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Juice Detox

Updated on July 21, 2017

Juice Detox Recipes are Good for Overall Cleansing

Want to flush toxins out of your system, but don't want the weakness and fatigue associated with a water-only fast? You might want to try a detoxifying juice fast. These fasts are excellent because they keep your metabolism working, but still give you the benefits of a fast.

First, before starting any type of fast, check with your doctor to make sure you will not be putting yourself at a risk for adverse health affects. Also, pregnant or nursing women should not participate in fasts. In addition, you should go for no more than three days on a juice detox diet. If you want to use these juices only to supplement your regular diet, however, they are excellent for long term use.

The basic idea of a juice fast is that all the foods you eat are juiced. The idea is that this liquid only diet gives your body's digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate. It also allows the body to use its energy repairing itself instead of having to concentrate on constantly digesting food. Detox juice recipes generally call for a variety of fruits and vegetables that give your body the fuel it needs, while also supplying antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E which aid your body in the process of cleansing itself. In order to get all you can out of your juices, you should start with fresh fruits and vegetables. No frozen from concentrate juice or canned vegetables, please.

If you are interested in detox juices, here are a few recipes you might want to try. The first detox juice recipe is a vegetable juice combo. It calls for 2 Swiss chard leaves, ½ of a beetroot, 2 or 3 sprigs of watercress, 3 carrots and 1 celery stalk. Carrot/apple juice is made from 2-3 green apples, 1 carrot and fresh basil leaves. Carrot/vegetable juice requires a handful of dandelion leaves, 1 kale leaf, 4 carrots and fresh mint leaves. To make the juice, all ingredients in each recipe should be washed with filtered or distilled water, cut up and then put in a juicer.

If you prefer fruits over the taste of vegetable juices, here is an easy, but extremely effective detox juice recipe that uses fruits only. Just cut up some lemons and limes, juice them and mix them into a glass of water. These fruits contain vitamin C which helps boost the immune system and the combination of lemons and limes is great for cleansing both the kidneys and liver. Another good juice combination is orange juice, with grapefruits or limes. This combination also packs a massive punch of vitamin C. You might also check out the combination of mango, pineapple and lemon juice. This mix is great for the digestive tract. Feel free to experiment with other fruit combinations until you find a favorite mix. As long as your fruits are fresh, they will contain the nutrients your body needs to cleanse and repair itself.

If you want to cleanse your entire systems of toxins and impurities, you might try a few of these detox juice recipes. You may not only find you enjoy the taste of the juices, but also that you feel better both physically and mentally.

If you're looking for a more specific cleanse, like a kidney cleanse simply drinking watermelon juice can help you with that.

Juice Detox For Good Health


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    • Haseebmmk profile image

      Haseeb Murtaza Malik 

      5 years ago from Quetta

      It good. I have also written article on juise fasting.

    • profile image

      wahyudi emha 

      7 years ago

      This article is very helpful at all for those who want to purge myself of all toxins the body by a cheap and safe. juice does provide many benefits thus from the beginning until now the juice are believed to cure all ills.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great article, quite useful and worthwhile reading. would like more hub like this from you...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i don't know where to find those stuff...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice article...The veg combo drink sounds interesting...I know of people who have started with fruit and vegetable combination juices and then moved on to only vegetables...

    • profile image

      Raw Chef Dan 

      9 years ago

      I am deep into this lifestyle and have years of experience. I even offer my program at call Fast & Juicy to help people do a 5 day juice cleanse easily. People need to know that they can completely change there health, their life by detoxing and cleansing simply by drinking tasty juices.Great post, spread the word and keep up the good work! peace Raw chef Dan

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      very useful and I would like to try it with some of my patients too. thank you for sharing


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