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Inverted Moulds Acrylic Nail Extensions

Updated on November 5, 2014

The most unique full acrylic nail system in the world.

Inverted Moulds are a 'Method of Application' which allows Nail Technicians to create Full L&P (Liquid & Powder) nail extensions.

But not only that, we have also developed a Nail Art technique which is sure to have a huge impact on the way people look at 'False Nails'

The absolute best nail system to invest in...ever!! Kerry O'Connor from Sunseekers Crewe.

Kerry is a fan!

"......In the past i have done gel , fiberglass, silk , acrylic overlays , but nothing will beat these nails.”

Kerry O’Connor

I love using them!! 10/10 Stacy Richardson

Stacy's Testimonial

I first started training with this system back in 2002 and i have to say...I love using this system, i have trained with others but i think that the finish and diversity of the IM's is second to none, it caters for so many different nail types, allows for so many colours, styles and designs and most importantly they last!!! 10/10!!!!” Stacy Richardson

I love the Inverted Mould system and wouldn't recommend any other nail extension to my clients.

Karens Testimonial

"I love the inverted mould system and wouldn't recommend any other nail extension to my clients, check out my website, SHANTI BEAUTY & HOLISTIC's to see some of the hundreds of designs i've been able to produce over the last six years since ive been using the inverted moulds. Karen Stockton @ Shanti Beauty & Holistics.

Are Inverted Moulds Value for Money?

(Of course they are! Now find out why!)

Ok lets look at the figures, the evaluation pack of 300 costs £29.99 (+ Delivery) so that's 10p each, you use 10 in a set of nails so that's £1.00 per set.


First impressions?

But what are you actually getting for that £1.00? That's what you need to consider and sadly most people who don't use IM's fail to take everything else into account. Most see this is as an ADDITIONAL cost to their set. It's not; in fact it's far from it.

Consider PRODUCTS:

When using Inverted Moulds, you are NOT using plastic TIP's or using sculptured nail forms. And if you are not using TIP's then you are not using nail glue. So forget all this stuff when you go to the supplier!

Inverted Moulds means NO BUFFING! So even though you still need your files and buffs for other areas of your nail services you will be spending MUCH LESS on these products!

Of course IM's give you a perfectly shiny, glossy finish every single time, so guess what? No need to use 'Topcoats' or UV Gels and if you're not using UV gel then no need for a UV lamp to cure it.

Consider TIME:

Sadly we are moving into a new generation of clients where TIME at the salon for nail services is coming under increased pressure. These clients are busy with work and families and can no longer spend as much time on their treatments because they have to fit so much into their busy days. They NEED to be in and out as fast as possible and can't afford to be sat down for 2hrs and be pampered like they used to. A controversial point? Maybe. But, just like the digital age, people want things on demand, quicker and faster than ever before. It's a paradigm shift, a new way of thinking in nails and IM's can help you to do just that.

How? Well it is the ONLY nail system that allows you to 'Pre-Do' your acrylic tips and artwork before the client turns up for their appointment. IM techs use this feature A LOT and if you ask them they will tell you that it's an absolute godsend when they have back to back clients, especially around Christmas time. We have techs right now in the quiet time pre-doing standard white acrylic tips and taking consultations for complex artwork 6 weeks before the party season begins.

Consider STRENGTH:

Unlike other 'Inverted' products you may have heard of IM's are the ONLY one you can't remove. And guess what? They are not removed for a VERY good reason.

They make your clients nails stronger and more durable.

The IM is like an instant suit of amour. It gives a 'shell' like protection to the finished nail extension and not only protects against chipping, but it enhances the overall strength of the nail by reducing the stress area at the apex.

Remember, money is tight and clients don't want to have to spend extra on having repairs. We don't just mean paying £2 or £2.50 on the repair itself, it's the cost of fuel traveling back to the salon to get it done and then there is the 'Time' they have to spend when they could have been doing something else!

Your client's nails are an investment and they want them to look good and elegant, but they also need them to stay on and survive for as long as possible. THAT is what IM's bring to the table and that's how they will enhance your reputation with clients.

So how does £1.00 sound now? For an IM tech it's incredible value for money a 100% no brainer.

(oh and if you buy IM's in bulk you get a further 20% discount making it even more affordable.)


All of our training videos are now on YouTube! - Part 1

With over 3 hrs of video tutorials, our website is jam packed full of hints, tips, tricks and techniques that will get you using IM's in no time :-)

All our videos are now on YouTube - Part 2

When you see IM it means Inverted Moulds, when you see L&P it means Liquid & Powder acrylics :-)

Metallic Nail Art Powders

The latest thing for not only FULL coloured nails but also coloured acrylic tips. These Metallic nail art powders will give clients a new direction with their nails. Over 25 colours are now available from The Nail Artist website and more will be added as and when we get them.

No plastic tip, no glues and no buffing are needed when using IM's.

Inverted Moulds become part of the finished nail, you don't remove them!

Zebra Nails using Inverted Moulds!

In this video we are creating the popular Zebra style using Inverted Moulds. Unlike the traditional way of doing nails, when sculpting intricate designs using the IM system we always start with the 'Foreground' designs and finish with the 'Background'. Always handy if you make a mistake and need to start again because you've not wasted much acrylic and you don't have to soak or buff anything off, just get a new IM and start again :-)

IM's are super thin, as thin as a human hair, yet they are also very tough.

Diamonds & Sapphires

With IM's you can do your clients acrylic tips BEFORE they arrive for their appointment.

24k Gold Nails LIVE webcast video 2008

This is a video demo we did last year. We have speeded it up and put it on YouTube.

IM's have been used in UK salons since the 1990's.

See Inverted Glitter Art in action!

Yes you can do in-fills on a nail extension created using IM's.

Our older YouTube Videos

These are some of our latest design idea's. If you believe false nails should look great and be 'usable' then Inverted Moulds can certainly help you.

There is an old saying in the nail industry,

"Treat your nails like jewels not tools."

But sometimes you just can't.

So if you use your nails to open cans of coke, unpick staples, scratch your hubby's back or take apart the fridge, then Inverted Moulds could just let you have the best of both worlds.

You can use pretty much ANY brand of Liquid & Powder acrylic with IM's.


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