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Do you want to know how to stop snoring? We may have the answer your looking for.

Updated on December 20, 2010

If you're a snoring sufferer wanting to know how to stop snoring I'm going to give you some anti snoring products and Solutions.

Snoring is one of those disorders that can go unnoticed by the snorer for years. I was one of those people. I snored loud I even stopped breathing during my sleep, which when diagnosed turned out to be sleep apnea. This condition if left unchecked can be quite dangerous as there are many documented cases of sleep apnea related deaths.

So what is it that causes snoring and sleep apnea? It happens when you go to sleep and the muscles at the back of the throat become very relaxed. This allows your lower jaw to retract back and the soft pallet tissue at the back of your throat becomes loose. When you breath in and out the loose pallet flaps like a flag in the breeze and there you have it snoring.

Sleep apnea occurs when the relaxed loose pallet tissue completely blocks the airway and for a minute or so there can be no breathing until allof a sudden you get a sudden gasp for air. This is where the deep sleep is broken as the body has to regain some consciousness to breath. This lifts you out of that pleasant deep restful sleep and leaves you in a shallow less restful sleep.

There are a lot of products on the market today to help with snoring some work well, some work with side affects and many just don't work. The problem is how can you tell what works and what doesn't work.

I have looked at a few stop snoring aids when I was trying to solve my own snoring problem. I was recommended to try a CPAP machine and the CPAP machine does work and if you can handle going to sleep with an oxygen mask on your face and waking up with a dry mouth and throat then it will work you you. But it will cost you around $1500.

Then there is the mouth guard type device. This is a device made out of silicone and it fits over your upper and lower teeth and forces your jaw forward. When your lower jaw is pushed forward it makes it difficult to snore as it slightly tightens the soft pallet that normally hangs loose at the back of your throat.

This device works to but it has some side affects. Because it transfers the weight of your lower jaw onto your teeth thereby putting a constant pressure on them. This is sort of like having a dental brace fitted to your teeth and if any of you have had that you will know what I'm saying. For those of you that have never experienced this it causes your teeth to ache.

I could only use this device for a couple of days at a time and I had to have about 3 to 4 days between to allow my teeth to stop hurting. This device cost me about $200.

There is a another program available that is very low cost and promises to be a good snore prevention without side effects. Rather than me tell you all about it here it's easier if you just and it will take you to the page that explains it beter than I could.

Wishing you all the best

Maurice Price
Past snorer

Anti Snoring Program

Stop Snoring Naturally
Stop Snoring Naturally


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