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Updated on October 11, 2010


 Put it this way! I have had better days whilst on CHEMO, or rather, I should say nights.After my words with the Dr on Friday, I was pretty stoic about seeing the sleep deprivation through till I see the top man on Thursday of this week but Friday night nearly did for me as it was one of the worst.

As well as needing to urinate every hour, this time I could not get back to sleep at all. In fact at 3.30 and 5.15 am my poor wife was roused to be informed that there was a cup of tea{ unordered} by her side of the bed. Anything to make the dark hours tick by.

Truthfully, rising just before 7am. to receive the returned favour of tea, I did not feel too tired but after breakfast en route to cash and carry, I realised how tired I really was. Thankfully, no dramas to report save to say I made it back in time for my final injection of the set by District Nurse.I wish I hadn"t now! More on that later but first to explain that the bad night was a combination of the usual and a nagging pain in the back pelvic area.

That pain, following a welcomed trip to the toilet for solid waste, went away, making me ever more conscious of keeping an eye on my bowel area generally.I have learned about things I  never contemplated before this episode in my life and I will never forget them, however mundane they may seem at times.

As I said I was home for the D Nurse injection. Now this was number 13 of the 2 CHOP programme and the last one till CHOP3 . The same procedure was followed. I have them in alternate arms each day. Thus in went the needle to my right arm, as usual, 5 seconds and all over just as on all previous occasions and job done. But wait for it.

District Nurses in a Frenzy.

It was mid evening when the first hit me. I thought I had been stabbed in the right arm! Highly unlikely with wife snoozing and self reading. Anything to avoid X Factor! The pain was sharp and as if it came from under the skin. II checked quickly but no visible signs of a problem. A couple of hours later a repeat followed by a pain in the arm after the stab had subsided.So it was to be through the night and not pleasant.Awake for hours, sapping lowering energy levels further.

Thus, on Sunday morning I phoned Dist Nurse H Q.and stared a frenzy. All I did was to describe the problem, adding the stabbing pain was like a pain from a needle1

District Nurses live in fear of litigation and soon my nurse of Saturday, was on the phone enquiring of matters and keen to press that there was no chance of the needle used in the injection still being there in part. I think the Office communication to her was inaccurate to say the least. 30 mins later, another Nurse knocked on the door to inspect said arm and finding no puncture but some lumps and bumps in the area and asked me to monitor it, report to them any deterioration if it occurred and to discuss with my top man on Thursday.

That was not the end for this morning at 9am,the injecting nurse turned up for her own inspection with same results. I again explained that the stabs continued from time to time but I could live with them for the time being at least. Again assertion that no needle part could be cause! If eel sorry for the Nurses for they must have some ungrateful people to deal with.

Today has seen the symptoms continue from time to time. I find nothing to link the injections to it, save for the area concerned. It is a mystery. A mystery that has caused a frenzy at District Nurse H Q! I hope it all passes off soon as a week on Monday we start the next cycle and already there is talk of injecting me elsewhere on the body. You will follow my drift! Once again we must only standby and wait to see!

On a brighter note. Picked up new car and got GOOD AND * from wife. She likes it, thank the Lord!


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