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jaw wired shut

Updated on February 27, 2011

My story.....

Hi everyone!

If you are reading this, you, or someone you know has broken their jaw and have gotten wired shut :(

My name is Melissa, and i broke my jaw 3 weeks ago today, Sunday, February 6, 2011. I was in Las Vegas visiting a friend and starting to look for jobs and places to live, since i was planning on moving there from California in the next few weeks. I was very excited to be there since i had an awesome job interview on Monday at a new nightclub. (yay)

I was returning to my friends house with my boyfriend. I got out of the car and was waiting for him to get out. I leaned against the car with my hand and it slipped out from underneath me and I face planted on the cement. It all went black. woke up in the hospital with a broken jaw.

I was scheduled to have surgery at the hospital that morning so I was in a bed (in the hallway) waiting for someone to come take me away! I was so thirsty and the nurse wouldn't let me have any since i was going into surgery. (this was at 6am i woke up) they were giving me ice chips to snack on(?) I can't have water but i can have cups of ice? i was confused by that!

Finally hours later sitting there dehydrated and in pain, at 4 o'clock, they told me the doctor couldn't do surgery on me for two weeks!! I sat there all day just to learn the doctor wasn't available. Not a fun day for me. When i was released I ran to the nearest tropical smoothie and had, what i thought as the best smoothie I have ever tasted in my entire life! :)

We left the next day back to California because I couldn't get any help in Vegas, having to be in the car around 4 or 5 hours with a broken jaw(not fun)

Finally got home and got to see a specialist the next day. He couldn't believe i had been just walking around with a broken jaw for 3 days. He was awesome. He got me into surgery right away and wired me up!!

Here i am now! Its been 2 weeks and 2 days (i am counting to the minute, ha)

I had so many questions about this surgery:

What am I going to eat?

What if I have to yawn?

What if I have to throw up!????

i tried looking online but I realized there isn't that much recent info! that is why I started this. I am going to try to give the next person some advice :)

Since its been two weeks(and 2 days ) I have figured out a lot so i feel it is a perfect time to start this blog and explain a little bit about the first two weeks and continue on from here :)

hope it helps!


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    • profile image

      Jamie 4 years ago

      This just happened to me, had surgery yesterday and holy hell! Weirdest, worst feeling ever! I would like to know what you have learned seeing as I am on day one and hating it

    • profile image

      Jr 4 years ago

      Man I am on week one. I had just started to go to the gym and gained 15 pounds. Just one week lost 10 pounds this liquid diet is no fun. I hate my life right now I can't talk and can't yawn and man sneezing is the worst. How can I keep my weight up? Any ideas?

    • profile image

      Erika 4 years ago


      This happened to me last monday and i was in the hospital all week. I had my surgery thursday and left the hospital friday. I have my mouth wired shut and my face is soo swollen. The doctors put a plate in my chin. I was wondering, when will my face stop being so big? and when will it stop hurting so much?

    • Natasha Robbins profile image

      Natasha Robbins 4 years ago

      i read a story that scared the crap out of me is it true that you have to have a catheter in when you have the surgery done i saw that and freaked out please god tell me that isn't true

    • Girl Wired Shut profile image

      Girl Wired Shut 4 years ago

      I wish I continued this blog but I didn't think anyone would see it, so gave up. Just stumbled on it again.surprised to see responses. I wish I saw them sooner :( I'm sure you all are "unwired" by now but I'm sure you are still not fully healed because as you now it takes about two years. its been two years for me and still i have some problems. everyone has a different break. hope you all are doing ok :)

    • profile image

      JAE 4 years ago

      I had my jaw wired Feb 27th and i lost 20 lbs....The worse thing about these shits is the jaw spasms. (My jaw is trying to open), I have so many jaw spasms thru out the day that now its starting to pull on my teeth so badly that 2 of my back teeth are getting pulled and i have no medicine because i have no insurance.

    • profile image

      Adam 3 years ago

      Curious if anyone still check this. I had my wires removed and replaced with rubber bands today, a few of my lower teeth are stained almost like blackish as well as I had some buildup on my tongue. I was brushing and rinsing with my prescribed mouthwash at least twice a day. It's gross, and really worries me. A good bit did come off with my first brushing. Just curious if anyone else experienced this?

    • profile image

      Ann Worrell 3 years ago

      I wire my jaw last Friday and since that I am very frustrated my bottom lip are Nome I don't no what to drink I am very hungry the nutrient drinks are hurting my belly I need help

    • profile image

      Laura 2 years ago

      If you wanna hear my story of when my jaw was wired out....

      it's not the typical tale

    • profile image

      Erin 2 years ago

      I had a broken jaw for a week before I went and got surgery for it. My mouth has been wired shut for two weeks and I'm beginning to seriously stress out. I go to school most the day so I don't have time to stop and blend something up for myself. I'm eating about a bowl of soup once a day(if that) and I'm looking like skin and bones according to my teachers and friends. I'm constantly hungry and tired and I literally dream about food...would like some advice on how to stop stressing so badly.

    • profile image

      jonathan 13 months ago

      Ok so i had to have my jaw wired shut( first mistake was having the surgery staying awake, not fun) and so now its been 2 weeks and im already going nuts. I have this huge over bite so when they wired it,it is so tight i cant take anything in thats not liquid,no seeds no seasonings like italian thyme etc. Everything gets stuck and cuts off breathing abililty. I need some ideas on foods i can liquify so i can finally can something good in my tummy. Please help lol.


     I had a lot of questions and concerns before going into surgery. I was a little stressed about it, but its really not that bad!

    What if i have to throw up?

    This was one of my main concerns. I get a little nauseas from some drugs they put in the IV, so that's why i was worried. I read some older posts about this question saying that they give you wired cutters that you will use to cut the wires so you can vomit. THAT freaked me out.

    My doctor told me that was crap. That is something they used to do. He said if you do have to vomit, it will find its way out. Yea, that means, through your nose, or any space in your teeth. I know it sounds gross, but if you think about it, you are on a liquid diet, so its no big deal! Just a little strange. Don't worry about it at all.


    What If I have to yawn?

    Thinking about how wide your mouth opens when you yawn, freaked me out. I thought if I yawned my teeth would be pulled out!

    Your teeth will not be pulled out! when you have to yawn, your mouth will just know it can't open. It pulls your teeth a little but don't worry about it!

    What if i sneeze?

    If you sneeze it feels a little weird and you might want to carry around a tissue because you might have stuff coming out of your nose(yuck, i know)

    Cover your mouth and watch out for your friends!! ;)

    How do i keep my mouth clean?

    This is a big issue for me. The fact that you can't brush your tongue is just horrible! The back of your teeth feel weird and your tongue, as well.

    The good thing is you can brush the front, and use medicated mouthwash. My doc Prescribed me with Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12%. I swish that around my mouth after everything i eat. You don't want any food particles to get stuck in your teeth and cause bacteria to grow and give you other problems.

    Also, a good thing to really clean, since you can't floss, is a water pick. It is a little jet of water that cleans out in between the teeth. Its awesome

    What can i eat?

    This is probably the most asked question.

    There are a lot of good options for us, but it does get a little old, and you just want to cut the wires off and eat a piece of pizza! (DON'T DO THAT! haha)

    *Ensure. They are actually really yummy and have a lot of nutrients that you need in the day.

    *Pureed soups



    *Protein drinks

    Those are all the easy things for you to have at the beginning. Believe me all of the above get pretty old after a week or two though so that's when you have to start getting creative.

    One key thing to have is a good blender. Its hard to get things through your teeth that arent thin enough.

    I have a magic bullet that i use which is okay for soups, but smoothies with ice don't get blended enough.

    Most of the times i prepare all my food and put it in tupperware so its ready to go when im hungry! you can do this with recipes below

    Some of my favorite foods to eat:

    * Black bean soup: Black beans pureed with chicken stock. blend those two ingredients together until thin enough to get through a straw(i just use a spoon but some people need a straw) I heat it up on the stove or microwave. I add some sour cream to it for a little flavor, but its up to you.

    *Peanut butter & jelly sandwich: creamy peanut butter(or almond butter), your favorite flavor jelly, and a piece of bread. just blend that all up with some milk to whatever consistency you can drink. sounds a little strange but pretty good, and takes me back to when i was younger ;)

    *chicken broth: (something i eat all the time) you can make your own chicken broth(my fave) with chicken bones, celery, onions, carrots and water(about 6 cups). Just put all of the ingredients in a pot and simmer for a couple hours until your have a chicken broth. (you can make a bunch and save in fridge) or you can use your favorite canned chicken soup. I really like the swansons broth(it has a lot of flavor)

    Chicken egg drop soup: I take the chicken broth(above) put it in a pot. let it get really hot. mix up an egg and put it slowly into the chicken broth and use a wisk to stir the egg around and make it into super thin pieces that can fit through your teeth. it gives you a little protein and it fills you up more. optional: add a couple slices of fresh ginger (remove slices when done)and a couple drops of sesame oil.(gives nice flavor)

    Something different i tried today

    Chocolate chip pancake smoothie: mix up a little bit of pancake mix with milk(enough to make a pancake, or however much you want.) put in pan and add chocolate chips, i like it a little gooey usually but you can make it however you like. put it in the blender with milk, add syrup(i recommend) and blend into a smoothie consistency. i prefer it warm so i put it in the mocrowave. This is a very sweet treat! i prob couldn't have one everyday, but if you are in the mood for pancakes, this will make you happy :)


    There are so many great soups to eat. vegetarian option is a bit easier. i always have chcicken stock or milk to blend into my soups to thin. I haven't ventured into meat soups. maybe soon...

    *vegetarian bean soups are easy to blend and still keep the great flavor(lentil,spit pea,blackbean) - blend soup with chicken stock to thin

    *broccoli cheddar soup- blend with milk to thin

    *baked potato soup- blend with milk to thin

    If you want homemade soups you can get a bunch of great, easy recipes online. I love making homemade soups. tastes way better then canned, and its nice to mix it up


    If you have any more questions about anything you can write me. i will continue to post new recipes i try out :)


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      • profile image

        jon boy 5 years ago

        Thanks this really helped !!!!

      • profile image

        adrian clince 3 years ago

        I was In hospital on the 18th Jan 2014 it was a Saturday and broke my jaw at was the Sunday at 630pm when I was able to get the surgury done and I was returned back to to girl at 10pm , I was realeased on the Monday at lunchtime or just after , I was fortunante that my jaw was only plated ,now I was given the best drugs for the pain , but now being on a mush or liquard diet it's no fun at all my bottom lip has lost feeling and bring a guy who hates sitting down doing nothing .I find it difficault trying to deal with it , but begiining to deal with it ,it's baby food all the way .

      • profile image

        Robin 3 years ago

        I have an embedded diseased wisdom tooth that must come out. However, the surgeon tells me that there will be nerve damage, perhaps permanently, and the jaw will be broken and it will be wired shut until the jaw is heeled. I am scared to death, and feel that I would rather be dead than have to eat through my teeth for a very long time. There are way too many complications that can happen. Not even sure how to deal with all the pain when you can't take a pill.

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