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Updated on September 24, 2009

Feel better fast…


You Have The Technology

Zero to Hero - in 15 seconds or less. This level of performance is at your command, requiring only desire and imagination. Will you play?

Scared? Unsure? Hurt? Confused? Pissed? Feel like you're gonna loose it? Lust for life petered out? How would you rather feel? Right now. Go ahead, and take a deep breath into a softened belly, and allow an image to come to mind that feels good - to your mind, body and spirit.

That's right, simply let your desire send out an S.O.S. for a word, phrase or image that feels good to your mind body and spirit, and let it come on your breath.

Notice whatever comes to mind for you, and whatever you notice, without editing, let yourself be aware of a few details about this word, phrase or image that feels good to your mind, body and spirit.

And as you are noticing some details about this that feels good, notice how your body responds.

Acknowledge whatever you notice, and let it be what it is.

Enjoy any good feelings you are noticing.


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    • ginavance profile image

      Gina Vance 8 years ago from Northern California

      Hey - thanks Liucy. It really works! Love to hear about your experience of experimenting with it. Any time.

    • profile image

      Liucy 8 years ago