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Ignore Success If You Want To Be Successful

Updated on July 12, 2012

It’s too easy to get caught up chasing success. And it usually seems that the more you chase it, the further away it seems.

Do you know why that happens?

It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

It’s often said that success isn’t a goal, it’s an ongoing process. You never actually arrive.

It’s a never-ending process, and if you don’t continue with it, everything stops.

So how do you achieve success?

Just concentrate on the steps you need to take to make something happen. That way, once you’ve taken the steps, you should be closer to where you want to be.

As an example, I knew of a writer who wanted to earn $1,000 from her writing. To do this she was going to write and publish 30 articles online in 30 days and use the advertising on the article pages to earn the money.

So she began the process of writing and publishing 30 articles in 30 days.

But after the first few days she got too caught up with the end goal and spent too much time checking her accounts to see how much money she’d made. And because the money didn’t seem to be coming in fast enough, she stopped focusing on writing the articles and didn’t reach her goal.

It would have been far better if she’d focused on the steps needed rather than on the money. If she had written and published her 30 articles, the money might have come in time. But without the necessary steps being taken, nothing could be achieved.

So if you want to do something, think of what you have to do and only concentration that. Each task completed is a small victory in itself and makes you feel as though you’re still moving forward.

Ignore your end goal and instead, make your goal achieving each of the necessary steps you need to take.


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