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Updated on October 10, 2015

In a new experiments carried out in France, Britain and America, scientists found that highlights the face a significant impact on the life and future outlook others it.. honest can learn sincerity or predict this through first look contours of his face.. Thus, the thief and the offender even insured unbeliever... The events of human life through effects on the face can be detected and marking the Study and Research, can be any discrimination between atheist and insured through the features of the face only, this needs more study.

How pointed out the Qur'an to the relationship between the human personality

The Koran contains a lot of scientific facts that have not been discovered yet, which is a very rich book research ideas that need to examine And discovered and scientific experiments for that. God Almighty has told us, and before the four centuries of change depending on the work of the human face.


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