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isolation of depression

Updated on July 7, 2011

Depression can enrapture our lives

Have you ever felt sad?

Have you ever felt sad? Does it happen often, does it linger? Many people suffer from depression. Yes, that illness that has many subtle signs, that can sneak up on you and one day you have trouble getting out of bed. There are many symptoms of depression including loss of appetite, isolation, sadness, loss of interest in things that one usually found joy in, loss of energy and more. As I walk around in this life I see many people that are faced with depression and that are unable to combat it. Just take a walk at the local mall. You will see people walking slowly, their head hung low, and have just enough energy to make it to their next stop. When it is not present, people are able to resume their life as they had, and are fearful of it returning especially if it is cyclic in nature.

Some people might be sad when someone passes away, but they go through a healing process and let go. Other people this is not so and it festers even though it is not present in the surface of people. Some people can be in a huge crowd, but feel as if they are alone in a closet. They start to not see the people that are there to help and that they could seek out to aid them. Depression wants to have you isolate and keep to yourself. It wants you away from others so that it can grow.

Most people I would say would know at least one person that this sounds like. Sometimes people get sad during the winter when there is limited UV light. It could be a situation that reminds them of something from long ago. It may even be a smell that brings them to a far away memory. Or it can just descend on the person without being announced, that they know of.  It is helpful to be mindful of yourself and your normal habits along with how you usually act.  Always have at least two people that you can be totally honest with about how you feel and the kind of place your emotions are currently in.  Check in with them often and they can be a great sounding board as to when you do not see drastic changes,  but others do. 

Even though this may look grim, there is hope out there. For sadness due to UV light, many people get light therapy during those times so that they get the UV light that they need. There is counseling, medication evaluations and support groups. If you let it grip you and not fight back against this, then how can you expect things to change? Seek help, it comes in many forms and can be a great angel of uplifting spirit.

Education about depression

Sadness poll

Have you ever felt sad for more than two weeks?

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    • wolfmonk profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Derry,NH

      Thank you! I am glad that I could add some insight. Clinical depression can be a very difficult emotion to handle. I appreciate all the feedback that I get from fellow hubbers.

    • dkanofsky profile image


      7 years ago from Bethalto, Illinois

      Thank you for sharing this important information and insight into the difference between sadness and depression.

      I also think it is important to distinguish between depression and clinical depression as well since major depressive episodes can occur internally as opposed to being triggered exrernally.

      Thanks again for this outstanding hub.

      Kindest regards,

      Dave Kanofsky


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