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iQDerma Review

Updated on June 5, 2013

IQDerma Anti-Aging Cream Review

After recently reading an article on AOL about the top products for reducing wrinkles, I decided to do a little research on my own to find out if these featured products could deliver results that were as good as their media coverage.

One product that caught my attention was the IQDerma 24-Hour Age-Defying Face Therapy. I am always attracted to skin care products that promise quick results so I figured it would make an excellent candidate for a review.

The following is an overview of my opinion and personal experience with the product.

IQDerma - Life Without Wrinkles
IQDerma - Life Without Wrinkles

The Shopping Experience

A quick click through to their website revealed some masterful marketing technology where they instantly transform an image of a wrinkled-looking woman into a stunningly beautiful young lady with nearly flawless skin. I though to myself, "If their product is half as good as their dramatization, this is something I would definitely use in my daily skin care routine!" After all, who wouldn't want to shave off 10 years or so?

As I continued reading down the page, I came across two of their before and after photos which began to dampen my enthusiasm a bit. Both pictures had a distinctively orange tint and the "after" pictures appeared blurred or fuzzy. These were not very impressive but I did keep reading until I came across their offer for a free trial. I was inspired by the thought that the company was willing to stand by their product enough to offer a free trial. That alone gave me the confidence to go ahead and give it a shot. I entered my shipping and billing information and clicked the order button to get my free trial.

To my disappointment, once I reached the second page of the shopping cart; it became clear that not only was I not going to get a free sample; they were about to automatically enroll me in their recurring monthly delivery program. I can't speak for the rest of you but as a savvy consumer, I know that I don't want to sign up for automatic shipments of anything until I have actually seen that a product works for me.

At this point, I decided to abandon the shopping cart and do a little more research. That research led to a site called: where I found no less that 14 negative reviews for IQDerma. It appears that this was not really the fountain of youth I was looking for.

How Did it Work?

I did eventually move forward and ordered the cream from a seller on Amazon. While this did solve the problem of avoiding automatic re-orders, I still needed to see the cream perform.

After using it religiously for several weeks, I can honestly say that I didn't see much more than a moisturizing effect. It certainly wasn't something that I would order again in the future.

Alternative Beauty and Skin Care Products

Another product featured in the AOL top ten list was a cream called Athena 7 Minute Lift. In my opinion, their offer was much more straight forward and customer friendly. They offered a 60-day money back guarantee along with free shipping and did not force me to sign up for automatic shipments. They leave this decision up to the customer; exactly the way it should be! I decided to order this product based on a number of factors:

  1. It was backed by results shown in an actual independent clinical lab study, not an in-house marketing study.
  2. It contained organic ingredients vs. a bunch of chemicals I didn't know much about.
  3. They offered free shipping.
  4. Their website has a great collection of before and after pictures showing many women.
  5. The company has hundreds of positive customer reviews on eBay.
  6. There were no annoying hoops to jump through while placing an order.

This is my personal choice when it comes to an anti-wrinkle cream product, hands down! You can learn more about this product on their official website and it is also available on

Personal Note and Disclosure: I write about things that I'm passionate about, for the purpose of sharing my experiences with others on the web. I do not have an affiliate relationship with any of the products or websites discussed in this article nor did I receive complimentary samples from any of the above mentioned companies.

Please feel free to share your own personal feedback by voting in the poll below. I'm also looking for a few readers who are willing to discuss their results with either of the products mentioned above. I plan to write a follow-up article to compare how the two creams performed so please contact me if you are interested in participating.

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Another product to avoid is AcaiOptimum...their rebate is a scam and I caught them putting several unauthorized charges on my credit card.

    • lender3212000 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

      I agree, so many of these products have deceptive offers. Personally, I only purchase products that clearly display the price in the shopping cart and make automatic shipments an option and not a requirement.

    • profile image

      Silvia Wilson 

      8 years ago

      I like the product. But, I would like to have control how many and how often I want the product. They were sending me too many bottle within a couple of months. Also, they need to publish the price of the product. There is no reason why to hide the price. What about a customer service line? Someone to take care of the customers needs?


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