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Ichthyosis: What It Is and How To Find Relief

Updated on January 30, 2012

Ichtyosis Is More Than Just Scaly Skin

Often called "snake skin" or "fish scales", ichthyosis is a skin disorder that causes dead skin cells to accumulate in thick, dry scales on the skin's surface. The most common form of ichthyosis is called ichthyosis vulgaris, which accounts for up to 95% of all cases, affecting approximately 1 in every 300 people in the United States. In severe cases, this condition can cause deep, painful cracking of the skin, so finding effective, affordable treatment is very important. Many sufferers find themselves using lots and lots of lotion and not getting any lasting relief, which is very sad, frustrating, and expensive.

I have discovered a product called skin-lasting®, and it helps lots of people suffering with ichthyosis to find relief. Posted in this lens is lots of information on ichthyosis as well as letters from skin-lasting® users who have seen a drastic turnaround in their skin since using the product. Their stories will inspire you to give skin-lasting® a try - it may be the miracle you've been looking for!

To your health,

Susie Sloan

Lasting relief for severe dry skin

is possible -

Hereditary and Acquired Ichthyosis Facts

* Hereditary ichthyosis vulgaris is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder which first presents in early childhood. More than 95% of ichthyosis cases are hereditary, with acquired ichthyosis being extremely rare.

* Ichthyosis vulgaris is a symmetrical scaling of the skin, which varies from general roughness and dryness to stiff, horny plate-like scales.

* Acquired ichthyosis and hereditary ichthyosis are clinically indistinguishable; however, acquired ichthyosis is associated with various systemic diseases, like diabetes.


How skin-lasting® Relieves Ichthyosis

The natural ingredients found in skin-lasting® have proven effective over the years to hydrate, calm and heal extremely dry skin.

Skin-lasting® skin restoring ingredients include:

Aloe vera to soothe and moisturize

Hyaluronic acid to stimulate water retention and collagen synthesis

Grape seed extract to combat free radicals and strengthen tissues with its anti-inflammatory properties

Green and white tea to provide superior antioxidant properties

Echinacea to heal irritations

Calendula to soothe inflammation and itching

Chamomile with its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-septic properties to restore and protect the skin's health

Skin-lasting® is formulated as a spray for rapid absorption and long lasting hydration head to toe. (As with most products the first two initial applications may sting for several seconds; after that, it subsides to a tingle.)

Ready to get lasting relief? Visit to order.


Actual letters from skin-lasting® users with ichthyosis.

I've had dry skin most of my adult life especially on my legs that have kept me awake at night. I found by applying skin-lasting before I go to bed, has completely eliminated the problem. My hands can crack and be sore in the winter and that too is gone. I have tried almost every skin product on the market (Cetaphil, Lubriderm, etc.) with limited success. I highly recommend skin-lasting.

Wes D., IL

We are glad to be stocking Skin-Lasting on our shelves. We truly believe that this product enhances our pharmacy practice. We are a Compounding Pharmacy. Skin-Lasting is a great addition to our over-the-counter products and fits in perfectly.

James C., R.Ph., TX

Hi Susie-

I hope all is well and you are enjoying great success with your product.

As promised, I dated my last bottle Feb 1, when I opened it, and I just finished it. Today is Mar 9, so thats a little better than 5 weeks, which is awesome! And this is really laying it on, I use far less in the summer.

I used to go through a large bottle a WEEK of Curel, so this is also saving me money. I wouldn't even care if I used a bottle a week of Skin-Lasting, because it just works.

This has been my first winter EVER of normal, comfortable skin! As the guy in the "Legs Picture" on your site, you know what my skin used to look like. It was painful, itchy and uncomfortable much of the time, especially in winter. This is not to mention the appearance, which often brought stares and even comments.

Now I don't even think about my skin, I just apply Skin-Lasting after I bathe, and it is really working. Thanks!

I am really just so appreciative that I found you and your product.

Truly Grateful,

Travis P.

Dear Susie,

Thanks for introducing me to skin-lasting. I've had dry skin all of my life and I've tried every lotion on the market. In recent years I've tried to avoid the "unnatural" petroleum based products. This had made my quest even more difficult. Skin-lasting not only relieves the dry skin and itching but it's non-oily. In the winter, I become so dry, I have a rash that is miserable. This past winter I used skin-lasting and the rash disappeared.

I'm very pleased with the results I've had with skin-lasting and I will continue to use it and recommend it to everyone I know.



(a diabetic with Ichthyosis)

All my life, I have had dry skin problems. I have been using skin-lasting many years and it is the only product I recommended to family and friends. During radiation from breast cancer, I used it on my breast and brought back some lost confidence. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin.

Elaine C., TX

What To Do If You Think You Have Ichthyosis

If you suspect that your dry skin is more than just a minor inconvenience and may actually be a chronic and/or hereditary condition, see a dermatologist right away. A medical professional specializing in skin care and disease will be able to give you medical advice concerning your dry skin problem.

skin-lasting® is an amazing product that has brought relief to many sufferers of chronic dry skin, including individuals with ichthyosis, but skin-lasting should not be considered to be a medical treatment, and the advice given on this website or any other website affiliated with skin-lasting® should not be considered medical advice or consultation.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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