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in the brain

Updated on February 8, 2013

Images extracted from the human brain for the first time

The intriguing idea of translating images directly from the visual cortex has finally taken place!

The current breakthrough has been made possible through machine learning combined with fMRI, that reads the fluctuations of human cerebral activity while shown multiple simple images in a sequence. The computer then analyses these fluctuations and so far has been able to map a pattern that has enabled the first step of extracting/translating images from the human brain.

The RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan has achieved this first breakthrough. Although the process is still in its early stages, advancement after the initial framework should be rather rapid.

Seeing Red

Attention everyone

It has been long agreed that the spatial recognition takes place before object recognition i.e. your brain first detects that you are entering into a room and after this the colour of the walls or type of the objects in this space.

According to the recent testing of attention based recognition it has been established that the spatial recognition and feature recognition may actually work independently from each other. This testing took place in "high competition" setting of attention in between the spatial and the feature qualities. Although attentional selection is strongly dependent on competition, it has now been shown that these two types of attentive recognition do actually work independently from each other, at least in the "high competition" setting, that basically means that there is a sufficient amount of both spatial as well as featural stimuli available simultaneously.

Spatial attention may still be unique however, in a sense that only spatial attention appears to influence the early sensory processing in the absence of high levels of competition.

Just remember, that the next time you walk into a brightly coloured room, it may be the colour that strikes you first!

More mindful information

Through the recent studies in the field of Neurology we have discovered many new interesting facts about the brain. Most importantly, against earlier beliefs, we can successfully train our brain through the whole life. Development of the brain does not have to stop when we finish school.

I am getting highly addicted to the Lumosity brain training program. But I have also made a steep learning curve in increasing my brain plasticity, logic, speed, problem solving and memory.

I have tested some other online brain games as well, but I find the Lumosity brain training program the best in the market at the moment!

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IBVA neurofeedback

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      An excellent, interesting read.

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      I find anything to do with the brain interesting.

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