candida diet is much more restrictive. For example, yeasted breads, potatoes, caffeine, and most sweeteners are not allowed.

      My goal in doing this diet is to end the skin eruptions. If my blood pressure normalizes, that would be an awesome additional benefit. I'd like to lose more weight as well.


      Your comments are welcome - always...

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        • DecoratingEvents profile image

          DecoratingEvents 6 years ago

          That is some journey you are on, I wish you the best in achieving your goals.Hypertension is serious and needs to be monitored. My grandfather, father, mother and sister have it. I, have to be different and have postural hypotension. Excellent information with the personal touch. *Blessed

        • hotbrain profile image

          hotbrain 6 years ago from Tacoma, WA

          Great lens! My husband was wrongly diagnosed with high blood pressure for years because they were using the wrong size cuff on him at the doctor's office!!

        • emmaklarkins profile image

          emmaklarkins 6 years ago

          This is such an important thing to discuss. Thanks for sharing!

        • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

          Bus Stop Toy Shop 6 years ago

          Great information - high blood pressure runs in my family too, so I'm always wary of it.

        • Dee Gallemore profile image

          Dee Gallemore 6 years ago

          Really important information that a lot of us need to be aware of . . . blessed!

        • profile image

          WriterBuzz 6 years ago

          Hi there, I just found your lens and really liked it. I gave it a thumbs-up and liked it, because the information is so relevant in today's high stress world. Thanks for providing it, and keep on lensing . . . I just did one on Migraine Headaches that might interest you .

        • rwoman profile image

          rwoman 6 years ago

          I'm going to give your advice a try!

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          I was on Atenolol for a month and Iquit taking it and replaced with flaxseed oil capsules, cayenne pepper capsules, notoginseng capsules, niacin, and ginger.

          I began running 2 miles every morning before work.

          From 150/90... to 111/65.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Try a teaspoon of crushed fennel seed a day. I was on Diovan Exforge for years, and finally decided I was ready to get off these pharmaceutical poisons. I devoted about three years to the study of herbology, and I can tell you fennel seed was the magic bullet for me. My BP stays around 125-135/75-80 consistently now. I crush about a teaspoon to as close to a powder as you can get, then mix it in with a small glass of milk to drink. Not bad at all, has a licorice-like flavor (goes well with a little cocoa!) Give it a try, hope it works for you!

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 6 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @anonymous: Thanks for the idea! I'll try it!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I took propanol for several years for migranes and also a blood pressure medicine and one day ran out of the BP meds and never got them refilled. My BP is great now, just had a check-up a couple of weeks ago and everything is fine. I do smoke regularlly although not medical grade, just plain old swag. So I don't know what is keeping my BP on the right track, I'm not taking any BP or migrane medicine anymore.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago


          i learn to much from u r experience as i am same condition as you

          best wishes to success

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          High five!!! Good for you, a blinking light to look out for radical solutions for hypertension!

        • profile image

          ratetea 4 years ago

          Your advice about exercise is a great idea. I'd also recommend looking into hibiscus tea, it has been proven to be effective for lowering blood pressure, and is safer than nearly all the prescription medications on the market. Also, diet can be very influential...I think reducing or eliminating processed foods in your diet is probably the #1 thing you can do.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I've read that lengthy fasting can cause the 'heavy metals' and other harmful chemicals (built up over years and years) to 'pool' dangerously in your liver or kidney and can be seriously unhealthy. Any comments on this??

        • darciefrench lm profile image

          darciefrench lm 4 years ago

          Meditation cured what used to be medicated high blood pressure. My blood pressure is always on the low side now.

        • HomeDecorKnight profile image

          HomeDecorKnight 4 years ago

          I found a lot of good advise for hypertension medication. This lens is very helpful to keep good health.

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @HomeDecorKnight: Thanks... I hope it helps others with hypertension to know they have choices. The answer is out there; we just have to find it, then implement it.

        • Smashbooks LM profile image

          Smashbooks LM 4 years ago

          Good info! I've had a lot of success with diet, exercise, and weight loss. Having my doctor threaten me with medication was a huge motivating factor. :)

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @Smashbooks LM: I'm walking every day, and right now take half the medication I was originally prescribed.

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @darciefrench lm: Yes, a lot of people learn to control high blood pressure via meditation. Conscious relaxation. It helps!

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @anonymous: I've never heard of that! What would be "lengthy" fasting? Ten days? Forty? I know some people on the lemonade diet fast for 40 days or more. I haven't... I couldn't go past 15 days because my blood pressure got too low and it frightened me. I think the lemonade is used to cleanse toxins... not sure it would work the same way with water only.

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @ratetea: Hmmm. I have raspberry and hibiscus tea in my kitchen. I didn't know hibiscus could help my blood pressure. I love that tea! It is "Stash" tea. I'll go make some right now. Thanks for the tip! And... I concur on eliminating processed food. I'm onto that... I still use a few "organic" processed foods but mostly I use fruits/veggies/tofu things like that. I'm vegan and mostly gluten free now... detoxed from caffeine drinks (coffee and tea) but I still eat dark chocolate.

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @anonymous: Thanks so much Paul... "radical solutions" is a good term. I like it! Down with hypertension! LOL

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Good info here! :) I hated taking high BP meds and, because I don't have health insurance, I couldn't afford the $65 doctors visit in order to get my prescription renewed every 6 months so .... I had to do something and I needed to do something fast! Secondly, every person I spoke to stated once on BP meds, you'll be on it for life and that didn't sit very well with me either. I did some research on CoQ10 and discovered a study conducted in the UK with individuals who took 60 - 100 mg. Result: Their BP dropped by 10 to 15 points within a matter of weeks. Since I was down to my last two pills I gave it a shot. Within a matter of literally days the result: 120/85. At first I thought I was imagining things so I took it again daily for about a week straight and it was normal. In a nutshell - for me - I monitor my BP constantly and yesterday's reading was: 114/80.

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @anonymous: Wonderful! What fantastic results. The CoQ10 is expensive too - but not as expensive as the doctors and their tests and pills.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Thank you for sharing. This is encouraging. I was on nifedipine changed to prinvil recently and trying to take vitamins and increase exercise. It is a struggle but I want to win this fight and be off meds as well. I am praying for my deliverance and doing what i can naturally since faith without works is dead. Thanks again for your post.

        • practicemastery1 profile image

          practicemastery1 4 years ago

          Thanks for sharing. You should consider biofeedback, homeopathy and chiropractic, as well as diet and supplements - miracles are possible with the ruight treatment.

        • OUTFOXprevention1 profile image

          OUTFOXprevention1 4 years ago

          Natural is best! Thanks for the lens.

        • CoolKarma profile image

          CoolKarma 4 years ago

          Interesting. My mother has just done a three week course on the HCG diet. Apart from feeling fantastic, her blood pressure is now lower than it has been for 30 years! And she has cut her heart medication in half. It is ALL about food.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          GOOD for you, Lensmaster! Inflammation is the culprit. Great Lens.

        • profile image

          bsloan101 4 years ago

          I lowered my pressure with diet and exercise but still take a small dosage of Amlodipine. I want to get it all the way down with diet and exercise, but until that happens, I will probably stay on the small dosages. Thanks for a thorough lens.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I have read your post and it is inspiring! Ive been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.. I'm 29 going on 30, imagine that?! and I weight in 212 lbs.. since i've been sick the past 4 days.. I've lost 5 lbs lol I'm one who stresses a lot and who worries endlessly, I'm the eldest of 3 and my dad is 68 and my mom is 72. I worry a lot over them and their health and losing them =/. 2 years ago my dad had a heart attack, I was the one who drove him to the hospital at 330 in the morning, Thank God my uncle who is a doctor was able to answer my call that morning and referred a heart doctor and was able to fly back home to see to my dad.. My dad was complaining of chest pains.. I was thinking he must be a nervous wreck because of some business meeting that morning and i shrugged it off and got even a bit angry because i haven't had any sleep yet.. and at 5am the doctor told me he was having a heart attack... I almost fainted then and there I had to ask the doctor for a chair.. I felt so guilty and I have never lived that down up till now... My dad and I are very close.. and the family business which he solely runs has hit a very rough patch and some family problems to boot.. well that started my "stress".. I started being okay after a year but my worrying has gone up 10folds.. I have started my cake business late 2011.. and 2012 was an amazing year for my business.. then my dad got into the hospital again for some horrible infections, and a month later my sister was admitted for bladder stone.. and the same week she was about to come home we had this big charity thing that I had stuff to do for, and Business that weekend was so busy, just thinking about it drops my energy.. anyway, That's when the heart beat starts racing.. it'd go up to 120/bpm.. and that's way beyong the normal level of 100.. I'd lay down and my entire body would shake.. I take deep breaths to calm myself down because I'd start panicking.. and I'd become hysterical, I'd cry, I'd pray, I'd cry some more thinking I was going to die.. It took me a month to gather enough courage to get my heart checked.. i was a nervous wreck and I couldn't sleep.. Everything turned out okay.. as normal as it can get except for the heart racing.. and I've thought of it as anxiety attacks.. and I've had a ton of those.. this was october 2012.. I'd still get that feeling of heart racing.. and thought of it as anxiety since december will always be a busy month for my business.. fast forwArd end of january 2013 I started having nervous breakdown or anxiety attacks.. my Bp would shoot up at 140/110 and I'd start getting nervous again thinking there's seriously something wrong.. I guess I was in denial.. blaming it on anxiety.. IT is.. a percent of it.. and I'm stressed a ton more which contributes to my High BP.. and now my uncle has told me to lose weight and has put me on hypertension Meds.. I told him I don't want to be on meds my entire life.. so I decided to come to the web and start searching for solutions to my huge healthy problem.. and Thank God I was able to stumble upon your Page.. Thank You for sharing your experience through Hypertension.. You're doing amazingly well! your post has inspired me to finally lose the weight get moving and battle High BP in the most natural way.. and that's to exercise and eat healthy.. Sorry for the long post.. This is the very first time I've told anyone about this..I just usually keep it all bottled inside me =/ So I hope u guys understand..

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          anonymous 3 years ago

          Great lens! I've have a lens on lowering your blood pressure by using EFT. It's a method that has great success rates en better it's free! I like everyone to give it a try to to let me know the results.

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          anonymous 3 years ago

          This lens has excellent information! High blood pressure is a serious condition.

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          happynutritionist 2 years ago

          Mine is up...stress mostly, age a bit...thanks for your info. I have been researching online, and found info I was trying to post above, but it wouldn't work, but there is newer information on the web at the end of 2013 and early 2014 that puts the standard up higher...for those over 60 not higher than 150/90 - you can copy and paste this to read the info at one source or do a search on "new high blood pressure standards". They say it will cut down on sales of prescriptions for high blood pressure by 40% or so. Big Pharma can't be too happy about that, if this proves to be valid. I am a little high based on this new standard and feel terrible on the meds the doctor has given so far, love natural alternatives and so stopped by to see what you were doing.

        • MissTulipTree profile image

          MissTulipTree 2 years ago

          Thanks for the info in your lens, my sister has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease to boot! of all the above suggestions which do you really feel made the biggest difference to your BP levels? I'm suspicious of mine, so off to docs on monday! I've since found out it runs in our family, so I'm looking for ways to adjust my lifestyle naturally, thing is, I'm already super healthy, exercising etc which is why your tips interest me! Thanks for sharing x

        • Linda BookLady profile image

          Linda Jo Martin 2 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

          @MissTulipTree: The most effective thing I did was the lemonade diet. After 15 days I had to quit the fast because my blood pressure was too low, and it stayed low and in control for several months after that.

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