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 Intex Sun Shade Pool

Updated on April 30, 2012

Well, the summer is definitely here! Even though we live in Canada, the temperatures and humidity have got us all looking for ways to beat the heat. I recently took a vacation with my two boys down to my sister's house in Tennessee. While we were there, due to the heat, my boys spend a good majority of their time in a little kiddie pool that my sister had set up for her grandson. I enjoyed sitting out in the huge screened in closed porch that my brother in law had made and watching my boys laugh, play, throw water around and generally have an all round good time.

When we came back home, the first thing my little one said was "Wanna go in pool!". Well, we didn't have one. So, off to look for one. I scanned online for various makes and models to see what would be the best. I wanted one that had a top over it for shade as we didn't have a porch to put it in and it is no fun to play all day and end up burned by the sun.

I also wanted something that would be big enough for two boys and one or two others if their cousins happened to stop by. It also had to be pretty lightweight as I would be needing to dump the water every so often to get fresh stuff.

Well, after a little while of searching, I finally found something that was affordable and matched everything I was looking out for. It is the Intex Sun Shade Pooland it has worked out great. The kids want to get in it every day and there is enough room for them to splash and play and sit and play boats or whatever they choose.

If you are looking for a pool for your 2-8 year old this year, you may want to check out this great pool with it's vibrant colors, lively looking fish and sea animals, and the double layer that is excellent for filling up for the big kids who want deeper water to swim in. Just click on the banner below and you can read some reviews and make your purchase that should arrive at your door in a matter of days. Because this product is over $25, you also qualify for free shipping. Extra bonus!


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