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Importance of Meditation in Raja Yoga

Updated on December 27, 2015

What is Raja Yoga?

Raja Yoga is a unique yoga method that is considered as one of the royal forms of yoga. It distinctively focuses on meditation and producing balance or direction in life by enhancing the facilities of the mind. This has enable Raja Yoga to evolve into a purely meditative approach into yoga.

The human mind is therefore viewed as the most basic tool that will be used in performance of Raja Yoga. It is the mind that possesses the ability to dictate what actions are to be done by the physical body and what thoughts enter the mind. So, most of the exercises or meditation activities involved in Raja Yoga are intended to sharpen up your psychological ability and attain deep level of human consciousness.

Discover the Spirit Within: Intro Raja Yoga Meditation

Meditation in Raja Yoga

The concept of meditation in Raja Yoga views the self as the soul, which needs to attain a connection with the Supreme being in order to gain a deep level of consciousness. In Raja Yoga language, this process is known as “Royal Union”.

The performance of meditation in Raja Yoga covers the following aspects of the human soul: consciousness, self realization, relationship with God or ultimate being, life, spiritual lifestyle, and observance of silence. The idea with meditation in Raja Yoga is to explore the vastness of the universal concepts of meditation by going inward into your soul. The spiritual development attained by an individual permits you to view relationships and all aspects of life in a fresh perspective.

Spiritual Discipline in Raja Yoga

In your effort to strengthen spiritual awareness through Raja Yoga, regular meditation is important. Doing so will release you from any form of fear and improve on the qualities of your soul. There are four known pillars to attaining better spirituality through Raja Yoga: meditation, constant spiritual study, building and fulfilling spiritual relationships, and humanitarian service.

A stronger emphasis here is placed on daily meditational practice. This will serve as your opportunity to reconnect with your self and establish a connection with the Higher being. Aside from meditation, there are also other components involved in Raja Yoga such as diet and physical & mental relaxation.

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Performance

Raja Yoga is among those yoga methods that require the guidance of a professional teacher, especially for beginners. This will prevent straining yourself given the intense meditational requirements of yoga performance. Moreover, when an individual lacks proper guidance, one could be easily confused with delusional hallucinations as opposed to attaining a higher level of consciousness.

Experience Meditation

Meditation is a skill – a skill though that can be acquired by anyone who desire to have it. Hence, you need to constantly practice it to achieve the desired results. The number of people practicing meditation is increasing by day, especially with the fast paced nature of life in the modern world wherein an individual is constantly subjected to a lot of stressful activities.

Meditation then allows an opportunity for relaxation and to relieve any form of stress. When you perform meditation on a regular basis, it becomes natural such that performing it can eventually be done without effort. This is what Experience Meditation is about. It requires an individual to constantly engage in meditative practices to familiarize yourself with the concept and make it second nature to you.

An effective first step towards a successful Raja Yoga meditation is positive thinking. Therefore, practitiones interested to learn more about meditation techniques of Raja Yoga are suggested to engage in Positive Thinking course first.


Positive Thinking and its Role in Raja Yoga

The thoughts you possess defines you. Therefore, a good foundation in Raja Yoga meditation is positive thinking. Everything that an individual does, whether eating, sleeping, or other daily activities, are all controlled by the mind. Hence, if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, they are manifested through your actions.

The human mind contains probably the biggest source of energy in the body. It is the key to vital emotions including happiness, contentment, and perseverance. Therefore, it is an important prerequisite to Raja Yoga that an individual is able to establish a relationship with the human mind. Like any other form of relationships, it need to clearly send out signals that will dictate your actions.

Positive thinking is therefore your opportunity to get a glimpse into the nature of thought. Why do you think that way? What impulses are causing you to create certain thoughts?

Raja Yoga Meditation - Sat Kriya

Raja Yoga Meditation Brahma Kumaris

Welcome to Raja Yoga Meditation


This particular meditation technique produces internal and spiritual awareness by eliminating source of internal darkness. If you are able to perform this method successfully, it will produce enlightenment on your mind, body, and soul.

You can perform this meditation technique either seated or any position you are comfortable with. Then, you will start with breathing exercises that lasts about 5 minutes or until you have reached a rhythmic pattern in your breathing. This technique is better done with eyes shut so you can increase energy flow or improve ability to concentrate.

Then, think about lighting specific areas of your body. If you focus entirely on this thought, you would be able to realize the presence of illumination in your internal body and maintain the presence of light. This method will require a bit of mastery before you can execute proficiently.

Expansion of Light

The name indeed points out the fact that it is an expansion of the technique called Self-Illumination. Your goal here is basically to allow that illumination achieved through the previous technique to spread through to the internal level of consciousness. This will now serve to reinforce yoga's emphasis on creating a union between the physical (external) and internal aspects of the self.

With any form of meditation, finding a comfortable position is always your first priority. This is important because you will be mostly spending a good amount of your time meditating and you cannot afford even the slightest form of distraction to intervene with your progress. Once you have formed an illumination from your brain, allow that to expand throughout the various spaces in your body. You will notice a strong sense of power as this space gradually opens up and you allow the illumination to reach other areas of the body.

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