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3 Foods which Boost your Immunity

Updated on July 21, 2017

Your immune system helps prevent invaders such as microorganisms from entering the body and causing infections and ailments. Thus, it is very vital that your immune mechanism is functioning optimally.

AStrong and Fortified Immune System Helps You Stay Fit

A strong and fortified immune system helps ward off a range of disorders and ailments; from the common cold to the lethal cancer. It helps enjoy optimal health and wellness. An immune system that is poorly functioning or attenuated increases your vulnerability to several diseases.

Boosting the immune system is the principal step to develop resistance to various diseases. There are several ways to boost the immune system; and here are a few potent foods that act like powerful immune system boosters.

Symptoms of a Weak Immune System

A malfunctioning and weak immune system makes you prone to recurring infections, such as, cold, influenza, repeated fevers, allergies, skin ailments and GI upsets.

As a result, a vicious cycle tends to set in; i.e. a weak immune mechanism makes you prone to infections; infections cause further injury and harm to the immune system, and this further decreases your resistance power. You need to break this cycle.

Lime, Yogurt and Tomato are Potent Immune Boosters

How do you Boost Your Immune System?

A healthy and nutritious diet, good levels of hygiene, a regular lifestyle pattern, daily exercise and good sleep are essential for optimal health and general wellness.

Here are 3 foods that have been nicknamed effective ‘immune system boosters’:

  • Lime is packed with vitamins to boost the immune system

Lime is loaded with plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent immune booster, it boosts the working of the immune system and deceases your susceptibility to infections. The fruit is known to enhance the activity of white blood cells. Furthermore, it promises strong protection against cancers as well. Limonene in lime works like a free radical scavenger and destroyer, and helps ward off cancers.

  • Yogurt helps boost the immune system significantly

Yogurt is a pro-biotic; it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis, which enhance the concentration of activator, helper and total T lymphocytes and natural killer cells within our body. Chiefly, yogurt helps prevent and manage GI derangements and infections. It has the ability to engulf and annihilate infectious agents and cancer cells.

  • Tomato is one of the important foods that boost your immune system

Tomatoes are chockfull with carotenes. The immune enhancing property of carotenes is because they can protect the thymus from damage. When the thymus gets impaired, its ability to keep an eye on the immune system reduces. Tomatoes shield the thymus from damage and perk up immune levels substantially.


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