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Importance of Lunch

Updated on May 14, 2013

correct time for lunch

In our daily life we need to eat our lunch between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM. Because, our body health will be affected by the delayed eating of meals. Whenever we are careless about the correct timing of lunch there are many chances of getting affected by the diseases like indigestion and gastric problems. And also we must avoid sweets or fruits just before our lunch. If When we take sweets or chocolates just before lunch we may lose our feeling of taste and hungry. If we lose our healthy lunch, on that day we would not be able to concentrate on any works. So, the lunch is very important factor of our good health.

It will be nice if we add enough quantity of variety of vegetables in our lunch. After finishing lunch, we can drink any fruit juice like lemon, apple or grapes. However, we should be careful about the total quantity of food in our lunch. If we eat excess quantity of food as our lunch, we may suffer from some health problems including obesity and indigestion.


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  • profile image

    jparekh 5 years ago

    Great comments on importance of lunch. WE have seen many companies starting to understand the importance of providing good lunch to their people for better productivity. We use services as they never repeat anything for the whole month. This is great as the variety we get to eat is just awesome!

  • greathub profile image

    greathub 9 years ago from Earth

    I would like to add that breakfast is the most important of all the meals. It can run or ruin your day.