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Before You Have Stem Cell Face Lift, Read This

Updated on February 7, 2016
Most women are more likely to get a face lift before the age of 60. Men are more likely over the age of 60.
Most women are more likely to get a face lift before the age of 60. Men are more likely over the age of 60.

What is a stem cell face lift?

Cosmetic surgery is certainly does not have the drawbacks it once faced. This is true as relative to the cost and negative thoughts for wanting to look better. One of the biggest being performed is still a face lift. Technology has changed quite a few things surrounding the procedure, but some remain the same. A new alteration is having one done via stem cell. Gain some valuable knowledge before having one done.

This is certainly in no way advocating not to have one done, but knowing the inside track is a great way to feel good about getting one or passing it by.

What is the difference between the two?

The stem cell face-lift is a twist on the old type of surgical procedure known as the face-lift without going under the knife.This is extremely attractive for anyone with a fear of having an invasive process performed to have the same benefits.

The overall process is removal of fat from a patient's lower stomach or buttocks area and injecting it into the face. The purpose is the same, to restore a more overall youthful look. The method is attractive because it touts a reduction to those dreaded wrinkles, discoloration and sagging skin which comes with age. Feelings of tautness are noticeable again.

What the doctors are discussing

Not all cosmetic surgeons agree with the idea of having a face lift done in this manner. Even minus the patient going "under the knife" to have the work done there are other concerns. The healthcare community debates the benefits, application and drawbacks versus the typical face lift. The risks and rewards are greatly debated.

The majority are up in arms over the name tied to the procedure. There is not sufficient evidence it actually uses stem cells. Though there is an overall agreement it does provide a traditional “lift” to the face and in some cases the neck area.

Stem cells occur naturally in human fat around the body and numerous doctors believe they hold the key to all sorts of various medical applications, These include rebuilding knee cartilage or even heart muscle.

However, these same physicians admit not enough evidence is in to suggest these actually are responsible for producing a more youthful appearance when used in this manner. There is a suggestion the name is misleading.

Fat cell grafting uses the same technique as stem cell face lifts. Whether both are the identical procedure with two different names is unclear. Though, patient's like the former name rather than the latter.

The FDA has not approved the use of any stem cell activating agents or devices and large scale studies have not been conducted to prove the effectiveness or safety of such services.

Alternatives capable of producing the same results

There are advantages to be seen to this process over the original process. Prior to this new technology patients had several other choices for the same outcome. These are more than a few of the benefits which make it extremely appealing.

  • Synthetic fillers such as juvederm, restylene, perlane radiesse and others were used with the older technique. Using the patient's own fat cells permits for a less likely occurrence of rejection by the body.
  • Older procedures were certainly effective but temporary. This meant most people noticed the same symptoms reappeared faster. This mode meant the results were more permanent.
  • Wear down in approximately a year meant most people ran a costly routine of having it done sooner to keep a youthful appearance. More individuals are able to afford this style of taking the years off.

Along with those advantages are disadvantages. Check out some of the reasons people are considering taking this approach.

  • Traditional face lifts are a major surgical procedure. Even though each style comes with some sort of risk in this area, major versus minor makes an enormous difference for some
  • A much longer recovery time
  • Scarring is possible in the facial area. Most people admit to very little with the newer manner

Cost of stem cell face lift

On average the price is $4000 to $8000 per procedure. This is without any charges for additional outpatient services since it is performed in most doctor’s office. Compared with the charges of a traditional one which runs as high as $20,000 or more, it looks pretty good. If a patient adds on the charges for mini services like botox injections it is pretty expensive for the average budget.

What risks are tied to the practice

Because the process is not FDA approved as of yet, there are some risks involved. However, when compared with some of the other alternatives in the marketplace these are fairly small. There is the possibility of seeing some sort of bruising, swelling, redness at the injection site, lumps, and general dissatisfaction with the outcome. The most jeopardy lies in developing an infection. Infections are life threatening in some cases.

Amazon sells all sorts of products which are wonderful for removing scarring which is sometimes takes place. Check out what Viva Labs offers

Botox is discussed as an alternative to both. These are a few facts about this process as well.

Botulinum toxin type a is the medical definition. It is a neurotoxin used typically treat sufferers of muscle spasms, excessive sweating and even overactive bladder. Chronic migraine sufferers have seen a benefit and most recently controlling wrinkles has been a benefit.

Botox is a chemical injected and not prescribed through oral medication. It should always be used by a physician and in a doctor's office any case of any adverse reactions which are possible. A prescription is needed for the medication.

Botox has more than a few drawbacks to using it as a substitute for face lifts.

  • This is a poison which means every injection runs the risk of death
  • Short term results means repeated procedure
  • Numbing agent to muscles means an injury is not felt and injury occurs

Sometimes appeared unnatural or negative results

Must be repeated regularly to keep results

Advantages to stem cell face lift

With stem cell face lifts there are several advantages.

· you have fat from your own body used, no foreign agents are used

· services can be performed in doctor’s office

· rapid recovery time

· no scarring will occur

· skin tone is better as a result

· lasting results, on average up to five years

This video discusses lots of the advantages of taking this route

Final thoughts

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most personal choices a patient makes when it comes to health. This is not a substitute for discussions with personal physicians and health care providers.

The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons (ACPS) has a news release available on the website which outlines potential medical benefits of stem cell research. The possibilities discussed as related to medical services is enormous and go well beyond these cosmetic routines. Further research and documentation is needed concerning this application for stem cell face lifts and the related long term effects.


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    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      This was a very interesting hub. I'm not ruling out having some 'body work' done at some point. But I would rather wait for something less drastic than surgery. I'll be keeping on eye on this.

      Voted up and interesting.