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James Bond Swimsuit

Updated on May 6, 2010

Can a Guy from The U.S. Pull Off the James Bond Swimsuit Look?

A 35-year-old "board shorts" wearing guy from the US does the unthinkable...he switches up to the James Bond Swimsuit! Is it possible to be a manly man and wear a skimpy Euro Swimsuit?

My James Bond Swimsuit Adventure..."Shaken Not Stirred"

Now I Know What Women Go Through...LOL!

A short while back, I decided to get in really good shape for a trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Me and 4 other friends decided to rent a beach villa right on the Gulf of Mexico...It was unreal!

I'll throw in a picture from our deck. Anyway...I brought along the typical Abercrombie Board Shorts as well as a pair from American Eagle...I'm just a regular guy from the states.

Two days in to my trip, I got this crazy urge to buy that James Bond Euro Swimsuit that Daniel Craig wears in Casino Royale. It just looked seemed so "cutting edge". I just had to wear one and walk down the beach to "feel the power" of the James Bond Swimsuit!

In Mexico they had a very expensive Deisel store. I found a red one, but I couldn't believe how small it looked! I was nervous just looking at it! Now I know what girls must go was an intense experience!

So I get back to our beach villa and head into the restroom and proceed to put on this tiny euro swimsuit. It was a unique experience to say the least. It took me about 3-4 minutes to get enough courage to come out and show my friends. They laughed at first, but they didn't look totally disturbed...I figured it was a good sign.

TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT...Once I was used to it, I actually enjoyed it better than my Abercrombie Board Shorts. You feel free wearing less fabric...and you get better tan lines. It went over great in Mexico! I am still not sure the U.S. is ready, however.

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