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Nuclear Fallout, Radiation Poisoning & Iodine

Updated on August 17, 2015

With recent nuclear power failure in Japan, following an earthquake & tidal wave, many people are becoming fearful about what will happen if nuclear fallout spreads to other parts of the world. There are ways to prepare your body to avoid negative side effects from nuclear fallout and radioactive poisoning. This article contains information about radiation poisoning, treatments & preventions.

What is radiation poisoning?

Radiation poisoning (also known as radiation sickness) is when the body is exposed to ionizing radiation, resulting in damage to skin and organs. Usually the terms are used to refer to serious side effects from contact with radiation.

The sickness or poisoning can be caused by either large doses in a short term or long term exposure to small doses. Exposure to radiation can both cause deformities and health issues as well as increase the risk of diseases such as cancer and tumors developing in the individual.

What is nuclear fallout?

Nuclear fallout was literally named because it refers to the radioactive dust and debris that "falls out" of the sky after a nuclear disaster or bombing.

The fallout can cause radiation sickness in humans and animals as well as kill plants and hurt soil and natural ecosystems.

Depending on the force of the explosion, nuclear fallout particles can be drawn up into the stratosphere and travel for hundreds of miles, although they weaken as they travel farther from the source. The Chernobyl disaster, for instance, spread fallout over most of Europe.

The amount of fallout can vary depending on a wide range of factors including weather, wind and distance.

Other Things that can Cause Radiation Poisoning

There are man different things that emit radiation poisoning and long term exposure can lead to minor or major side effects. Here are some of the more common radiation emitters - remember that some have not been proven to cause long term health issues.

• Nuclear bombs.

• Nuclear plant meltdowns.

• Nuclear waste.

• X-Ray machines.

• Mobile phones.

• Some household appoliances.

You're surrounded by all different types of radiation each day, both man made and natural. However much of this radiation you are exposed to daily is unlikely to cause you any known problems.

There are many things that can cause radiation poisoning.
There are many things that can cause radiation poisoning.

Iodine to prevent Radiation Poisoning

Iodine can be used to prevent radiation poisoning for those who believe they may be at risk. Radiation contains a bad type of iodine that causes illness - natural iodine doesn't. By taking natural iodine, you fill up the body's reserves, meaning that any radiation won't be able to stay in the body but will be naturally flushed out.

Other Ways to Prevent & Cure Radiation Poisoning

Time, distance and shielding are the three best ways to stop radiation contamination.

Time - as little time as possible in proximity to the radiation.

Distance - staying as far away from it as possible.

Shielding - either 2 inches of lead, 1 foot of water or 2 feet of concrete will stop radiation getting through - although it's not a very practical idea

Radiation poisoning or sickness is treated in different ways depending on the amount of exposure, the person and the severity of side effects.

Some of the more common treatments include:

Blood transfusions.


Bone marrow transplants.

Potassium iodide

Drugs such as filgrastim, Neumune, Radiogardase, pentetate zinc trisodium and pentetate calcium trisodium.

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