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Poems About Dance

Updated on September 6, 2014

Experience the Joy of Dance Through Poetry

I love to dance, so I've written original poetry expressing this wonderful joy of movement

I hope you enjoy my original poems about dance as well as a few lovely posters that capture the essence of dancing.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Poems in This Lens

Exploring the Joy of Dance


To Dance for Joy and Not for Pain

Time of the Dance

Dance Without Form

On Ballroom Dance

On Ballet

Lift Up Your Feet

Exploring the Joy of Dance

This lens will explore

The joy of the dance

So I heartily implore

That you give it a glance



The sweat is dripping from

My eyes but I don't care

I am exhilarated

Having danced an hour at

Top speed if not top form

Turning in graceful arcs

My head bent left then right then left

Swaying hips to Caribbean beats

Eyes closed

I imagine my meringué

On a soft white sand beach

Barefoot to the warmth

The band shielded from the hot sun

A strong rum drink waits for me

I smell the sea

And the music moves to

The rhythm of the waves

And the rhythm transports me

I've left and returned from

A virtual vacation

And I am exhilarated

To Dance for Joy and Not for Pain

Plie as far as your knees allow

Else unstretched muscles will complain

Get yourself moving anyway, anyhow

To dance for joy and not for pain

On the spin, extra steps are alright

So you end in position and on your feet

Start slowly to abate your fright

A sense of wellness awaits to meet

Time of the Dance

I relish the time of the dance

The freedom to respond to the beat

With no one looking askance

At amateur movements of arms and feet

Someday I may have the confidence

To show my new talents on the stage

But should I continue without recompense

I will still enjoy my dance at any age

Learn to Dance with These Dvds

Dance Without Form

Dance without form

For your own pleasure

You don't need to perform

But you will earn a treasure

On Ballroom Dance

Takes two to Tango, they say

What lovely costumes they wear

The Foxtrot is light and gay

So learn it if you dare

One, two, three, one, two, three

Cascades the formal Waltz

This is the ballroom dance for me

I'll work to overcome my faults

All About Ballroom Dancing

On Ballet

Ballet may be difficult to do

But it is lovely to observe

So if you have tix for a debut

Go enjoy; you right deserve

Lift Up Your Feet

Lift up your feet in whatever move

Delights your soul and sets you free

You don't need another to approve

The steps that make you happy

Thanks for Visiting - And Keep Dancing for the Joy of It!

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    • salsa-dancing profile image

      Salsa Dancing 4 years ago

      Nice poems! Thanks for sharing!