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If You Had a Choice Between Dentures and the Real Thing, Which Would You Choose?

Updated on August 28, 2015
Most folks imagine dentures are this sort. Really there have been enormous advances in the industry. They appear as flexible as a stick of gum and light weight.
Most folks imagine dentures are this sort. Really there have been enormous advances in the industry. They appear as flexible as a stick of gum and light weight.
Teeth whitening is another realm of making a more beautiful smile. Before and after pictures are astonishing.
Teeth whitening is another realm of making a more beautiful smile. Before and after pictures are astonishing.

Teeth Whitening

Getting a cleaner and brighter smile from a teeth whitening treatment is easy. There are a multitude of dentist who actually perform the service in office or at home treatments are an option.

The array of home remedies include teeth whitening pens, strips, mouthwashes, toothpastes, cups and trays or even brushing on the solution with another instrument. These are all available through over the counter means. Drugstores and other outlets sell them at a premium price compared to the charge of a dental office.

Why are they so important?

Teeth are one of the most important things a person has in life which cannot be replaced. These are so important they are one of the first things small babies receive. The body is efficient enough to make little ones for the smaller mouths eating easier foods and milks and later on bigger ones for the hardier meals.Two sets is more than enough and taking care to make certain they last a life time is extremely important.Failure to do so results in getting a "fake" set to make do.

Why we need them

Nutrition is gained through eating and this is done using teeth. Without them the proper nutrients and minerals are almost impossible to receive. This is why when the ones a person is born with are not available another set is purchased in the form of dentures. Although these are certainly serving the same purpose as the original, the replacement is never as good as the original. Do everything possible to keep those god given pearly whites. The second choice is not one most admit to wanting to take.

How to avoid dentures

Doing the minimum is not the option. Great oral hygiene is the beginning of doing the best possible option. Brushing teeth every day along with flossing is a the way to go. However, there are a couple of other things to do;

  • Flossing is one of the most important services provided to teeth. Using this hidden gem at all times of the day is a wonderful way to ensure the ideal standard of care. Use it morning noon and night. Additionally, whenever there is an opening to do it, do so. After a snack fits the bill as well.

· Use a toothbrush at all times and keep one handy when needed. Even for people at work, stick one in a drawer or purse to brush after lunch or an unhealthy snack. Better to have one and not need it instead of the other way around..

· If unable to brush, certainly rinse. If water is the only option, use it. Yet, there are little disposable bottles of mouthwash for sale at drug stores. These are handy for a pocket or purse. Out for dinner? Go the restroom and do a quick rinse

· If teeth need a cleaning regardless of the time of day, brush them if able. There are times when there is simply that yuck mouth feeling and the mouth is telling a person something is in there that should not be.

· Change a toothbrush often. Many people use a toothbrush past its usefulness which leads to reduced effectiveness while brushing. Even harder bristles wear out. Get a new one especially after an illness. This is a great rule of thumb. Some folks get a new one once a month while others choose to change up every other week. Whichever works best personally for an individual is okay.

How to get children on board

Young children mimic adult behavior and their dental health depends upon the adult's actions. Teach kids great dental care early and this certainly carries them throughout life. Make brushing their teeth a must not a want. Develop a routine to follow daily. Children adhere to routines.

A child’s first dentist should be one who specializes in treating children. Kids who see a dentist who has a focus in treating them typically allows both parent and child a very positive experience and this continues as an association throughout life in regard to dental visits.

They are familiar with handling situations for when gas or Novocain is needed. They identify issues or concerns early and many times prevent braces or corrective gear from being needed later on in life with early treatment.

For example, a baby tooth misalignment or permanent tooth irregular growth pattern and he is capable of safely pulling it with as little trauma as possible for a child.

Dentures stem from combination of factors

Brushing regularly and using floss is the way to save all of a person's teeth they were born with. However, there are other factors that affect tooth health which sometimes are out of an individual's control. Things such as genetics and medications play a major role in tooth healthiness.


Obviously one cannot control personal genetics. However, they do play a part in the well being of dental health. If parents didn’t have healthy ones, this certainly increases the chances of visiting the dentist for fillings and root canals in the future.Regardless of how hard a person tries it simply is not in the cards to save their teeth and prevent dentures because genetics says so.

Don’t stop brushing because every little bit helps. It’s important to go to dental checkups to spot issues early and catch them before a tooth is lost. Additionally, there are some prescriptions medications these professionals provide to help nature along when issues such as weak enamel, low calcium or gum disease are in the mix.


Prescription medications definitely have an effect on the mouth and teeth. There are many medications with the side effect of “cotton mouth” which is dry mouth syndrome. There is a constant feel as if a person needs to drink something to moisten the mouth, teeth and gums.

It’s tempting to grab the wrong liquid. If an individual does have medications with this side effect, drink water. In addition, the dry mouth syndrome is great for making bacterium and other decaying processes for teeth feel at home.

A few meds weaken the enamel which protects the teeth and keeps them hard enough to do the job they were designed for. Still others set about destroying the bones or gum structures where the teeth sit. All of these things cause dentures to become the answer to a major problem.


Scores of people are afflicted by diseases which rob them of the teeth. For some it is the disease itself while others suffer the loss of the pearly whites because of the cure. Disease is certainly something unpredictable and when combined with other factors which are out of a person's control, the combination magnifies the risk of dentures on the horizon.

For instance, there is an old wives tale which promotes pregnancy effects tooth loss. Although studies are still underway to prove it one way or another, there have been no conclusive findings which make it untrue. The most recognizable one is cancer. Through radiation and chemotherapy all structures of the mouth are at risk of being destroyed. Teeth and gums alike.

Eating healthy

Eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet is critical to keeping all parts of any body healthy and this includes teeth, mouth and gums.When the body is in its best shape it is capable of fighting off the bacteria and other dangers which rob folks of their pearly white teeth.

Many articles of this type of content mention drinking lots of milk. Milk is not necessarily a good thing for a person according to many new studies. Calcium is what is needed and try to absorb as much of this mineral as possible from a healthy diet. Although milk is a wonderful source, there are other great ones out there as well. Additionally, this has become a supplement added to all sorts of other drinks and foodstuffs. There is also the option of over the counter vitamin supplements for the calcium.


As we age, so do our teeth. This is where the gum has a tendency to recede away from the tooth which leaves a gap. Inside of these gaps is where the culprit lies. While eating the food and bacteria lie in wait under these openings and have the capability of causing enormous amounts of damage.

Dentists have recognized this issue and have taken necessary steps to get ahead of it. Patients around the age of 35-40 are targeted specifically for the problem. If one exists, a special form of cleaning called scaling is performed.

Scaling is digging under the gum, between the tooth and the gum, to remove any plague and problem items. This has worked as a wonderful way to catch early dental issues and prolong the life of teeth and ward off dentures for as long as possible.

Lots of adults diagnosed with is particular type of disease of the gums will need to have the service repeated again and again over time. The hope is the gums will reattach to the tooth and prevent further damage.

In conclusion

Getting and wearing dentures is not fun. The joke is really on the wearing. They are not as comfortable as regular teeth and no one who ever has a pair will say they like the trade off. These are a necessary evil when there is no option but to replace the permanent set of pearly whites which were lost for one reason or another.

With advancements in dentistry the options are varied and most professionals in the industry admit these are certainly not the pair worn by today's adults parents or grandparents. Keep the originals as long as possible and never wish for anything more.

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