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Is Improved Vision Even Possible Without Glasses?

Updated on March 23, 2014

Vision Without Glasses

Does wearing glasses improve vision? Is it actually possible to have proper vision without glasses? There has been a notion that once you’ve been diagnosed with an eye problem then one of the quick remedies to fixing the situation is wearing glasses. Glasses do help improve vision. But that’s on a temporary basis.

You’re likely to experience blurred vision once you take off the glasses. In actual sense wearing glasses only weakens your eye muscles. It would be a great idea that before you seek to have glasses as the solution to your poor vision, exhaust other means through which you can enhance eyesight without having to wear glasses.

There are a myriad of ways you can use to improve vision without glasses. The immediate remedy is eye exercise to improve vision. It has been proven that excising your eyes regularly goes a long way to correct a number of eye problems besides making the eye muscles stronger. One of the major causes of decreased vision has been sighted as overly using the eyes without taking a break which then makes them strained. Strained eyes are very susceptible to a number of eye conditions such as cataracts, eye floaters and macula degeneration. Exercising the eyes will help relax and keep them refreshed.


Lack of essential nutrients can lead to certain diseases in your body. The same goes for the eyes. If you fail to take nutrients that will contribute to the health of the eye, chances of developing eye problems remain high. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and sea food to improve your eye’s health. It goes without saying that healthy eyes translate to improved vision. Circumstances may force you to spend a lot of hours working on your computer but even then try as much as you can to minimize the amount of time spent not only on the computer but on other gadgets like mobile phones and television. In doing so the unnecessary strain on the eye is reduced.

You need to rest your eyes to help them recharge and repair broken cells. To further improve vision without glasses avoid reading in dimly lit rooms. If possible read under the natural light of the sun or use special lighting that emits light that is almost equivalent to the natural sunlight. Improving your eyesight involves a series of actions like stated previously. If you stick to the suggestions, you will actually improve the way you see by a relatively high percentage.

Diabetes and your vision… High blood sugars are linked to blurred vision but even then that doesn’t warrant wearing of glasses since the problem could be short lived and may return back to normal once the levels have normalized.

Glaucoma is yet another form of eye disease brought about by diabetes. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes then you stand a double chance of getting glaucoma. Patients with diabetes are also vulnerable to a more acute type of glaucoma known as open- angle glaucoma.

Neo-vascular glaucoma is yet another type of glaucoma but it’s not very common. It comes about when new blood vessels emerge on the iris, thereby interfering with the flow of liquids in the eyes. This leads to increased pressure in the eye. Neo-vascular glaucoma is hard to treat and there is need to seek medical attention as soon as the first symptoms are detected. A regular eye checkup will help detect this disease in its initial stages.

Like earlier stated continuous use of glasses may end up reducing your eyesight. Vision without glasses is achievable through engaging in natural eyes exercises that reduce strain on the eyes while boosting the power to see. The level of poor vision may vary from one person to the other and so is the variation of the period of blurred vision. It is therefore imperative that you choose a natural method to enhance eyesight that works for you perfectly.


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