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Talking to Your Loved One About in-Home Care

Updated on August 3, 2017

Making decisions for your elderly parent's care can be emotionally trying. Your parents probably don't want to leave their home so in home care is a great option. They may be worried this will change their lives too much or make them less independent. Explaining these key benefits to them will put their minds at ease, while giving you peace of mind.

Offer Encouragement

Your parents may not see the benefits of in home care. After all to them it might seem like a stranger will invade their home. Offer encouragement by explaining that they will meet available candidates with you and tell them you will certainly value their thoughts and opinions when choosing the caregiver. Let them know that you will be doing background checks and checking references.If they are capable of helping with this it might further ease their worries.

Listen to Their Concerns

Listen fully to your parents concerns while at the same time sharing the benefits they will have. For example. having someone cook and clean will free up their time to do things they enjoy. Or if their needs are medically inclined a routine visiting nurse may mean less inconvenience of hospital appointments.

Getting older and facing life changes doesn't have to be a fearful thing. Once your parents understand you are keeping them safe yet still living comfortable in their own home chances are they will be willing to be a partner with you in making the best decisions for their in home care.


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