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Inversion Table Comparisons - A Buyer's Price Guide

Updated on March 22, 2015

Inversion Table Comparisons - What To Look For

Conducting an inversion table comparison can be time consuming. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. What kind of price range can you expect? What are the best budget inversion tables? Do discount inversion tables work and are they safe? What features should you look for? What are the best rated inversion tables and are they affordable? How much do the powered inversion tables cost? What about the size?! You have absolutely nowhere to put it! And maybe you're even wondering what an inversion table is and why you might need one.

Inversion tables allow you to hang upside down in order to decompress your spine. This is known as inversion therapy and it can help relieve back pain. It can also provide stress relief and help to improve your overall health. There are many different exercises you can do to maximize the benefits of inversion therapy. For more information about inversion exercises read Inversion Table Exercises - A Video Series Tutorial.

I knew about the benefits of inversion therapy before I bought my inversion table. Yet I still made a mistake. I didn't conduct any research and made a rare impulse-buy. Don't get me wrong though - I love my inversion table! I just wish I had one that balances more precisely and collapses for easy storage. Now that I've researched inversion table comparisons I know what to look for when I'm ready to upgrade. Keep reading and you will know what I know, including which inversion table is best for you!

I invert on a daily basis for a few minutes and am close to being free of back pain.

Do Inversion Tables Work?

Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

This is probably the biggest question you have. It's a big purchase and it's a little scary looking. So let's explore some of the benefits of inversion therapy.

The main reason why people use inversion tables is for relief of back pain. Inverting creates an anti-gravitational effect on your spine, relieving pressure and pain. Many people with sciatica and lower back pain find tremendous relief from inversion therapy.

Other benefits include better circulation, stress reduction, muscle relaxation and increased oxygen to the brain. It's also said that it can improve posture and reduce the effects of aging - I like these two! You know how we get shorter and slouchier as we get older? With regular inversion therapy you can slow that down.

me on my inversion table

me on my inversion table
me on my inversion table

Why I Use An Inversion Table

I've suffered from back pain on and off for about 10 years. I have re-occurring lower back pain and neck pain that can sometimes cause upper back pain. When I first went to a chiropractor they said my pelvis was uneven. They were able to help me so I didn't bother to get a second opinion. Since then I've changed chiropractors several times. I finally found one that doesn't attempt to talk me into scheduling 3 appointments a week.

Then a friend of mine told me about his inversion table. He's older and suffers from back pain from time to time. He told me how fantastic and refreshing it feels and how it keeps him out of the doctor's office. I asked my chiropractor about it and she gave me a thumbs-up. I didn't bother doing an inversion table comparison. I just went out and bought the first cheap one I could find.

The result? Instead of going to the chiropractor twice a month, I now go once every 3-4 months! Some of my lower back pain went away when I went on a gluten-free diet (more about that in a future lens). Now when I go to my chiropractor it's usually because of upper-back/neck problems. I find that inversion therapy is great for upper-body stretches. Decompressing the spine seems to make the stretches more fruitful. I also find it incredibly de-stressing and relaxing. My chiropractor has noticed a difference as well. She says the key to inversion therapy is to be consistent with it. I use it twice a day - when I awake and after work. I really love it!

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Check with your physician before using an inversion table. There are many health conditions that make inversion therapy unsafe. These can include eye conditions, heart conditions, high blood pressure, spinal conditions, and bone conditions.

Best Budget Inversion Tables

Inversion tables under $250

Let's start our inversion table comparison by looking at prices. They can run anywhere from $99 to $1000. I know what you're probably wondering - are inversion tables safe? Extremely cheap inversion tables aren't quality products, so I wouldn't consider them very safe. They use cheap materials, aren't very stable, don't invert all the way, and don't balance well. I'd stay away from inversion tables that cost less than $100. But you can still get a safe inversion table for under $250.

Because you don't get many features with a lower-end inversion table, comparisons in this price range can be difficult. Most companies make collapsible inversion tables for easier storage. This is very common among the budget tables. A good budget table should be well constructed and sturdy. It should be able to hold 250 to 300 lbs. Be sure to check the weight and height restrictions before buying.

Most budget inversion tables don't balance extremely well. What that means is that the user might have trouble coming back up. You usually have to bend your knees and slide while pulling yourself up. This isn't really much of problem for most users and isn't as difficult as it sounds. But you should be aware of it if you have upper-body restrictions.

Here are some quality economy inversion tables that consistently get good reviews.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Bigzzia Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table
Bigzzia Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

This is the brand I have. There's no bells or whistles here but it gets the job done!


Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table
Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table

This one completely gets rid of the tether system so you can adjust your angle at any time while on the table. This is great if you want to do some exercises while on the table.



IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table, 350 lbs
IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table, 350 lbs

This one can support up to 350 lbs! A good choice for a bigger body.


How To Use An Inversion Table - Video from Lifegear

Mid-Range Inversion Table Comparisons

Inversion tables under $500

Mid-range tables offer more features than budget models. When doing your inversion table comparisons you should make note of these features. They include such items as ratcheted ankle-locks; easier ankle-release-features; better balancing; locking mechanisms for stable exercise routines; and extras such as exercise DVDs and pillows.

Here are some popular mid-range inversion tables that get good reviews.

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table
Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

This table offers 10 different angles that you can lock the table into, making it also function as an advanced ab-trainer. It has molded ankle-locks and an easy-reach ankle-release. It's very sturdy, holding up to 320 lbs. This is a very nice system especially for those who plan on doing inversion table exercises.


Teeter EP-560 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief, 3rd-Party Safety Certified, Precision Engineering
Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief, 3rd-Party Safety Certified, Precision Engineering

This is one of Teeter's most popular models. It features a lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes, a specialized ergonomic ankle wrap system, rotation control, and easy storage.


Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest

Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest
Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest

This table offers a 2.75 inch thick foam with air flow for greater comfort, a brake system, and an ankle-ratchet system. It's a sturdy system that holds up to 300lbs.

Photo Credit: Valerie Everett
Photo Credit: Valerie Everett

Whose Bright Idea Was It To Hang Upside Down Anyway?

A Little Inversion Therapy History

Inversion therapy has been around for thousands of years. The first method of inversion was in the form of yoga poses - upside down-type poses I guess. I'm not a yoga guru so you'll have to use your own imagination on that one.

Then along came Hippocrates. He's considered the father of medicine. He hung people upside down using a system of ropes, pullies and ladders. He did this to help them, not to torture them. Just thought I'd clarify that. Luckily we've come a long way since then.

The modern day inversion table has been around since the 1970s and has enjoyed a rapid growth of popularity during the last decade. Most people are using it for back-care. Many others are incorporating it into their whole-body-wellness regime

High-End Inversion Tables

Inversion tables over $500

High-end inversion tables can run anywhere between $500 and $1000. There aren't very many high-end tables to choose from. You can find heavy duty, professional-grade manual tables for under $1000. Powered inversion tables will usually run you over $1000.

Here are two good high-end inversion tables currently being sold on Amazon.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table
Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

This inversion table has been constructed for people to lie on their back or on their stomach. Because of this it's very useful for message therapy. It's constructed with foam for added comfort and is extremely sturdy. This machine will hold up to 600 lbs - way more than the mid-range tables will support. You can also pre-set your desired angles. This is a professional-quality machine!


Ironman Gravity 1000 with Heat Therapy Cushion

IRONMAN Gravity 1000 with Heat Therapy Cushion
IRONMAN Gravity 1000 with Heat Therapy Cushion

This table combines inversion therapy with infrared heat therapy. A nice therapeutic combination.


The Type Of Inversion Table I Want - Watch How He Comes Back Up

See how easy this table comes back up? He's using a precisely balanced table which makes it easier to come up out of the inverted position. If I had done an inversion table comparison before buying I would have known that not all tables are created equal. A table like this is definitely on my wish list!

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    • NanDarcey1 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Sam. I just spent a little time researching heated inversion tables. It seems they use infrared heat. Heat is very good to relax muscles. It can be very soothing and relaxing to put heat on the back. So it would seem that a heated table would have a dual purpose; help bring alignment to the spine and help to relax the muscles. I've read many reviews on the heated inversion tables and it seems people really love the heat feature. I'd definitely say that it would be worth the price since it serves a dual purpose. Especially if you have tense muscles. Thanks for your comment Sam.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Anyone heard of Inversion table with heat? How much better are they compared to the regular inversion tables? The only thing I hear about them is the heat which may increase the blood flow! Please advise if it is worth the buying?


    • NanDarcey1 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: I've never heard of one either so I googled it. It's usually called a "seated inversion table." The ones I looked at are set up like a chair that you sit in and strap down your ankles. Then when you invert, it actually straightens out to a full stretch like a normal inversion table. When you come back up it converts back into a chair. The benefits of this kind of seated inversion table seems to be that it's a more gradual inversion motion, and it's easier to get on and off. It looks interesting. Thank you David for bringing it to our attention.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i see some tables with "seating" feature - does anyone know about this? seems a little illogical to me if you're wanting to stretch the back, particularly the lumbar area. thoughts?

    • lizziehumphreys1 profile image


      7 years ago

      wow, ive never even heard of them before, but it looks so much fun!!

    • ClinicallySigni profile image


      8 years ago

      I personally love inversion tables. As a Chiropractor I know the benefits they offer...but the greatest benefit is they make me feel great!

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Great job & welcome to Squidoo!

    • kiwipete7 profile image


      8 years ago

      When I fist saw this I thought it was a math table or shopping calculator. This is much more fun. My mother-in-law has one and she loves it.

      Great lens for your first. Lokks reall professional.

    • TheVetNurse profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Nan,

      you have got this lens looking good and I know from

      experience this therapy works well on your whole body .

      I recommend it :-)


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