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John Ellis Living Water Machine - My Experience and More...

Updated on March 19, 2014

The most amazing, unique water on the planet

I'm a big fan of the John Ellis Living Water Machine, and I feel it's really the best water available, rivaling the purest, most untouched water on earth.

It's said to cure all sorts of diseases and what not. I can't validate any claims, nor do I make them.

I just know the water is amazingly unique, and I'd drink it all the time if I didn't travel!

Read about my experience below, and see the link below for discounts on John Ellis Water Machines, if you're ready to buy. My contact information is available through the link.

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Why I enjoy this water

Everyone has a unique experience with this water, but I can narrow it down to a few important benefits that I've received.

I don't bloat like I used to. I used to gain an inch or so on the waist when I would down a large bottle of water. Even the best purified tap water would leave me feeling bloated. John Ellis Water seems to absorb much easier into the body, and therefore, I don't feel the need to drink as much, and instead of bloating, my body seems to use the water as necessary.

I feel lighter. Drinking this water just feels good, and my body seems to feel "lighter." Hard to describe, but imagine doing pushups and feeling like someone took a 10lb weight off your back. They become easier. That's the best way I can relate the feeling from this water.

I feel better, increased well-being. The first time I felt this water, it was like a wave of fresh vitality overcoming my body. I just felt better. I still do.Some have said that this water feels a little different on an empty stomach. I would agree. It feels rejuvenating. That feeling stays, it seems, and makes everything I do feel light and easy. I really love the sensation this water gives you. It's like a free boost to your energy.

How I run my machine

I run my machine on days where I'm home the majority of the day. I put it in the bathroom on top of the counter, sitting on a folded towel. I usually run it for 5-8 hours at a time, and I get 3-4 gallons during this period. It took a little time to get the in-flow at just the right pace, so that system stays cool, but doesn't over-fill. I put the run-off water through the out-tube right down the sink drain. Some people keep this water, as it's energized from the boiling process, but I personally do away with it and drink only the distilled water.

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