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Information On Why Teenagers Get Pregnant

Updated on November 2, 2016

The numbers for teenage pregnancy are high. A 1990 report by Winter & Simmons states that appropriately “one million” teenagers get pregnant. This rate of teen pregnancy supersedes any other country. What is the reason behind such high percentage? Why are American teens in the single parenthood status quicker than teens all over the world? A look at the many aspects leading up to teen pregnancy should help parents prevent their children from entering premature parenthood.

The results of a report

In the Winter & Simmons’ report researchers outlined several insights into why teenage get pregnant. At the end of the report, these researchers qualified their observations and suggested that there was not any one factor for the high number of pregnancy among teens in America. It sighted insecurity, very little understanding of birth control options, and other cultural influences as some of the reasons for teen pregnancy.


Other reports

Researchers assert that teenagers have become more sexually active and are less inclined to incorporate any birth control method. To help fix the problem, other researchers, suggest better sex education coupled with availability of contraceptive to teens, might prevent adolescent pregnancy. Other researchers believe that since teenagers struggle with self-esteem it is reflective of their decision to be sexually active. These young people are eager to be accepted and when pressured to have sex will engage in the act. This struggle with self-worth also reflects in their desire to control their bodies and at times result in sexual rebellion. These reports could not conclusively attribute any single findings in connection with teen pregnancy. Researchers asserted that there were too many variables within the study to provide an exact solution to the dilemma.

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A talk show input

The discussion on the whys of teenage pregnancy extended to media coverage, in particular to a radio talk show host who gave his insight into the plight of teen sexuality. The radio host explained that sex and the lack of accountability for engaging in the act help nurture the environment for young individuals to have babies. He explained that sex has become a casual act of intimacy. He asserted that in the “olden days” sex happened in marriage or during engagement period, with the understanding that the couple was committed to each other and will be married soon. The prospect of having babies out of wedlock, in those days, was never an option. The intimacy occurred because couples were in love and the consequence of that love led to children. Today teenagers are having sex just because they can and the accidental consequences are an afterthought.

Teens yesterday and today

In the days of old, he declared, the full consequences of sexual promiscuity was a hash reality for young boys. They knew that if the young woman became pregnant, marriage was the next step, no exceptions. Consequently, sex was not a casual act and if a baby resulted from engaging in sex that child was their responsibility and they would not be able to shirk their obligations. Subsequently, if a baby resulted from an intimate act, marriage was the only alternative. The talk show host further explained that today, sex has become an expression of free will with very little significance. Teenage boys are not learning about consequences for their sexual misconduct and young women do not fully understand the full ramification of having sex. Both partners will eventually learn the full repercussion of sex however, for some that lesson comes too late when they find they are pregnant and the financial burden of the unplanned baby falls on them and their immediate family members. Their future is in jeopardy and at times, their opportunities are restricted.

A professional’s viewpoint

A public service individual asserted that teenage pregnancy results from a lack of attention at home. He goes on to explain that teenagers are frequently on their own and left to their own resources. They do not get proper parental supervision. They do not get the love and affection they need. Hence, they eagerly seek the attention from the opposite sex. Without proper guidance, these young women and men become parents at their pre-cognitive stage. The baby becomes a part of a single parenthood live style that develops into a lifecycle and result in a low socioeconomical downward spiral. Many teens may not graduate high school and rarely if ever gets a college degree. They work low paying jobs, which often cannot support them or their children. Eventually, they must work two or three jobs to live above poverty level, which leads to long absence from the home and unsupervised children.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

A righteous opinion

The discussion of teenage pregnancy cannot be complete without a religious input. Many religious leaders believe that because families no longer attend church regularly, if at all, the family unit has lost its moral compass. God and His church is now obsolete. The family and its members no longer appreciate the significance of the fear of God, the consequences of sin, and the responsibility of caring for each other. The individual’s desires have grown to the extent that many engage in unscrupulous behavior for the status of financial success. Being paid motivates the compass of many and consequently, eliminates the consciousness of the true value of life and living: the love of God and others.

As parents, what can we do to lower the high number of teen pregnancy? It begins with an internal examination of ourselves, and our homes. When you talk with teen mothers one of the first insight you gain is that they were looking for love and since their parents seem incapable of providing such an emotion, the next best thing is to have a baby, a person who will love them.


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